Robbie Kidd Admits to His Affair with ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert: ‘We Had Sex’

robbie kidd
Why don’t they just get married already?

Robbie Kidd has finally broke down and admitted that he and Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert did, indeed, have an affair in October. While the West Virginia native previously denied hooking up with Leah, he has come clean and admitted that he and the married reality star slept together while Leah’s husband, Jeremy Calvert, was away. (As you will probably remember, Jeremy called Leah out on Twitter in October, accusing her of having sex with Robbie.)

In a new interview with In Touch Weekly, Robbie explains what really happened between him and Leah.

The Ashley will give you a second to get your banjos ready…

“I asked her if she wanted to come over and talk,” Robbie told the magazine. “Leah didn’t hesitate. She came right over, and one thing led to another and we had sex. We wore protection. That was the one and only time.”

The Ashley would like to stop here and gently remind you that a magazine (or website, etc.) cannot legally attribute quotes to a person that did not say those quotes. Therefore, since Robbie went on the record and admitted it, this is legit. Had the quotes not been attributed to Robbie directly, The Ashley would have been skeptical too.

"What does that dude have that we don't have?"
“What does that dude have that we don’t have?”

Anyway, Robbie went on to reveal that he and Leah (whom he dated before she hooked up with Corey) seem to be co-dependent on one another.

“Whenever things are going bad in our lives, we reach out to each other, and this is what happens,” he said.

Robbie had recently been arrested at the time of his tryst with Leah, and Leah was struggling in her marriage to Jeremy.

“Leah felt really alone because Jeremy’s gone a lot for work,” Robbie said.  “She said Jeremy doesn’t care about her or their family when he’s gone. All he wants to do is talk about sex.”

Robbie has since gotten back with his baby-momma, Monica, so he has no reason to keep hooking up with Leah. Still, since he is very close to Leah’s family (he lived with Leah’s brother Isaac up until recently), he will always be close to her.

“We’ll always have a connection, but I’m tired of the drama,” he said. “I’m finally happy with where I’m at in my life. I don’t want anything to do with her anymore.”

Robbie recently deleted all of his social media accounts, and Leah has yet to address Robbie’s confession on Twitter.

Up until this point, Robbie had denied that an affair with Leah had taken place.

“Small town drama,” Robbie told The Ashley on Twitter in regard to the affair rumors. “That’s all it is.”

Luckily, we will be able to see some of this drama play out on the sixth season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ As The Ashley exclusively told you yesterday, Leah recently signed on to do the new season, despite having quit the show just weeks ago.

UPDATE: Leah’s grandmother, Sandy, seems to be confirming the cheating did occur. She added a comment on Facebook underneath a story about Robbie coming forward and admitting to having an affair with Leah. In her comment, it appears that Sandy is accusing both Leah and Jeremy of being unfaithful during their marriage.

Leah Grandma Comment(Photos: Facebook, MTV)

30 Responses

  1. From things I’ve read it looks like Jeremy could have been unfaithful but why is Leah so childish? Instead of “My husband cheated but I’m a strong woman and I’ll do the right thing and set a good example for my girls.” It’s “Look what he did! He made me do it! He doesn’t give me enough attention!” Nobody should cheat, stop using it as a excuse to do what you’ve wanted to do all along!

  2. Update – I’m not saying Jeremy made the best decision going out and trying to meet up with some random Twitter girl the midst of his marriage falling apart but is Sandy Kay honestly saying that what he and Leah did are the same thing/equal crimes? REALLY? What is wrong with this family!? Leah had SEX with Robbie, THEN after it was very clear their marriage was over Jeremy TALKED to someone on Twitter. He made plans and I’m sure would have gone through with them, but even if he had I do not consider the acts to be comparable. Leah screwed up. Why does her family continue to defend her skanky ways?

    1. Hopefully any guy with an internet connection and a brain will steer clear of Leah Mess-Messer. Two ex husbands, three children, and an insatiable appetite for money – any guy willing to jump on that deserves whatever he gets. Wish Leah and Robbie would do as Ashley suggested and just get married already so they can stop spreading their misery.

  3. “co-dependent on one another”

    bullshit! Leah is co-dependent on relationships. she wants constant attention and when she doesn’t get it she panics and thinks it’s the end of the world. she envisions the end of the relationship and cheats… what a fantastic pattern to pass on to your children.

  4. It’s funny how he makes it out to be Jeremy’s fault that she cheated. Just like Leah made it out to be Corey’s fault when she cheated on him. Leah, you picked Corey and Jeremy to be your husbands! No one forced you to marry them. If you don’t like that Corey stands up to your bullshit and Jeremy has to travel to support your ass then why did you marry them?

  5. You know MTV must be congratulating themselves on focusing on Leah’s relationship with Robbie during her 16 & Pregnant episode. It’s been 5 years and this guy is still the reason Leah’s storyline is so interesting.

  6. Not surprised at all. I called it actually. Leah paid him to keep his mouth shut. Then either she will piss him off or he got a better deal and then he will sell her ass out

  7. I mean I already figured as much but wow. After all of that effort to cover it up and make it seem like it’s a rumor/Jeremy’s fault, and now Robbie’s selling his story. Wonder what made him buckle. Out of meth mon- uh, I mean diaper money?

  8. Teen Mom is a show that I proudly convey that I watch…however, at this point, I feel it is detrimental to the show to continue with Leah….all of the other teen moms have matured, made the best of thief situation and moved forward…’s obvious Leah hasn’t learned anything and isn’t a good influence to other teen moms!!!!

    1. Are you joking? Jenelle hasn’t learned anything and you know Chelsea would take Adam back if he called her up. Kail probably still insults and beats Javi on a daily basis.

    2. Agree with “Haha”… none of these girls have matured a bit in my eyes. They’ve just gotten older.

      IF anything, this show demonstrates how making bad decisions in high school can seriously screw you for life and stunt your mental maturity. I feel that way about the TM1 girls as well.

  9. I feel sorry for this girl.Something is going on with her and she needs to get the help whatever it be. She is only 21 or 22 and is going to be divorced 2 times already. I have been on her side up until now. I think the babies may need to go to live with the dads until she can get her life right.

  10. No surprise, except that isn’t he now engaged to his baby momma? These kids know there is more to life than sextin’ and makin’ babies right?

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