‘Sister Wives’ Stars Mykelti Brown & Tony Padron Announce They’re Moving to North Carolina: Mykelti’s Mom Christine Is Reportedly “Extremely Sad” About It

“Sorry Mom, but we’re getting the hell outta Dodge…I mean, Utah.”

Mykelti Brown and her family are heading east— and far away from her father Kody and his only remaining wife Robyn.

The Sister Wives star— who is the daughter of Kody and his former third wife Christine— announced last week on Patreon and YouTube that she and her family are moving from Utah to North Carolina for “a lot of reasons.”

“We’re moving to North Carolina!” Mykelti stated on a livestream. 

“We’re gonna move out of Utah,” added Mykelti’s husband Tony Padron. “…We’re going to move to the great state of North Carolina. We haven’t really told anyone in the Internet universe.”

Tony went on to state that he and Mykelti will have to sell their home in Utah, due to the move to North Carolina being “very expensive.”

“The whole packing has started so it’s going to be a lot,” he added.

As ‘Sister Wives’ fans know, the bulk of the Brown Family “kids” live in Utah or around Flagstaff, Arizona (where Kody and Robyn and their kids reside). However, Maddie Brown, along with her husband Caleb Brush and their three kids, moved to North Carolina several years ago and own a home there.


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Mykelti clarified that she and her family aren’t moving to North Carolina “specifically to be close to Maddie.”

“But it’s just, like, a really nice benefit [that] our kids are going to get some cousins around them,” Mykelti— who shares three kids with Tony— added. “So that’s exciting.”

One person who is not excited to see Mykelti & Co. go to North Carolina is Mykelti’s mom, Christine Brown.

“Let’s not talk about it!” Tony joked when a Patreon user asked how Mykelti’s mother felt about the move.

“My mom, she is happy for our adventure,” Mykelti said hesitantly. “She supports our choices because we’re doing it for us, as a family, but she’s also extremely sad that we’ll be leaving her.”

“I paid for like 9,000 tacos for your wedding and now you’re abandoning me?! Wow.”

(Currently, five of Christine and Kody’s six kids live in Utah. Gwendlyn is the only one who currently lives in Arizona.) 

“There’s a lot of feelings there,” Mykelti continued. “So we’re doing as much as we can to hang out with my family— my mom and [her husband] David [Wooley] and the kids on this side, and my siblings and Tony’s family. We’re trying to hang out and get in as much time as possible, because it will get a lot harder as we get further away and stuff.”

“My mom’s not taking it well, either,” Tony added.

Mykelti did not reveal how Kody and Robyn feel about their upcoming move; however, she did state that there’s no way Mr. and Mrs. Brown would ever follow them to North Carolina.

“I don’t think you could get Kody and Robyn to leave Flagstaff,” she said. 

As ‘Sister Wives’ fans are aware, Mykelti is one of Kody’s only kids from his ex-wives MeriJanelle and Christine who still has a good relationship with him and Robyn. While Mykelti didn’t specify why she is choosing to move across the country from the majority of her family, the Brown clan’s drama could play a part in it.

“It’s fine! Everything is FINE!”

In November, Maddie opened up during a podcast interview about how grateful she is to live in the Tar Heel State, as it keeps her and her kids far away from the Brown Family drama happening in Utah/Arizona.

“Obviously, my family is falling apart on TV. It’s not a secret,” Maddie said on the podcast. “You can see it…so I always tell Caleb that I’m grateful because I feel like God moved us here.

“We prefer to have at least 2,000 miles between us and my dad, thanks.”

“My parents, I love them, but they are all very opinionated, so it was easy to kind of get caught in the– I think minutia might be the right word— where you’re just kind of doing things that they did because they did it and that’s how you were raised,” Maddie continued. “So it was kind of really good for me to step into my own. I’m going to raise my kids the way that I want to. There still is a lot of heartache [in the family] but my kids didn’t see it.”

During the same interview, Maddie admitted that her kids don’t know Kody at all, due to the fact that he hasn’t made much of an effort to be part of his grandkids’ lives. (Maddie, did, however, give her mom Janelle and Christine shoutouts for staying so involved in the kids’ lives, despite the physical distance between them.) 

Over the years, Maddie and Caleb have hosted several of Maddie’s younger siblings, allowing them to live with them for periods of time. Ysabel Brown resided in North Carolina with Maddie for several years, and Janelle recently revealed that her youngest daughter, Savanah, is staying at Maddie’s home for the summer. 

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  1. I think that’s stupid, you’ve got three very small kids and you’re gonna move really far away from your help? Maddie’s gonna be busy with her own three kids so you can’t rely on ber too much. They have no idea what they’re doing

    1. My question is, does Tony have a job lined up? Do either of them have any idea of the cost of living in NC? They certainly cannot rely on any one to help raise their kids. Maddie and Caleb have their own family and obviously have plenty to shoulder on their own although they seem to be doing fine. Mykelti and Tony come off as being pretty dumb. And Tony needs to clean up! Cut his hair, shave and be a real man. But then he married Mykelti who is very much like her wacko mother Christine.

  2. These reality shows are just destroying families it is sad, sad, sad. They make the money and the notoriety so good that they get caught up in it. Who should live their lives like that with everyone offering an opinion about everything and doing a job on self esteem and self awareness, which is hard to ignore. I feel sad for all these kids but they seem to be taking strides in living their life without everyone poking their nose into it. You go kids.

    1. You really don’t think it had anything to do with polygamy being a recipe for disaster? And even if you take other reality shows, there are circumstances that make those situations inherently broken (Maurice cheating on Kyle throughout their marriage, for example). Maybe the show can cause something to surface that could have stayed hidden otherwise, but it’s still broken.

    1. Mykelti moving from Utah, makes a huge statement about the duo Krybon. She was the only child that seemed too play a neutral role and attempted too keep them on her loop. Granted, she is the only one we saw making an effort with her father and his wife, that now looks like it has changed. I admired her for having her own agenda, and wanted to included her father and wife 4 for her children’s sake. She did have the closest relationship with Robin, (& maybe the only relationship with her out of ALL the kids.) I didn’t like how she was treated for wanting to try to maintain that. Now… it looks like she is trying to get as far away from that as possible. I also likkke that she wants the babies to all grow up knowing their cousins. That is super great for them and the Brown siblings.

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