Cheyenne Floyd Opens Up About Her & Zach Davis’ Frequent Cannabis Use; Says They Always Hid It From MTV “For Obvious Reasons”

“Anyone have some toothpicks to hold Zach’s eyes open?”

Cheyenne Floyd says she and her husband Zach Davis get HIGH! HIGH! on the regular— and she’s done trying to hide her habit from MTV!

The Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star went on the Pot Smoking Moms podcast earlier this month to discuss her frequent cannabis use, and the reaction she got from ‘Teen Mom’ fans when she (very briefly) went public about it while showing the joint-rolling table she had at her 2022 bridal shower, which was filmed for the first season of ‘Next Chapter.’

“I’ve kept the fact that I like cannabis away from the show really well,” Cheyenne said. “I’ve been doing MTV/Viacom shows for the past nine— this year will be 10 years that I’ve been on reality TV– and I’ve always kept [my reality TV life and my cannabis use] separated, for obvious reasons… “

“Well Chey-ennnne, we all knew ya were smokin’ the weeed wif Zach!”

“This last year I really came into myself as a mom, as a wife, as a woman, and at this point I was like, ‘F**k it. What [is MTV] gonna do?’ Nobody can say s**t.’ My kids are beautiful, they’re healthy, they’re smart. No one can say that I’m a bad mom. I feel like I’ve established that I’m a good mom.”

While Cheyenne says she’s more open about her pot use in “real” life, she wasn’t ready to “announce” it to MTV. 

“You REEALLY think people didn’t notice? That’s cute.”

“When I did the cannabis table for the bridal shower, MTV was filming that day and I want to say I did not tell them,” Cheyenne said. “I’m pretty sure I didn’t give them the heads-up that it was going to be there, and I feel like they shot away from it…they avoided it, except for the one clip that got snuck in there!”

Chey said she was surprised at the reaction she got from fans when she showed that she had a joint-rolling table (complete with a person sitting there rolling individual joints for guests) at her bridal shower. 


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“I did a post [on social media] about just showing that [joint-rolling] table and I got a lot of positive feedback from other moms that indulge,” Chey said. “And I got a lot of negative feedback, too. And I wasn’t ready for it…that was my first time even opening that door [to that part of my life].

“I wanted to almost put up another post and be like, ‘Wait? You guys don’t smoke?'” she added.

Cheyenne says she usually waits to smoke or use edibles until her two kids— Ryder and Ace— are in bed or out of the house.

“We have our kids in bed about 7:15, so once they’re down, we’re like, ‘It’s time to party!’… Zach smokes a lot in our shower because I think the steam and everything…it’s fun. I think sometimes when I have real long stressful days it really just helps me calm down. 

“I used to be able to smoke and function and get things done, but I think after I had Ace, it just doesn’t work for me,” she said earlier in the podcast. “I’m like a nighttime closet smoker. That’s what my friends call me. Or, if I don’t have the kids, then I’ll smoke all day.”

Over the years, fans on social media have been quick to point out that Zach sometimes looks higher than Kieffer at a Bob Marley cover band concert, something Cheyenne said she’s aware of.


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“Zach [consumes] way more than me. I feel like he’s really good at doing it and living his whole entire life and you would never know, except sometimes when we take pictures and his eyes are basically shut and then everyone’s pointing it out in the comments!” she said, adding that Zach likes to smoke before they film for ‘Teen Mom.’

“Sometimes before we film, he has to smoke before we film, and I’m like, ‘Your eyes aren’t open!’ and he’s like, ‘They are. You want me to film this scene with you or not?’ 

Cheyenne said that, for years, she was nervous to expose herself as a frequent cannabis user. (By the way, Cheyenne lives in California, where cannabis is legal.)

“I’m not particularly good at it,” she said. “If you ask my husband, he’d say I was a terrible high person.” 

Not a terrible high person…

Cheyenne also talked about the other drugs she uses, other than “the weeeeeed.” (You totally read that in Barbara’s voice, right?) 

“My first experience with ‘shrooms [psilocybin mushrooms] was way before [I had my daughter] Ryder,” she said. “Probably nine years ago, and it was with Zach. Everything I have done, at first, has been with Zach! It’s kind of scary to think about.”

Cheyenne said she’s “all for” micro-dosing hallucinogenic mushrooms.

