Jill Duggar Dillard Says Her Dad Jim Bob Duggar Threatened to Disinherit Any of His Kids Who Spoke Out Against Him

“Don’t expect to get 1/19th of our tater tot casserole dishes, young lady!”

Jim Bob Duggar was not happy when he found out his daughter, Jill Dillard, was writing a tell-all book about their family, causing the 19 Kids & Counting patriarch to take to his family’s group text to inform his kids that anyone who speaks out about him will be punished financially.

In a new interview with Today.com, Jill claimed that her father threatened to disinherit any of her siblings who said anything negatively in the press about him or their mother, Michelle Duggar.

“Anyone have anything to say about this book? Anyone? Didn’t think so.”

Jill claimed that the threatening texts went out right after it was announced publicly in June that Jill and her husband Derick Dillard were planning to release a book about the Duggars. (The book— Counting the Cost— was released earlier this month.) 

“My dad texted the entire family group text (since we’re still in the group thread) and he was just saying, ‘This is so sad’ and basically threatening that if anybody speaks out against him or my mom that they would be cut out of the inheritance,” Jill said.

This may be a reason why most of Jill’s 18 siblings have not commented publicly about Jill’s book. (Obviously, five of the Duggar kids are still under the age of 18, and the oldest— Josh Duggar— is currently in prison, so it makes sense that they have not spoken about the book.)

“Shut it or you won’t get squat when I croak!”

Currently, only Jill’s sister Jinger Duggar Vuolo (and her husband Jeremy) have publicly praised Jill for writing the book. (Jinger is somewhat estranged from her parents currently.) 

Jill’s younger sister, Joy, and her husband Austin Forsyth, recently stated on a YouTube video that they plan to read Jill’s book; however, they did not reveal if they support her writing it or not. None of the other adult Duggars— or their spouses— have given their thoughts on the book.

“I guess that means I’m gonna get 1/17th of everything now! Any chance I could get an advance on that money, Pa? I need prison commissary funds!”

This is reportedly not the first time Jim Bob threatened to punish Jill financially for speaking out.

In Counting the Cost, Jill writes that her father wrote her a letter in 2018 stating that, when he and Michelle die, Jill was set to receive 1/19th of everything they had. At the time, Jill was battling Jim Bob to try to receive payment for her appearances on “19 Kids & Counting” and Counting On, and Jim Bob was not happy about it.

“If you attack us, probably your inheritance will be lowered significantly,” Jim Bob wrote in the letter, according to Jill’s book. 

Jim Bob has not commented publicly on Jill’s claims.

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12 Responses

  1. What would you can girls I would love to have your book I watched conium for the longest time when you guys were little I would love to read a book

  2. Lmao an inheritance split between 19 people ?. Obviously those celebrity net worth sites are only estimates, but they say here is worth $3.5 million. I can’t imagine him pulling in anything of significance for the rest of his life with all this controversy.

    So with 3.5 million he needs to support several minor children for years longer, has to support himself and his wife for several decades, is fighting a legal battle for his pedo son, and actually he has crippled his adult children so much by providing them literally no education that he likely has to continue to support some of them financially. I don’t really think there will be anything to inherit ?. Even if he died today that’s only around $200K for each of his children

  3. I don’t blame Jill for writing this book. I watched the show “19 Kids and counting and he seemed pretty demanding and sometimes too strict. They were great kids from babies up. They all married great partners. I love the kids (Adults now) they were always respectful always minded didn’t act up in public or on trips. Michelle you are a wonderful mom. I’m very sorry for your losses that was tough to watch. God bless you. Jill I admire you for being strong to write this book I cannot wait to read it. God Bless you, your husband and all your brothers and sisters and their spouses.

  4. Lol at 1/19th. Even if there is an inheritance when JB dies, he’s not leaving anything for his daughters. That money is for his sons.

    1. Where’s your money for being on the show? You should have that. You are an adult your dad shouldn’t have any control over you at all.
      If I was you I would get a lawyer and get that money.
      Way to go Jill!

  5. Ah, the inheritance, such a classic narc move to use money and inheritance to try to control people.
    Tell them to shove it where the sun won’t shine. You’re not getting what they promised most of the time and it’s not worth it.

    Jimbo will make very large donations to their church when he can.
    There will be enough left for the two of them but not much for the kids.

  6. Like he was gonna give them any money anyway. Won’t pay them when he is alive why would he give them anything when he’s dead

  7. I wish all of Jill’s siblings would grow a pair, get out from this dickheads thumb, get real jobs, learn a trade, and then write a “real” tell all book. They would be set for life.

    Fuck the inheritance, it probably all went to that sweaty pig Josh and his legal defense team. I’ll bet there’s not much of an “inheritance”. Just smoke and mirrors.

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