Post-Reunion Truth Bombs: 4 Things ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Raquel Leviss Admitted to Lying About for Tom Sandoval

The lie-detector test determined that was a lie, Rachel…

Warning: This story contains Reunion Part 3 spoilers! 

James Kennedy has been singing “Sandoval Is a Liar” during his DJ sets for months, but on Wednesday’s Reunion, Raquel Leviss confessed that not only is Sandoval a liar, but she is, too.

As those who tuned in to watch Part 3 of the Reunion know, the big “twist” was revealed during the last five minutes of the episode when Raquel sat down with a producer for her “final interview of the season,” six days after the Season 10 Reunion wrapped.

During this interview, Raquel finally showed some emotion as she began telling producers she didn’t want to lie anymore. Through a bit of coaxing, she revealed on camera that she and Tom Sandoval had been lying to Ariana Madix (and nearly everyone around them) about a myriad of their affair details, including the number of times (and places) they slept together. Many of the lies the Scandoval lovers told were uttered just days earlier at the Reunion.

Raquel also revealed that it was Sandoval who insisted that they lie about certain things they did— or didn’t do— given that he felt it would be “less hurtful” to lie than tell the truth.

As she was spilling truths, Raquel at one point tells the producer, “he’s gonna kill me,” meaning she was worried Sandoval would be angry that she wasn’t continuing to lie with him.

Us…basically the entire time we were watching Sandoval and Raquel lie to everyone’s faces…

Here are four of the biggest lies that Raquel admitted to during the final moments of Wednesday’s episode.

There was basically no pause in their “Scandovalous” affair.

When your secret lover gets that look in his eye and you know you’re about to go hump in a porta-potty…

In another surprising twist, Raquel revealed the truth about how long her affair with Tom had been going on. Sitting alone in the confessional, she told a producer that she and Tom’s illicit relationship was an ongoing thing — not just a one-time hookup that they put on pause for months, before resuming their relationship.

Although both initially insisted that they had sex once, then stopped for a matter of months before finally resuming their sexy time seshs, Raquel confirmed that was, indeed, a lie. However, she stated that things between them “picked up steam” after filming for Season 10 (initially) wrapped in September. 

Raquel & Sandoval did hook up in Mexico– multiple times!— during Scheana and Brock’s wedding festivities.

Although Sandoval kept trying to play it off like he and Raquel had a one-night stand in August 2022 and then broke things off for months afterward, Raquel revealed that was a lie. Sandoval also insisted at the Reunion that nothing happened between him and Raquel in Mexico during the wedding trip in late August 2022 but Raquel admitted that was also a lie.

She stated that, on the first night of the Mexico trip, she found Sandoval wandering the resort, drunk, and she invited him into her room and things got “physical.”

Raquel also blurted out that they had sex multiple times while in Mexico, and that they continued to hump throughout the wedding trip. (As ‘VP’ fans know, Raquel also made out with Sandoval’s BFF, Tom Schwartz, during this same trip.)

“But apparently not as sexy as a drunk, wandering Sandoval?”

Sandoval did take Raquel to St. Louis to meet his family in December.

Despite Sandoval insisting during the Reunion that he absolutely did not take Raquel to St. Louis around the holidays last year, Raquel admitted later that this, too, was a lie.

During Raquel’s post-Reunion blurt-out session, she initially attempted to lie to the producer when he asked her if she had met Sandoval’s family in St. Louis. She admitted to meeting Sandoval’s mom, but at first lied and said that the meeting took place in Los Angeles.

When the producer asked Raquel again if she had ever been to St. Louis, she lied– and then stated that she now “doesn’t recall” if she went or not.

Finally, Raquel admitted that she did go to St. Louis in December with Sandoval. (She seemed to be unaware that the producers had photographic proof of this trip.) 

“It freaking happened,” Raquel blurted out.

Raquel & Sandoval did have sex in the jacuzzi at Sandoval & Ariana’s house while Ariana was away for her grandma’s funeral.

Raquel was also asked by producers about the alleged hookup that went down this season between her and Sandoval at Sandoval and Ariana’s house while Ariana was out of town. (You know…the rumor that was so juicy even Ken Todd wanted to know all the hotgoss.)

Ken is Him.

At the Reunion, Sandoval denied that anything physical happened with Raquel that night. 

However, once the producers asked about it, Raquel denied it and then, after being  further probed by producers, Raquel admitted Sandoval asked that she “not disclose all this information,” before essentially doing exactly that.

“We’ve like– it’s the one story that we’ve agree on getting straight and I know that the reason Tom wanted to lie about it is because it’s a really bad look to hook up with someone’s boyfriend in their own house when they’ve gone out of town, especially for like, a funeral of all things,” she revealed. “So like, I don’t know. This has f**king killed my soul. Like, I am so sick of lying. I hate it, I hate being deceitful. It’s horrible.”  

“But, like, you can’t spell ‘funeral’ without ‘fun,’ right? No wait, that’s not right…Tom, what’s my next line?”

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  1. Why is this still news? It’s all over every tabloid..I mean yeah it sucks for those involved but this isn’t the first boyfriend to cheat or the first friend to backstab a girlfriend.

  2. I’m starting to think that boys night wasn’t the start of this sick affair between Rachel and the worm but either way Rachel still didn’t tell the entire truth and Sandoval has never told the truth since the show started.

  3. Anything about their affair that those 2 said happened, I never believed. Those 2 are so diabolical, you can’t trust anything that they say.

  4. Is it just me, or did we not know it was a 7 months long affair when we first heard about this back in early March??? I could swear from day one we knew they’d been together for 7 months. So basically the “big reveal” was a nothingburger….. except maybe she revealed a few details about the affair but certainly the timeline was already out there. I don’t know. 7 months was no surprise for me at least

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