EXCLUSIVE! Luke Cuccurullo Says He Does Not Regret Appearing on ‘Married At First Sight,’ Despite the Hate He’s Getting From Fans

“Allow me to explain myself…”

Luke Cuccurullo has taken a lot of heat while appearing on this season of Married At First Sight over his treatment of wife Kate Sisk. Although he’s been called many things on social media by fans of the show (including a “gaslighting manipulator” and a “emotionally devoid man,” recently on Twitter), Luke says he doesn’t regret appearing on ‘Married At First Sight,’ which is produced by Kinetic Content.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, the 31-year-old Philadelphia resident reveals how the hate he’s gotten in regard to the show has spilled into his “regular” life, as well as how he feels about being labeled a “bully” by Kate in her interview with The Ashley!

Criticism of Luke has been harsh during his time on ‘MAFS,’ due to some of the things he’s said and done to Kate. Many of the show’s fans have accused Luke of not putting enough effort into his new marriage, but Luke denies that this is true.

“My goal’s always been to work my hardest to build a lasting relationship, and knowing that I’ve put a valiant effort into my marriage is far more important than how the world chooses to portray me,” he said.

During one scene from Tuesday’s episode, Kate admitted to Dr. Pepper that she and Luke had been having sex since their honeymoon, but that Luke asked her not to tell anyone about their sex life, and that he often ignored her for hours after sex. This revelation had many ‘MAFS’ fans on social media infuriated at Luke.

Luke says that, while fans on social media have been brutal to him, the ones he’s met in person have been kind.

“I’ve absolutely had fans approach me!” he said. “Despite how hateful the media reaction [to me] has been, the people that recognize me in the real world have been incredibly respectful. I’ve even had a few fans want to take pictures with me and I’m more than happy to do so no matter how they want to frame the moment.”

However, it hasn’t just been fans who have accused Luke of being cruel to Kate. In an interview with The Ashley last month, Kate herself stated that she felt like Luke was being mean to her.

“I agree Luke was treating me poorly, absolutely,” Kate told The Ashley. “I felt bullied.”

Luke feels differently about the situation.

“I disagree that I’ve been cruel to Kate and that I’ve been bullying her, but I can understand [how] the audience [could come] to that conclusion,” he said. “With all relationships, there is only so much you can get from the outside…only Kate and I will ever have the full picture.”

He does admit, though, that at times he didn’t like how he came across on TV.

“The sheer scope of [being on reality TV] wasn’t at all what I expected,” Luke said. “Production being around constantly can be draining for everyone, and there were days where I wasn’t my best self, due to exhaustion. [Filming the show] was a full-time job that I came home to every day after my full-time job.”

Luke stated that he does not regret any of the things he’s done on the show, and would not take anything back. He does, however, regret that he had to bring up Kate’s drinking issue on-camera. (As fans know, Luke told show expert Dr. Pepper that Kate “drinks a lot” in an earlier episode which caused a lot of problems between the newlyweds.)

Luke says he knew when he brought the topic up on-camera that it would cause problems, but he still felt the compelled to speak up.

“If you could stop accusing me of being a drunk, that’d be great…”

“I regret talking about Kate’s drinking on-air, but that was a regret I knew I was going to have to experience before the conversation even began,” he said. “It’s hard to watch those we care about go down the wrong path when dealing with life stress, and if it becomes concerning it’s important to step in to help your loved ones.

“Unfortunately, this felt like a pivotal point in our marriage, and what I tried to resolve off-screen to possibly provide real help instead became a conversation that caused more harm than good,” he added.

(For the record, in her interview with The Ashley, Kate denied that she has a drinking problem.)

Luke said that, despite how their marriage has been portrayed on ‘MAFS,’ he and Kate do have a lot in common.

“There are so many things I like about Kate,” he said. “Unfortunately, a lot of it, we haven’t seen yet. Kate and I have the same level of goofiness that showed up on countless occasions and I know that the show understood that.”

While the show’s fans have been critical, Luke says that he and Kate have received a lot of support, which he’s grateful for.

“I’m thankful for the love and support we’ve received from my friends and family, Kate’s friends and family, and anyone else that has reached out to provide support during the experiment,” Luke said “Kate and I appreciate anyone and everyone that helped us through this jump into the unknown.”

‘Married At First Sight’ (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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  1. I love how everybody who gets caught on reality TV smoking crack cocaine or raping a badger claims bad editing. You’re not fooling anybody. They can’t show what didn’t happen.

