Thomas Ravenel Apologizes to Olivia Flowers For Accusing the ‘Southern Charm’ Star of Hooking Up With Him to Get On the Show

“Would free tickets to my next polo match make up for this?”

T-Rav is taking accountability. 

A week after fired Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel accused current ’Southern Charm’ cast member Olivia Flowers of sleeping with him to earn a spot on the Bravo reality series, the father of three is walking back his claims that Olivia “used” him. 

“I’d like to make a statement about my interview concerning Olivia Flowers. I was not trying to hurt her,” Thomas wrote on Twitter over the weekend. “I was mostly trying to get the facts straight which proved she didn’t betray her friendship with Kathryn Dennis.” 


As fans of ‘Southern Charm’ know, Thomas is the father of Kathryn’s two children and Kathryn and Olivia are friends; Olivia previously confirmed that she and Kathryn did not meet each other until after she had slept with Thomas.

Thomas went on to claim on social media that the remark regarding Olivia’s alleged motive for sleeping with him was made after he “thought the interview was over.” 

“ … I stupidly made what I thought was a self-depreciating remark that ‘MAYBE she used me,’” he wrote. “I had no idea that would be the story and I sincerely apologize to her. I have the utmost respect for her as a person and friend. It was a stupid throw away line and I regret it.” 

“Once this mouth starts runnin’ it just doesn’t know when to stop.”

Those who watched Part 1 of the ‘Southern Charm’ Season 9 Reunion know that Olivia’s one-night-stand with Thomas was revealed by Taylor Ann Green, whom Olivia noted was the only one who knew about the secret hookup that occurred in 2017. 

Thomas later revealed that, like Olivia, he had no plan to come forward with the information, but only did so after it was discussed at the Season 9 Reunion. 

Kathryn later responded to the news of her baby daddy and bestie hooking up, confirming she had no ill feelings towards Olivia. 

“We have never been closer, you did nothing wrong and don’t need to worry about being judged by me,” she posted to Instagram, along with a series of photos featuring her and Olivia. 

“Love you my girl, thank you for always looking out,” Olivia responded. 

Olivia has not yet publicly responded to Thomas’ apology.

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(Photos: Bravo; Twitter; Instagram) 

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