“90 Day Fiance” Stars Ashley Marston & Jay Smith Back On…and Hanging Out with ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans in New York City

“So…are you guys prepared for the Kim-Jung-un stuff, Ash?”

Reality TV trainwrecks from two different franchises have collided!

90 Day Fiance couple Ashley Marston and Jay Smith proved they are very much “back on” by attending a fashion show together in New York City on Thursday. The couple was photographed at the Indonesian Diversity FW19 Collections show at New York Fashion Week with… Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and a smattering of her offspring.

Well, that may be one of the most-random sentences The Ashley has ever written.

Ashley— who filed for divorce from Jay on January 11, only to withdraw the divorce filing 11 days later— was all smiles as she sat between Jenelle and Jay and posed for photographers.

Meanwhile Jenelle, who sat next to her stepdaughter Maryssa while her daughter Ensley sat on her lap, was focused on the fashion. (There is no one who cares more about “Indonesian Diversity” than Ms. Jenelle Evans-Eason…am I right?)

“Well Juh-nelle I don’t know why ya didn’t ask me to go to the daaa-versity fashion show with ya!”

Anyway, Jenelle’s ever-present husband David Eason also went on the trip to NYC; however he apparently chose to sit out the diversity fashion show. (This may have been a good thing, since ‘Teen Mom’ fans know that David does not seem to be fond of fashion and/or diversity of any kind…)

Jay posted a photo of himself at NYC Fashion Week, along with a caption and a couple of very descriptive hashtags.

“Do not take life too seriously,” he wrote. “You will never get out of it alive. #LivingMyBestLife #Careless #YoungDumbAndBroke”

Well…he’s not lying…


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Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. #livingmybestlife #careless #youngdumbandbroke

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Check out all the photos of Jenelle hanging out with Ashley and Jay at the fashion show.

Everyone looks riveted…


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(Photos: John Lamparski/Getty Images; Instagram)

32 Responses

  1. I have read this opinion before and every time I think to myself – Here is another small minded individual that is either blind or just plain a liar. That little girl is very far from homely or ugly and any person can clearly see that so I wonder what planet do you come from to say otherwise? Next you will comment on her head being overly large and say that Watson is just the cutest baby ever and so happy. You can just feel the love through the camera with him. You know when you people say stuff like this that is so obviously untrue you lose all level of being a rational adult which is what you all claim is Jenelles problem. So you are just like her – it is so o b v i o u s.

  2. Poor Maryssa always looks tired, terrified, and comatose behind the eyes. I truly feel for this young girl. Especially with her natural mother obviously having so many issues the courts granted custody to David.

    Who apparently must have appeared to be the “least” damaged parent of the two of them.


  3. I’m impressed this client was able to get David to stay out AND he didn’t complain about it on social media. You know he would have been there if they let him.

  4. Did you see the video she posted of the poor child eating her snot?
    Jenelle never wipes her nose.
    Maybe that’s her sisters job!

  5. That’s the ugliest baby/toddler I have ever seen! And with that name…and those parents…she’s screwed all around….

    1. She’s an innocent child. Who happens to be adorable despite her parents being bigoted douchebags.

      It takes a special kind of jerk to insult the appearance of a toddler.

  6. Ugh I really liked Ashley and Jay…but this fame whore tour they’re on shows a lot about their character…and Jenelle must’ve gotten paid a lot of money to make an appearance. No way David’s racist ass would have allowed his family to be around a black immigrant otherwise.

  7. I don’t want to sound nasty or seem like I’m dragging a kid, just legit concerned: doesn’t Ensley look kind of “vacant” in most pictures?
    I don’t remember her smiling in many.

  8. Jenelle and Ashley have the same pr Johnny Donovan. This was planned to gain publicity. Jenelle will not publicly confirm she is being represented by Johnny Donovan because they had such a huge falling out years ago.
    Ashley’s new fashion line and Fashion week trip is all a set up by the pr firm

  9. So many wrongs with all this. Jenelle literally said before she left she was sick and the family was also, so she just piles her sick self, daughter and all on a packed plane with a gazillion others?!! Also, she said she can’t fly?!! I can’t with all this ignorance.

  10. Ensley looks exactly like jace…. is that designer grabbing at the bottom of the barrel for “celeberties”? Should have invited Farrah too

  11. However was putting this event together was either stoned or googled random reality tv train-wrecks and came up with this motely crew and decided to sit them in the front row no less. Also are babies at fashion shows a thing?!? I need to sit down.

    1. What is this fashion show all about? With all these random people and their children ? As someone else mentioned, I thought Jenelle wasn’t able to fly !!

  12. Her poor daughter looks sick as fuck and she’s dragging her around NYC. And what about never being able to fly again? ??

    1. Her daughter does looks sick. Has it been mentioned if also enlsey has some sort of disorder from some sort of intake abuse while jenelle was pregnant with her. I have to say something looks to be off, is it the alcohol? I am not trying to be rude, its just kind of obvious but idk if it was mentioned or if people said what it may look like happened.

      1. I think her head is just oblong like her father’s, it’s unfortunate but maybe she’ll grow into her looks. It also seems like she might just be tired. I feel really bad for Maryssa, I guess this is Jenelle’s idea of a field trip, I wonder if Jenelle has ever spent more than I couple minutes teaching her any kind of formal curriculum. Sad pathetic situation all around.

    2. Jenelle claimed the day before their flight that she and the kids (Ensley included) had the flu. Jenelle certainly didn’t look like she had the flu, but it’s obvious the baby is sick. In all of the pictures she looks drugged out and snotty. And, I’m sure Jenelle doses her with Benadryl to keep her quiet.

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