‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Jade Cline Buys A Bigger Home; Kail Lowry Compares Son Isaac’s Recent Fight to Her Reunion Fight with the DeJesus Sisters & More

“Go us!”

From getting houses to getting honest about past regrets, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Jade Cline & Sean Austin Buy Second Home & Pay It Off ASAP

Kudos to these two for coming soooo far in the last five or so years…

Jade & her crew are moving on up!

The ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ star announced this week that she and her fiancé Sean have purchased a new home and have already paid it off completely.

“Closed on House Number 2 today,” Jade wrote on Instagram Stories. “Paid in full. I’m so proud of us [Sean].”

“I’m proud of us too babe,” Sean wrote, reposting Jade’s Story.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jade purchased her first home— a two-bedroom, one bathroom house in Indianapolis, Indiana— back in 2021 for $110,000. Jade bought that house on her own. 

The couple’s new house— based on what The Ashley could sleuth out— is a three-bedroom, one bathroom house about four miles away from Jade’s original home. It boasts a fenced-in yard for Jade and Sean’s daughter Chloey Klowee Khloie to play in, a new roof and hardwood floors throughout. 

“Because you’re gonna have me sleeping in that extra room. I’ll get the air mattress out of my van!”

“Kitchen has all new cabinets, butcher block counter tops, all new stainless steel appliances, beautiful backsplash,” the listing for the home states. (The Ashley is trying to not give out too much info in order to protect Jade and Sean’s privacy.) 

The couple paid $170,000 for their new abode. It does not appear that they are selling Jade’s original house, though.

The bigger house will come in handy should Jade and Sean— who are getting married in October— make good on their vow to expand their family after their wedding.

“We’ve definitely been contemplating it and talking about it more, especially since Kloie now is five,” Jade said in a video interview in December, later adding, “I feel like our first child, we were so young and it was an out of nowhere thing. I want our second child to be more planned and more structured. Like, we have everything set up and it’s more of like a peaceful thing.”

Unlike many of their ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars, Jade and Sean both currently work “regular” jobs in addition to appearing on the TV shows. Jade owns a hair salon, while Sean works for UPS. 

Javi Marroquin Comments On His Cheating Past

“No more WaWa parking lot for this Papi!”

Javi and his second baby mama, Lauren Comeau, are giving their relationship yet another try, but after “Big Papi” became the victim of a fake cheating scandal recently, the former ‘Teen Mom 2′ dad took to Instagram to discuss his past mistakes and his attempts to become a better partner.

After a random Instagram user started online drama after making comments insinuating that Javi had been in Las Vegas cheating on Lauren, several “Teen Mom’ Instagram pages posted about it. (The Ashley isn’t going to go into in detail, as it proved to be false and just a story told by someone looking for extremely sad clout.) The poster also claimed that Javi and Lauren recently eloped so Lauren could get Javi’s military benefits.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Destiny (@teenmomshaderoom__)

Anyway, Javi decided to comment on the post about the “scandal” on the @TeenMomShadeRoom Instagram page. (The post has since been deleted, but @TeenMomShadeRoom posted a screenshot of Javi’s response afterward.) In his comment, Javi admitted he has made some terrible decisions in the past. (This incident comes to mind…)

However, the father of two made it clear that he has changed his ways.

“There’s no elopement. I was married in 2015 [to Kail Lowry]. Just stop,” Javi wrote in the comment section of the post. “I made the most f**ked up decisions in the past. No denying that, leave the past in the past when people are actually and genuinely making changes. There’s no tell-all and no one tried to pay anything off. Please stop trying to create headlines & issues from 100% lies.”

Javi recently put his Delaware home up for sale. Lauren already owns a home, so it’s possible Javi may be moving into Lauren’s home.

Kail Lowry Reveals That Her Son Isaac Was Attacked At School

“Was the kid who attacked you screaming, throwing vases and wearing a tight red dress from Fashion Nova?” 

Kail’s oldest son Isaac was recently involved in a physical altercation that Kail says was reminiscent of the fight she got into during the infamous ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion of 2018!

During a recent episode of her Barely Famous podcast, Kail revealed that she got a call from Isaac’s school telling her that the 13-year-old was with the assistant principal after getting into a fight. 

“I go in there like ready to f**king fight. I’m thinking that my son is being an instigator right? I’m thinking that he caused the fight,” Kail said, adding that she was shocked when the assistant principal told her that, after checking the school’s cameras, it was discovered that Isaac had not started the fight and was actually attacked by another student. 

“He was attacked from behind,” Kail said.

“Hmm…common theme in your family,” Kail’s co-host, Kristen, said, obviously referring to how Kail was attacked from behind by Brittany DeJesus during the 2018 Reunion fight.

(As fans will remember, Kail was screaming at Britt’s sister Briana while Brittany came from behind and yanked Kail down by her hair.) 

The moment the DeJesus claws (literally) came out…

Kail agreed that there were similarities with the two altercations.

“Oh, 100 percent!” she said. “They’re afraid…there’s no other way to put it. You can’t come up to us from the front. You have to sneak up behind us.”

“If you’d prefer, my mom can just throw her high heel in your face? Up to you…”

Kail explained that Isaac did nothing to instigate the attack.