  2. He cant talk about his problem with his drinking though, I spose he don’t think he has one? LOL And why if he didn’t like Kate drinking, why the heck would he buy 3 bottles of wine for her?!?! He is in denial and many times I noticed that when asked a question by Dr. Pepper, he had no answer nor could he come up with one, he was dumb founded! She is so better off without him ! Its a blessing in disguise! She is beautiful and needs to stay away from him and move forward , she will heal. She has a beautiful soul and Luke the puke is not nearly what he may think he is but quite the opposite, a cold hearted human being and a liar and a cheat for being on this show for all the wrong reasons! Karma WILL get you Luke the puke, I guarantee it ! Sometime , somewhere down the road , your life will be in turmoil and youll wonder , “why me, what have I done to deserve this, you think back to these days where you treated a human being so wrongly. I don’t know how you can live in your own skin and sleep at night! KYBASH to you Luke the puke!

  3. Future potential women interests he has should beware – this guy is a major mind-f–k–r. He should be locked away for inhumane treatment of Beautiful decent Women!! I think 90 day should give Kate monetary compensation for the huge mistake they made bringing that emotionally abusive person on the show and then being able to emotionally abuse that nice girl for the entire season was inhumane!!!

  4. “Luke stated that he does not regret any of the things he’s done on the show, and would not take anything back.” Just confirms what a dirtbag, lowlife this clown really is.

  5. I think Luke and Katie both need to separate go their own ways she’s as fake as he is and I think he’s bisexual he’s got serious issues and she does too she stays with him she’s already acting like him he told me not to tell no one what the hell come on be for real

  6. Luke is such a manipulative POS. Of course he turns the conversation towards Kate’s supposed drinking problem because he decided to make up a fake narrative to distract from the fact that he is a malignant narcissist and abuser who is intensely emotionally abusive to this girl. She went from being peppy and hopeful in the beginning to being self loathing and sad, he did that, he didn’t need to F with her head and have sex with her. Just leave her alone!

    AND perfect example of narcissism – he thinks all the fans in person love him! what a joke, if I saw him in person I’d for sure give him devil eyes. He’s not worth spilling a drink on unless it was a rancid cup of old milk.

  7. It’s so hard to tell what is really going on the way the show is taped and edited. As far as Kate and Luke are concerned I can only hope they could work out their differences and find happiness eventually. Love doesn’t happen overnight.

  8. What Luke displays is clearly a case of the regrets! “What did I get myself into?” Is written all over his face. A lot of speculation on whether or not he’s gay. Maybe he is. Maybe he just regrets this whole venture. It’s obvious that they will not stay together even if they choose to stay married at The finale this couple is headed for divorce for sure. I have no idea why he’d want to keothe sex a secret. Maybes just embarrassed and he doesn’t want to talk sex stuff with the producers. But why ignore her for hours afterward? That, I do not get.

  9. I think the bottom line is that he was disappointed from the get go. He didn’t find her attractive. You can’t firce yourself to be attracted to someone. His mistake was that he took out his disappointment on Kate. I think from what we’ve seen, he has been very cold to her and he led her on with Salk his “I want to make this work” talk. But you have to admit that Kate is super annoying with her baby talk voice and always playing the victim. And her hair was always dirty ! These two were just not a match. As scary as Luke is, I think AJ is FAR scarier!!!

  10. Hate is a strong word so I’ll go with loathe. I LOATHE this douche bag and his bullshit and his dead AF eyes. I could not believe the way he acted when Kate suggested divorce. He acted surprised and tried to pull off “caring” but didn’t even reach out to touch her.
    I was FLOORED when Kate said they’d been having sex but it does kind of make sense why she’s attached to him after everything we’ve seen.
    It’s incredibly messed up that he made her promise to keep their sex private (on a tv show about marriage).

  11. This guy Luke is a shit bird. Any woman that dates this idiot is going to get what she deserves. After seeing the way he treats his wife they should RUN the other way.

  12. hate him. either he is actually gay or really just that much a douche bag. kate is sweet and pretty, she deserves some 1 else.

  13. He is doing damage control! I know that I don’t see 24/7 of their lives…..BUT what I do see scares me! If these two stay married, I think marriage counselling is in store. Kate needs it for sure. Looks like her self esteem is in the toilet. I would NEVER stay married to this guy! Rooting for HER!!!!!!! xo

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