‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans to Appear on ‘The Doctors’ to Discuss “Mystery Illness”

Jenelle on the set of 'The Doctors' earlier this week...
Jenelle on the set of ‘The Doctors’ earlier this week…

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans claims to be suffering from a series of mystery ailments, including joint pain, restless leg syndrome and hot flashes– and now she’s seeking out TV’s most-famous medical experts to help her figure out what’s wrong with her.

Jenelle, who has been in Los Angeles all week vacationing and partying desperately seeking answers about her health, taped an episode of The Doctors on Friday to discuss her “mystery illness.”

The description for the episode in which Jenelle will appear is now up on the official website for ‘The Doctors.’

“‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans comes to the show seeking help for a ‘mystery illness’ she’s been dealing with for several weeks? Can our doctors crack the case & figure out what’s going on with her health?” the description reads.

A TMZ cameraman caught up with Jenelle as she and boytoy David Eason arrived in Los Angeles. According to Jenelle, she was in town to see a specialist to help her determine what has been causing her health issues.

“I’ve been having a lot of joint pain, knee pain, pelvic pain, hot flashes — just a lot of weird stuff going on,” Jenelle told the cameraman. “This has been happening for six weeks consecutively and no one can — a lot of the reason why the doctors are so concerned is because I’m having severe hot flashes.”

Jenelle added that she may consider quitting ‘Teen Mom 2’ if her health continues to decline.

Luckily, Jenelle’s health crisis hasn’t prevented her from living quite the life the last few months. From vacationing in Miami, to bowling and ice skating in New York, to partying in Los Angeles, Jenelle’s been living it up, despite her ‘debilitating’ health issues. She is set to head to South Padre Island in Texas next week to party for Spring Break. As you do…

The episode of ‘The Doctors’ featuring Jenelle (and her restless legs) will air Friday, March 4 on CBS.

(Photo: CBS)

50 Responses

  1. Do you think her head will fall off if she removes that giant black choker? Is a completely detached head one of the symptoms of her mysterious illness?

  2. Sounds like sad pathetic attention-seeking drug taking waste of skin syndrome. Jog on Jenelle; go get a real life & take care of your kids.

  3. Really don’t give a sh$% about Jenelle’s ailments, fictional or real. I used to love watching the train wreck but she doesn’t entertain me anymore – I’m looking forward to when the cash and fame dry up, should be fun to watch. She’s such a horrible person to everyone around her and has done nothing but disappoint and abandon her sons ever since she had them. Can’t wait for the real world to give her a nice kick in the butt.

    1. Did anyone see the full outfit? From the screenshot she looks really under dressed to me, like she’s wearing a strapless dress/ something for going to a club or something.

      I am never fond of Jenelle’s clothing choices though.

    1. Because of the shows topic. Mtv felt this mother/daughter mess on VH1 was too similar to Teen Mom so they denied her request. But Farrah has been on plenty of other shows, INCLUDING The Doctors, where she discussed her plastic surgeries.

      1. Yep, that’s exactly why. Remember, Farrah was on a season of VH1’s Couple’s Therapy a couple years ago (by herself, but it was about couples issues not about mother’s and daughter’s). And Caitlyn and Tyler were also on a season of Couple’s Therapy.

        1. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I also think that when Farrah and Caitlyn and Tyler were on Couple’s Therapy, Teen Mom had ended and OG hadn’t started yet, so even though it discussed similar topics, they weren’t under a Teen Mom contract anyway.

    2. The show Farrah wanted to go on discusses a lot of the topics teen mom does also the biggest reason was the other show airs, or will air the same time teen mom/teen mom 2 airs. So they will lose viewers

  4. Why don’t immature selfish hootches like her get a 3year BC implant if they want to sleep around. Making babies only to act like you have none is dumb. So if she has anything legit wrong with her, it’s merely karma for the pain in the heart of her kids never seeing their Mom!

  5. So I looked at the comments on her instagram feed and people actually defend her?!
    More than one called her a role model and said she had grown out of her poor choices…

    She is seriously the Farrah of TM2.

