EXCLUSIVE! Amber Portwood & Andrew Glennon Faced Off In Court Today To Address Andrew’s Request to Terminate Amber’s Time with Son James: Here’s What Happened

“I’m gonna need to permanently relocate my couch to the courthouse if these hearings keep going!” 

Amber Portwood and her baby daddy Andrew Glennon once again faced off in court for the next hearing in what has become a bitter, years-long custody battle over their son James.

As The Ashley previously told you, the Teen Mom exes’ most-recent fight in court has been over Andrew filing an emergency motion in June to strip Amber of parenting time with James. Andrew claimed that Amber was neglectful and unsafe towards James during her time with him in May; however, Amber fought back and came to the court with receipts to try to prove that Andrew’s claims were not true. (Click here to read about that.) 

The Ashley can report that Andrew and Amber had yet another court hearing on Thursday in regard to Andrew’s motion to suppress Amber’s parenting time.

Andrew— who now lives in California— and his attorney attended the hearing via video, while Amber and her legal counsel attended in-person in Indiana. The Ashley can reveal that Thursday’s hearing started with Andrew’s side’s cross-examination of Amber. 

The rest of the testimony and the presentation of evidence also occurred at Thursday’s hearing. 

Now, Andrew and Amber have both been ordered to submit their proposed orders to the court, and to provide their arguments via written briefs. (There will be no more oral argument.)

How I picture the oral arguments would go…

Amber and Andrew are both required to submit their briefs to the court by September 5. 

After the briefs are submitted, the judge has 90 days to make a ruling. 

(As The Ashley previously reported, a judge previously denied Andrew’s request to immediately terminate Amber’s parenting time with James, deeming the situation not an emergency so, presumably, Amber has continued to see James as planned throughout this court battle.) 

Next Monday, Amber and Andrew will have to be present in court yet again— this time both via video chat— to address Amber’s request to have their court record sealed. 

“So it’s probably best that no one be able to see what we say…”

In other news, Andrew and James have reportedly recently moved to another one of Andrew’s mother’s homes.

They are now living at Andy’s mom’s Santa Barbara, California, estate, which The Sun reports is valued at over $2.7 million. (They had previously been shacking up at the family’s $4.6 million mansion in Malibu, California, which is about 75 miles south of Andrew’s new pad.) 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. 

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  1. Why does he do this to her let her co parent he just needs to grow up a child needs both parents .Amber God Bless You And Your Children been watching your whole journey just cause she has mental illness does not make her a bad mother she is doing a great job ??????????????❤️

  2. I think it’s all wrong what he is doing to amber terminating her rights hope the court sees sense and stops him doing this she is a great mum yes she has faults but she has right s as a mum to be in her sons like I hope it gets sorted amber you are welcome to contact me for support

  3. Why does Amber want their court records sealed so badly? Exactly what is she attempting to hide from people that could potentially tarnish her already tarnished rep?

  4. Wow, who knew that shacking up with a foul-mouthed dead beat teen mom with a known penchant for DV would end like this?

    And who knew that getting yourselves pregnant before knowing each other’s surnames would end like this?


    1. Once the show is cancelled, Amber will not have money for the plane tickets anyway. The show is done I think, maybe Ashley can give an update, also DoD Ambient get her online degree in loser yet?

  5. funny that he jumps on a bed and falls..he goes mental at her…but his sisters dog bites the kid on the face and he doesn’t even tell amber…double standards…hopefully the judge sees through this guy and his antics

  6. Now here’s my question, if this man’s family is this independently wealthy, and his father was this famous videographer or film person (i dunno, something like that), why the f*ck did he choose Amber and move from beautiful Malibu-bu to Indiana?

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