“I don’t knock anything unless you’re harming yourself or family or something. I think everybody should try to micro-dose every now and then,” she said, adding, “We should be able to try different things without judgement, without mom-shaming, which I feel like is such a huge thing right now. It’s so easy to mom-shame via social media…I feel like if you find something that works for you and makes you happy, then do it.”

You can listen to Cheyenne’s entire interview on the Pot Smoking Moms podcast below! (Cheyenne joins the episode at the 46-minute mark, by the way.) 

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22 Responses

  1. Who knew there were so many people against weed. But cigarettes and alcohol are okay? That doesn’t make sense. I don’t drink, it tastes gross and I sure as heck don’t smoke cigarettes, that causes cancer. But every now and then I’ll smoke a joint outside once all the kids are in bed and asleep to relax with my hunny. That doesn’t make you trash. No one is shooting up or sniffing lines. It’s a plant, an herb. But everyone is okay about all the processed food they devour daily, that soda pop you guzzle down. And holy crap I have never seen anyone act “dumb” high on weed or not able to function. Comments in this article seem super biased. I wonder if it’s because it’s Cheyenne. ?

    1. @frontdoormom ~ right?!? didn’t realize weed was a big deal at all anymore. maybe cause it’s legal in my state, NO ONE makes an issue of it, and most (incl me) rarely even partake. ??‍♀️
      by the same token, no one is out here bragging about it or making it a personality trait, à la chey and hubby. ??‍♀️??

  2. This is so cringey. I don’t care if you smoke pot or not (it’s legal in my state too), but when your whole personality is that you smoke pot, that’s just pathetic. You’re not 15 bragging about how you stole 2 beers out of your parents’ fridge. So many people who smoke pot can’t have a normal conversation without bringing it up. It’s just awkward.

    And having an attendant at your shower rolling joints? That’s just trashy. It’s a shower, not a “look how edgy I am” party. Looking at pictures of a room full of beautiful decorations and then seeing that pot table gave me second-hand embarrassment.

    Also, why is she talking like it’s such a funny topic when just months ago their entire family literally got shot at?! How does she claim to be a great mom when she stays with Zach, who almost got them all wiped out?! Who’s to say it won’t happen again? She had all the opportunity in the world – she’s gorgeous, her parents are rich, she got some fame that led to more opportunities for her to make great money herself, she’s healthy – and she picks Zach and smokes pot every day? What a waste of opportunity.

  3. Trash gonna trash. What is wrong with america? If any parent did this in my country they would probably(hopefully) lose their kids .

  4. Cheyenne seems to have the attitude that just because weed is legal in California that it’s cool. It’s still a DRUG. Zach should consider going to rehab because he has a real problem if he can’t keep his eyes open and is high all the time he’s filming. Weed is a gateway drug so chances are he’s doing others. MTV needs to dump them!

  5. While I agree with her smoking after a long day to relax, and after her kids are asleep. I don’t agree with getting high then driving a car, being with kids, or bragging and detailing your 420 life. It’s very cringey and odd and when you think about it that these ppl are going into detail about…doing a drug..??? I think that if instead of this horrid cringey video, she could have just said “yes! I’ll smoke to relax after my kids are asleep.” I actually think that’s a respectable response for any mom.

  6. two more people who dont want to deal with reality or their feelings so they lite it up….. the kids get second hand smoke inahabtion and contact highs …. yea soo cool
    my friend all did the weed they are all losers now that we are older but oh man they were so cool in their twenties

    1. You don’t get second hand like you do with nicotine that actually gives you cancer but you are right they ate hiding their feelings with it.

  7. Not cute.

    Not “cool” or edgy either.

    2 pothead junkies who act like they just discovered weed. Gimme a break.

  8. as long as it doesn’t affect the way she treats or raises her kids who cares? jenelle could really learn a thing or two from cheyenne

    1. I’m sure Jenelle already knows how to marry and/or have kids by a lowlife deadbeat criminal junkies.

    2. I mean one of Zach’s drug contacts shot at them with the kids in the car, so idk if it “doesn’t affect” the kids.

    1. I’m all for a bit of weed every now and then but the more weed you smoke, the more weed you need to get the desired high. Now Zach is smoking all day long. Addicted much? In my country his habbit would cost nearly a full time wage to obtain. Get your priorities straight mate!

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