Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Opens Her Own Film Production Company: Get a Look at “Money Hole Productions”

“Move over, Larry! Here I come!”

Jenelle Evans hasn’t had much success with her past business endeavors. (JE Cosmetics, anyone?) However, the former Teen Mom 2 star is once again attempting to launch a company. This time, though, Jenelle’s leaving the moldy eyebrow kits behind and heading into the world of film production!

Jenelle’s newest company is Money Hole Productions, which is described on its website as a film production company from North Carolina that “specializes in film production, directing, film editing, filmmaking, Reality TV, documentaries, docu-series, and more.”

“Money Hole Productions is owned by Jenelle Eason and operated with a team she put together herself,” the company’s website bio reads.

The team….probably…

The website promises that, should you hire Money Hole Productions, you won’t just get Jenelle’s ever-lurking husband David Eason with a decades-old Sony Handycam filming your show.

“Equipment consists of the most up-to-date cameras, audio, drones, and software for editing,” the site claims.

The website bio explains why Jenelle has decided to enter the world of film production.

“Jenelle Eason originally appeared on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ from 2009-2019. She wanted to create her own space for herself and others to have the freedom for creativity with it came to creating shows.” (And, no that is not a typo on The Ashley’s part. It really does say “with it came to creating shows.”)

Jenelle states that her company is “available for exclusive events” and that all of its “shows are original.” 

No shows are currently listed on the site, though, as Jenelle’s portfolio is empty. There is a place for customers to buy Jenelle’s “new beats and kits”; however that is also empty as of press time.

“It’s DJ Barby Barb bringin’ ya the smooth beats! This one’s called ‘Ya a Bitch of a Daughta!'”

It appears that Jenelle incorporated Money Hole Productions in August 2022, and began making the company’s social media accounts in February. 

In addition to registering Money Hole Productions, Jenelle also opened companies called Just Jenelle LLC and Jenelle Evans LLC in 2022. 

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(Photos: MTV) 

35 Responses

  1. Jenelle thinks putting her name on products or services boost sales and actually it’s quite the opposite. As soon as she lends her name to an advertisement a product etc. she loses the endorsement. Sales tanks etc.. you would think she’s learned that by now.

  2. It’s funny how she ranted about wanting to distance herself from MTV yet she made a point to put it in the description of her new business. She can’t do anything without relying on her association with MTV.

  3. I wonder if she realizes all these business entities she’s using to try and get loans (mostly loans), grants and whatever else she’s aiming for are going to eventually bite her in the ass when she can’t pay the loans back-or prove the businesses are real and finds herself in breech of contracts.

    I know someone just like her-as far as the businesses are concerned anyway-she’s got about 4 years left rn for tax evasion, fraud and non-payment of loans. You don’t go to jail for non-payment but you can for not following court orders for payment- it’s considered contempt and can be tacked on to a sentence, lmao.

  4. Oh cut the shit Jenelle, we know it’s for porn.

    I guess the names you wanted that are already taken were:
    Glory Hole Productions
    Money Shot Productions
    Floor Length Labia Productions

    Sorry love, no guy or gal is busting a nut to you or that leatherwolf you call a husband.

    1. Oh my gosh, you’re totally right. I didn’t even think about this. This is gross. Ew. So they came up with a production company to make porn.. I mean I guess they’re “too good” to get a job. Who is watching or looking at their nasty content on onlyfans to boost her ego? They’re just as nasty.

      1. I was thinking it was their creepy way to watch others while they $ them to film their porn. Either way ?

  5. “Just Jenelle LLC”
    Is that false advertising since it will never be JUST JENELLE?
    I guess it has a better ring than “Jenelle & Swamp thing LLC”

  6. Wow
    So now racist homophobic people will have place to create their racist homophobic rants? Eason always giving back what people DONT WANT

  7. I think it’s nice, I heard she was having trouble deciding between Money Hole, Chicken Head, or Dead Dog Productions.

  8. I’d totally hire DI Barby Barb for an event. Hard pass on Janelle’s “production company”. I guess they produce Only Fans videos.

  9. AT my count, she has had 11 failed “businesses” at this point. David 5.

    JaHell, you don’t need to start a new business every time you have a business idea. Contrary to what you believe, Filing paperwork does not make a successful business. Unless she’s using them for money laundering to avoid taxes, one business is good enough for all she does. Maybe 2 if she wants to keep David’s grubby paws off her money.

  10. ????? omg hahahahahahaha ???? hahahahahahahahahaha…. breeeath…hahahahahaha. Sometimes, there are just no words.

    1. Lol is this just a production company to make disgusting swamp porn that nobody will watch?

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