The Braxton Family Set to Return to WEtv with Their New Series ‘The Braxtons’ Three Years After Tamar Braxton Bashed the Network: Watch the First Trailer

“‘Member us?” 

The Braxtons are back!

Three years after Tamar Braxton swore off reality TV— and WEtv in general— she and her famous family are returning to the small screen with a new reality show, The Braxtons. 

Just like their old series, Braxton Family Values, the new show will center around the lives of Braxton sisters Toni, Towanda, Tamar, Trina, and their mother Evelyn Braxton.

Notably missing from the group is Traci Braxton, who sadly died of esophageal cancer in May 2022 at the age of 50.

In the new promo shared by WEtv, Toni tells the cameras, “The main reason for wanting to do ‘The Braxtons’ again is because of Traci.”

“She asked us to do this. This was her last wish,” Evelyn says, with Towanda adding, “I think it’s important for us to return to tell Traci’s story.”

In the trailer, the Braxtons reveal what they’ve been up to since ‘Braxton Family Values’ ended in 2020. Toni reveals that she’s been rehearsing for her Las Vegas residency with Cedric the Entertainer. (The “Love & Laughter” show is currently playing at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan.) 

Meanwhile, Trina has been busy sharing her cooking skills on Instagram and YouTube, while Towanda is producing movies and raising her two children. 

“There’s a lot of fun, there’s a lot of laughs, there’s a lot of everything you need,” Evelyn promises viewers.

Fans may remember that ‘Braxton Family Values’ debuted in 2011 on WEtv and ran for seven seasons. During Season 6, the family– minus Traci– went on strike due to low pay, but the Braxtons and the network eventually came to an agreement. The series ended after Season 7, however, with Tamar publicly speaking out in 2020 about the dangers of appearing on reality TV and vowing at the time to help other reality TV stars escape unfair contracts and exploitation.

In the years that followed, Tamar continued to slam WEtv, stating that she felt the network treated her family unfairly, and that it exploited them for ratings. After her July 2020 suicide attempt, Tamar released several public statements condemning WEtv, which also aired her spinoffs, Tamar & Vince and Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life. 

“I was betrayed, taken advantage of, overworked, and underpaid. I wrote a letter over 2 months ago asking to be freed from what I believed was excessive and unfair. I explained in personal detail the demise I was experiencing. My cry for help went totally ignored. However, the demands persisted,” Tamar wrote. 

She also took to social media to accuse WEtv of using her pain “for their pleasure and ratings.” 

During an interview in October 2021, Tamar hinted that her family’s reality show may be coming back, but insisted that they would not be working with WEtv again.

“What if I told you ‘Braxton Family Values’ is coming back? Not with a foolish network, I can tell you that,” she stated during a live interview. “Because the truth is, the true depiction of a Black American family is not a bunch of foolishness. And the other part of the truth is I ain’t about to let the devil use me like that for people’s entertainment purposes. It’s a no for me, dog… 

“I mean, I’m not saying that families don’t go through stuff because we do,” she continued. “I’m not saying that we’re not ratchet because we are. But only we can tell our story. And if it can’t be done that way then it won’t happen.

Despite her words, an eighth season of ‘Braxton Family Values’ never materialized. Back in February, though, WEtv announced that the family was working on their new show, ‘The Braxtons.’ The network promised to show the family’s “never-before-seen private moments, from quarantine to the devastating loss of their sister Traci.” WEtv also stated that viewers would get to watch the Braxtons as they “build this new chapter without her… [and] heal together, turning pain into promise as they use the pain to power themselves and band together.”

In the new trailer, there is no mention of Tamar’s battle with the network.

“Maybe we can all just forget about that? I was just joking…yeah, that’s it.”

In February, WEtv Head of Content Brett Dismuke stated that the network is thrilled to have the Braxtons back.

“It is not overstating things to say this is one of the most significant developments in the history of WE tv and a moment the fans have been waiting for since the final episode of ‘Braxton Family Values’ aired on December 17, 2020,” he said. “The Braxtons are one of the founding families of reality television and WEtv viewers were along for the ride through every moment of their original pioneering series, which spanned 148 unforgettable episodes.” 

“We are thrilled to welcome them back and once again be able to share these dynamic relationships and all the highs, lows, triumphs, setbacks and drama that fall in between.”

‘The Braxtons’ premieres in August on WEtv and ALLBLK. Watch a sneak peek of the new series below. 

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(Photos: WEtv; Instagram; YouTube) 

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    1. I can’t wait!!! ❤️🎉🎉🎉 I’m soo excited for the return of The Braxtons. I’m glad they decided to come back. It’ll be different without our Traci😔.
      I hope Terrell and Tamar makeup because he definitely had her back thru it all. Welcome back❤️💯

  1. I didn’t watch the Braxton’s and probably won’t now either. But I do remember Tamar trying to commit suicide and saying that the show was directly responsible for it. I don’t think any reality show is worth rolling the dice and hoping it doesn’t destroy your mental health again.

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