[The assistant principal] said she checked the cameras and Isaac had no part, like Isaac could not have heard or saw this coming,” she said, adding that this was the first fight any of her kids had ever been in. 

“First of all, he’s okay. He has a couple scrapes and scratches but he is okay and I guess other kids pulled this kid off of him so it was fine,” Kail said.

“We talk, he tells me how he feels. Thank God he had therapy tonight because I can’t even imagine if this would have happened and you don’t have therapy till next week. Isaac is just not a fighter.”

Debz OG Goes Wild About Balls On Social Media 

She may have lost her marbles, but at least she has her balls.

Former ‘Teen Mom’ grandma Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen rapped wrapped up her week with a sentimental Instagram post discussing her “favorite things,” and naturally, she chose to so in the most Debz OG way possible.

In the clearly well-thought-out and thoroughly rehearsed fever dream video, Debz takes us on a journey through music while revealing her “favorite things in life”: balls.

That’s right. According to Debs–- the very woman who birthed the ray of light, kindness, and nearly-decipherable sentences that is Farrah Abraham-– “balls is right at the top” of her list of favorite things. 

Also on that list: steampunk hats, bodysuits, documenting her strange behavior for the world to see and rap music…

“I love balls,” she says. “Whether it’s hot and sweaty, whether it’s cold and icy, balls are always good.” 

As if Deb’s hot (and icy) take wasn’t the epitome of TMI already, she goes on to elaborate on just how much she loves the taste of balls. 

“I love the flavor, I love how nice and refreshing my balls are,” she says, before revealing that she’s actually talking about Bawls soda. (Thank. God.)

Debz OG, showing some love to her Bawls.

In case you’re curious (come on, you know you are!) Deb’s favorite flavor is Bawls Ginger-Ale and she encourages everyone to give it a try. 

What a terrible day to have balls eyes.

Watch Debz OG ball out below. 

To catch up on more ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV)

24 Responses

  1. People accuse Brianna of bringing the feud up for attention, but Kail is the one who actually brings it up almost every time. Also “Thank God he has therapy today!” Girl, you couldn’t even wait a few days before announcing Isaac’s fight to the world?

  2. I read this when it was posted and didn’t see the part about debz og..
    my goodness, and people wonder why Farrah has so many issues. What person in their 60’s or 70’s acts like this? It’s embarrassing. Why is her psychiatrist husband not telling her that this behavior is not normal. Are they even married anymore?

    1. I don’t think he was a psychiatrist. I thought he was just a physician. In any case, my God what the hell is wrong with this woman? And I agree, you can sure see why Farrah is such a dip-shit!! Absolutely bat-shit crazy!

  3. I wonder if Debz husband is really a psychiatrist? Out of everyone on the franchise, this woman may be the most mentally ill. I still remember the first season, Debz, acted like a devoted Christian.

  4. I hate that Isaac has zero privacy. He seems so sweet and sensitive, perhaps shy, and to not allow this kid his privacy at all is just selfish and damaging!

  5. Does Kail really think that she is in any way helpful to Isaac when har publicly talks about the fight in school? Can her kids please have just a little privacy?!

  6. poor Issac. I get the feeling her blasting everything to the public is finally trickling down to the kids in person. Not surprised it’s at this point. He recently scolded her on the note he left on her door about her toys and kids and she just thinks it’s all a big joke. I know they’re trying to do good co-parenting but maybe it’s far past time that his dad should have him before things get worse. Her first thinking he started it is a telling sign that things are not going well.

  7. Lol. Quick lil search & I found Jades new house. Its actually really nice & she got a steal considering what other houses in that area look like at that price point! Good for her & Sean. I cant believe how cheap houses are there! Im guessing the surrounding areas of Indy aren’t all too great?

    1. That area is ran down and filled with crime. She did not get a steal, but rather a polished turd. It’s super hood around there. I would never pay 170k to live in IPS district.

  8. Ah, Kail talking up her bullshit for her podcast. 90% of her issues would be solved if she’d get off social medial & keep her damn mouth shut. It’d certainly benefit those boys.

    And Javi, same goes for you little guy. Stfu and get off social media.

  9. First of all, why talk about this on your podcast at all?! You do understand he could get bullied more cuz his mom talked about it in her stupid podcast if kids find out? And why compare it to your own fight? Like WHY does everything have to be about YOU?! You are such a selfish mother Kail, Isaac’s nice nature def doesn’t come from you! And he’s a very smart kid too.

  10. So Jade and Sean work actual jobs and are now owners of two full paid homes? Good for them! I hope they have an accountant to help them with taxes

  11. Why would Kail think Isaac started it then 2 seconds later proclaim that hes not a fighter?

    She knows damn well if he wasnt forced to be on TV and being a constant topic on podcasts, and such, he wouldn’t be a walking target in school.

    Shame on her. This is her fault.

    1. Thousands of kids are bullied and they’ve never appeared on TV. Isaac is getting bullied probably because he’s a nice kid. Not everything that happens in Kail’s kids lives is because of her fame

      1. He didn’t get bullied.

        He got fought.

        No, thousands of kids just dont get fought.

        I stand on this being her doing. High time to let him go live with his father and be away from her mental problems.

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