  6. Why would these tv Doctors waste their time on someone like her. How about helping people with real health problems and not just booking someone with a known name. Didn’t the show’s producers do any background on her? Do they even see the pattern of addiction, withdrawal and being a hypochondriac/liar that we all see?

    1. Your answer is right there within your question:
      “TV Doctors”
      Because they are tv doctors. Going to someone like Dr. Oz or the doctor’s that are on “The Doctors” for medical advice or care, is like going to Dr. Phil for psychiatric care. Just saying.

  7. Is she serious with this? All the classic symptoms of opiate withdrawal. I can’t tell if she’s prescription-seeking or attention-seeking at this point. I hope Kaiser is in good hands right now. 🙁

    1. Exactly. Those symptoms are only mysterious when you don’t believe you’re addicted to opiates. I had these very same “mysterious’ issues about a decade ago. It didn’t occur to me (you know, until it did) that I was going through withdrawal. It wasn’t as intense as the detox and withdrawal I had been through previously. I was using prescription (not my prescription, of course) opiates this time and hadn’t been for very long. I was incredibly stupid to be using and ever more stupid not to see what was CLEARLY opiate withdrawal.

      I’m no doctor (not officially anyway. I watch a ton of House though, so I’m pretty close) and I don’t hang out with Jenelle (because Gross)…I just know from my experience and her super public history that this is totally possible. Maybe she does have an illness. Traveling across the country to consult TV doctors in front of a live studio audience after a few weeks of joint pain seems reasonable. Not at all extreme or attention seeking. It’s the rational next step.

  8. i love how her tv appearance and crucial DRs appointments JUST SO HAPPEN to be at the same time as all the oscar pre-parties. what a coincidence!

  9. Who’s taken care of Kaiser while she’s out travelling around? I have no problems at all with moms taking occasional trips away from the kids for a break (and by occasional, I mean along the lines of one weekend a year). My kids drive me up the wall sometimes but I would miss them too much if I travelled as often as she does. She is so lame. Stay at home and be a mom. You sacrafice certain things when you DECIDE to have children.

    1. her bf’s sister and some friend named jamie- she has been on vacation 2 weeks out of every month for like the last 6 months

      1. this makes me sad and angry at the same time. she craps out babies like a factory, abandons them and calls herself a (super)mom. there are a lot of couples like Brandon and Terese who would give anything to have/adopt a baby, would give the world to their child and love them to death. but girls like Jenelle or other trainwrecks from 16 and pregnant are too selfish to choose adoption.

      2. she seriously leaves her child with her boyfriend’s sister and friends???

        I mean, don’t get me wrong.. my best friend is about to have a baby in June, and I CANNOT WAIT to be Auntie to her, and babysit.. but weeks at a time, multiple times, leaving your child with someone who isn’t your mom, dad, or your own sibling, like, CLOSE family, is not good for that kid!! They’re not going to form strong bonds with family.

        It’s sad…

    2. I guess poor Babs. Part of me hopes she gets Kaiser too so he can at least grow up with a stable parent.

  10. “she may consider quitting ‘Teen Mom 2’ if her health continues to decline”

    oh Juh-nelle, don’t be so dramastic 😀 you would never ever even consider quitting TM. you love money waaaay more than that. just continue to be your craptastic self.

      1. Whoops, sorry, didn’t mean to add that under you comment!

        But regarding quitting TM2, yeah right! Never gonna happen.

    1. I genuinely don’t know how that makes sense. MTV is literally the ideal ‘job’ if you have something like that- think about it. You get paid six figures to live your life. She seems to threaten that a lot but I’m sure it’s just talk.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. I’m a single mom of a 5 year old and I have a pretty severe autoimmune disease and I would kill for a job where I just have to live my life and show up for a reunion taping and photo op along with free trips to NY every year. I get so pissed watching these healthy teen mom’s get paid to lay on their couches all day and complain about how hard it is to be them.

        1. I’m with ya girl. I have a “mystery illness” right now and if I could have Juhnell’s job I’d take it in a heartbeat!

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