“90 Day Fiance” Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Arrested For Domestic Battery Following Fight with Husband Colt Johnson

“Not again!”

Crazy certainly doesn’t take a day off with Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima!

As The Ashley reported late last night, the 90 Day Fiance Season 6 couple got into a bloody brawl, which Larissa gave her Instagram followers a recap of via a series of photos and videos. The Ashley reported Thursday night that the police had come to the couple’s Las Vegas home to investigate….and it seems they left with Larissa in tow!

Larissa was arrested and charged with first degree Domestic Battery. At press time, she was still behind bars, being held on a $3,000 bond. She has a court date scheduled for Saturday at 9 a.m.

Before her arrest, Larissa posted to her Instagram account that she was relieved that she was not arrested. In the caption of a photo showing a paramedic helping clean her facial wounds, Larissa wrote, “Hi Guys, I was nervous thinking that I would be arrested today because when I tried to call the cops, Colt took my phone and called the cops on me. Thank God, this life of manipulation and abuse is over. I received medical help and am safe at my friend’s house.”


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‪I’ve just been informed by Larissa’s best friend Carmen that she’s just been arrested. #90DayFiance ‬

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Shortly after, though, Larissa was hauled into jail for reasons unknown at this time.

This is not the first time Larissa has been arrested. In November, she was hauled into jail following yet another fight with Colt and charged with first-degree domestic battery. She has one additional domestic battery charge already on her record as well.

According to a Friday morning report by TMZ, Colt wasn’t at home when the police showed up to the house, but he eventually came home and law enforcement spoke to both him and Larissa.

“They determined Larissa mostly had blood spatter — and a single deep cut — on her face,” TMZ reports. “We’re told Larissa did have scratches on her stomach, but they appeared to be self-inflicted. Cops checked Larissa’s criminal history and saw she had two previous arrests for domestic battery.”


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This is how Larissa looked when she got to her friends house a few hours ago before she was arrested. #90DayFiance

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“What’s more … cops checked Colt’s fingernails, and observed he’s a nail-biter … and determined the injury to Larissa’s face couldn’t possibly have been from him.”

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available!

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(Photos: TLC, Instagram)


  1. Starcasm reported Colt filed for divorce on Friday (yesterday). I’d venture to say that is probably for the best for everyone involved

      1. Personally I’d think she would get deported with a divorce plus the well documented domestic violence. I think it might be different if Colt had been charged/arrested at least once but all 3 instances Larissa was arrested. I can’t imagine any immigration lawyer would be ok with that

  2. Man, that’s a high price for a green card. Norman Coltee Bates is a freak, just look at him. I get this bad-kevin-spacey-it- puts-the-lotion -in -the- basket feeling when I look at him. He looks like he is into really nasty things. Typical Vegas garbage,and his cousin,the other fat dude,married to that wannabe Woodstock chic,pure white trash. Larissa is def working this, she knows bad publicity is still publicity,and that in this country being scandalous makes you money. She needs to leave chronic masturbator Pillsbury Doughboy soon before she accidentally kills herself

    1. I’m sorry, Vegas trash???!
      My family and I are from vegas and we absolutely are not trash.
      Try not to stereotype people.
      Colt and Larissa are both trash and would be trash anywhere they went. It has nothing to do with Vegas.
      Check yourself.

    1. I totally believe he provokes her. She’s already nutz, but I feel like he purposely tests her. Her reactions to him provoking her are unnecessary and extreme, but I don’t think he’s some sacraficial lamb. Something about him is very off…almost like he thought because no American girls wanted him (or to move in with him and his mom), he decided to search for someone that’s so desperate to come to America that they’ll put up with his weirdness. He was looking for a doormat…but instead got stuck with the nightmare that is Larissa.

  3. Yes. If she can prove him as abusive she gets a free green card and he is on the hook for her for ten years. This her motive. Jesse tried the same game.

  4. I think this is b.s biting the nails actually would make them jagged and sharp. I think colt-eye is creep-ee and the videos she posted show him mentally abusing her at the least. Like the one when he thought she was asleep and turned music on right by her head he noticed she was awake taping him and he quickly pretended to be asleep. It’s weird. If he wants out and is trying to drive her crazy to get a divorce why not just file for divorce? The other video of him watcher while she showered was weird af too. He’s an abuser for sure.

    What’s with her life in Brazil that she would rather put up with a psychotic man with a tiny you know what than go back home?

  5. Someone who bites their nails to the quick couldn’t leave a gash like that. She totally did that to herself… you can tell she raked her nails over her stomach/sides multiple times. I’m not saying Coltee is innocent, he’s a creepy mommy’s boy sex addict.. but she’s batshit crazy! TLC needs to drop these two like the trash they are before someone ends up seriously hurt.

  6. It’s good there’s no children involved. I know Larissa left her children in Brazil and, honestly, that seems like it was the right decision. No child should be exposed to chaos like this, like the stories we see here all the time about Ron from Jersey Shore.

    1. Funny you brought up Ron from Jersey shore….where does Ron live?
      I guess Vegas isnt the place for married couples on reality shows

  7. I knew you couldn’t put it past her to do that to herself…the girl is bat shit crazy…but I do wonder why she keeps calling the cops, when each time the cops figure out that she’s the antagonist…does she get to divorce him and stay in the US if she proves she’s a victim of domestic battery?

    1. The way the blood was smeared all over her face…it looked like it was self inflicted & done on purpose. Possible he did it but not likely.
      I bet her mouth is what keeps getting her arrested.
      Cops go there he is calm & talks clearly & she probably flipped out, yelling & screaming not calming down, giving them no choice but to arrest her

    2. I believe because of the government shut down the Violence Against Women Act, which would have granted women who were victims of domestic violence residency if they met certain requirements, has lapsed. So, it’s not an option for her. She’s here on a Visa so she has a right to be here. It’s unknown whether or not they filed to change her visa status to get her a Green Card.

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