‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Star Jade Cline Says She & Husband Sean Austin Are Ready For Baby No. 2: “I Got Off Birth Control”

Sean and Jade, already thinking of odd ways to spell their future child’s name. (Probably.)

Jade Cline and husband Sean Austin may be giving their daughter Kloie a sibling in the near future. 

The Teen Mom Family Reunion couple–- who married in October after years of ups, down, makeups, breakups and engagements–- are reportedly ready to expand their family of three. 

“I got off birth control,” Jade recently told E! News. “I’ve been off birth control for, like, three weeks. I ran out. I’m just letting God, God.” 

Jade and Sean are “letting God, God” amid busy schedules that include Jade managing a hair salon and starting her new career in real estate, and Sean planning to go back to school. The pair also parent their six-year-old daughter.

Jade said she recently “got her groove back,” after years of struggling with her self-image following Kloie’s birth.

“The younger Kloie was, the less sexy I felt,” she explained. “I just felt like this disaster house cave woman half the time. Then as [Kloie] got older and is more independent and wants me to do less for her, I have more of my free time and my independence back.” 

Jade also stated that, before while they were in Colombia filming ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion,’ she realized that she and Sean weren’t getting enough “intimate time” together.

“We realized that we were not being intimate with each other,” she said. “I’m not feeling sexy because I’m doing so much.” 

“In other words, I was too damn busy to bang!”

“I feel like I’m in business mode, I’m in mom mode all the time,” Jade said in a previous interview with E! News. “I had to learn how to be able to do both at the same time and let him love me and let him turn me on and let him do all these things for me. I was letting the busyness of the world take me away from my partnership. And that’s something I would never do again.”

Jade gives her “dedicated” (and sober as of 2021) husband Sean kudos for stepping up and doing his part in the parenting/spouse department, which she says only makes her want to try for Baby No. 2 more. 

“All day he’s going above and beyond,” she said. “I like when people do things for me to make my day easier. I’ll wake up and he’s already been up at 6 a.m. He’s cleaned the whole house. 

“I’m like, ‘It’s about to get nasty,’” she added. 

“That’s my girl! BRB– going to buy a ‘Granny of 2’ sweatshirt real fast!” 

Jade said ideally, she’d like to have a second child before Kloie gets much older, claiming she wants her children to “be apart in age but not super far apart.” 

Jade and Sean are appearing on the currently-airing season of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion,’ which was filmed just before the couple tied the knot in October. 

New episodes of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ air Wednesdays on MTV. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Unfortunately what I have seen is that neither Jade or Sean have any patience whatsoever with Kloie. If they have another baby it will be even worse.

  2. So she going to “let God, God”? In my experience He Gods all day and all night with or without me letting Him. Such an arrogant statement!

  3. I can relate. I just got back in my own groove of being able to feel confident after my most recent baby who is now 3. It was ROUGH. I have 3 kids already but I want another and I’m struggling with the idea that I will lose myself again 😩 this is tough.

  4. So she’s just getting her sexy back after years of feeling awful and she wants to start all over again? Why?

    1. I wondered that too. Maybe she thinks the life snap back will be easier the older she and her daughter get?

  5. Respectfully…. I just know that this baby will be addicted to an iPad before it can roll over and Kloie will be the one making sure it gets a bottle. 😅 I know too many people like Jade and Sean and everything else is a priority to their kids.

    1. Right. They didn’t even raise the first one, what makes her think with 2 jobs and a house she’s going to be a hands on parent now?

  6. I’m about to get nasty?


    He’s not attractive to me at all.

    So if she’s super motivated, wtf does he do?

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