‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Says He’s Healing & His Self-Esteem Is Bouncing Back Following His Three Failed Marriages

“I’ve still got it! Confidence, that is, not multiple wives.”

Kody Brown is getting his groove back. 

(The same cannot be said, however, for the Sister Wives star’s hair– but that’s another story…)

The former husband-of-four and current husband of Robyn Brown revealed to People in a recent interview that he’s on the path to healing after three of his four marriages ended within the span of less than two years, though he admits he had “good days and bad days.”

Kody, on the fact that his hair only experiences the latter…

“It’s been a process,” Kody said. “Really I just look forward to a future of a lot of forgiving and a lot of more understanding.” 

As fans know, Christine Brown (Former Wife #3) was the first to escape leave Kody in 2021 and the mother of six went on to marry David Woolley in October 2023.

Janelle Brown (Former Wife #2) confirmed in January 2022 that she and Kody had separated; and Kody and Meri Brown (Former Wife #1) “permanently terminated” their troubled union in January 2023. Meri has since moved on with her newly-debuted boyfriend, Amos Andrews

“Eat your Rice Krispy Treats heart out, Kody!”

While Kody has historically been his own biggest fan since the Brown family entered the public eye years ago, he admits that the splits with his former wives had an impact on his self-esteem. 

“ … because it destroys your confidence when you go through a divorce or a family breakup,” he explained.  

“Don’t even get me started on what it does to your porch dreams!”

As The Ashley told you earlier this month, Kody claimed in a recent interview that he is now in a better place with himself in the aftermath of the Brown family’s collapse. 

“I feel like my confidence is coming back,” he said. “I got to find that space of grace and love myself as well. Be it really forgiving of simple things, like, just being angry about what has happened. I want to forgive myself for that and move on.” 

Kody told People this week that he’s now focused on healing and “getting to a point where you feel forgiveness towards somebody who’s just said bad things about you.” 


“What will move us forward will be the grace, the love and the forgiveness,” he continued. “The same grace and love that we were giving each other 10 years ago as we’re going through this very difficult process.”  

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9 Responses

  1. Oh pleeeze. This miserable excuse for a human should try working on his nasty attitude. He has a big ego and is the biggest P.O.S. in the world. He was the worst husband to all 3 of these women, and used them for his own selfish reasons. TLC should get rid of him and he should not ever be making money in the public eye again. There are so many things wrong with him, and I can’t stand the sight of his ugly face or that of his square headed wife Robin. May they never have any peace in their lives again.

  2. It would be easy to say that Kody is mentally ill as an excuse for what he says and does. But that is just too easy. Kody loves Kody and I doubt he will ever admit or much less see what he says and does is so wrong. Why any woman would want to be with him is beyond me. I would never accept polygamy. I did spent years in a marriage where i was physically and emotionally abused. It was only after I got out and got screwed up with another jerk that i finally saw my part in my messed up life. Kody is who he is and is not worth the time and trouble to even try and figure him out. Robyn is like him. Fake. They deserve each other and I feel sorry for the kids.

  3. Oh Kody. Man, do you lack self-awareness. I’m glad you are working on forgiving yourself but true forgiveness of yourself comes when you have repaired the relationships with your children. You have caused a lot of hurt with your words and (in)actions, which is going to require humility and true apology (without conditions or self-justification) to repair.
    Instead of talking publicly about self-forgiveness, apologize to your children and your former wives. You’ve said and done terrible things to them. You won’t have true self love and esteem until you have done all that you can to be the dad all of your kids deserve—not just Robyn’s kids.

  4. I thought somewhere along the way he said he was never in love with the other wives or at least some or one? He said the same love as 10 years ago ??

  5. Every time Kody complains about Christine talking badly about him, I think of them on Christine’s porch and he’s just going off on her about knives in kidneys while she calmly sits there. Kody has publicly said that he was never attracted to Christine, he never loved her, found her disgusting, saw her as a burden, etc. and then has the nerve to say that she talks bad about him?!? He is saying the meanest things he can think of that will hurt the most. And he’s saying these things on camera. He needs to have several seats.

  6. The wildest part to me is that he and Robyn constantly talk about how the ex-wives talk trash about them, and even here he’s talking about forgiving them for talking bad about him. But Robyn and Kody have said WAY WORSE things about the ex-wives than they have about them!!! Mainly about Christine, and some about Janelle, not as much about Meri. But the things they’ve said are much worse than what has been said about them. It’s wild that they don’t see this.

  7. I’m pretty sure Kody Brown has no issues with his self esteem.

    I think he’s more likely soothing and healing his bruised ego, and loss of control, his embarrassment.

    (Like when he states things like, Christine had to lie and trash talk Kody to her new boyfriend so that he’d accept her after she had a failed relationship with Kody. Like she was damaged goods because she couldnt make it with Kody…)

    I’ll give him credit for attempting to get his anger issues under control… even if it’s wrapped in a victim mentality.

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