‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout Reveals the State of Her Relationships with Baby Daddy Ryan Edwards & His Wife Mackenzie

“They’re not invited to my next beer pong party!”

Maci Bookout likes her relationship with Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards the same way she likes her beer: cold.

The Teen Mom OG star recently told Us Weekly that she currently has no relationship with her baby daddy or his “brown-eyed” wife, Mackenzie, despite the fact that she and Mackenzie posed together for a photo with all their kids while Ryan was in the slammer earlier this year.

“We don’t really have a relationship,” Maci said of herself and Mackenzie. “It’s not negative. It’s not a bad relationship, there’s just really not one.”

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Maci and Mackenzie famously feuded during several of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunions, mostly over the fact that Maci admitted to knowing Ryan was on drugs but didn’t inform Mackenzie or Ryan’s family of that fact.

As for where her relationship with Ryan stands, Maci says she has no contact with him at all.

“I haven’t seen him or anything. [He] hasn’t had the chance to impact [me] or have an impact yet,” Maci told the magazine.

Last year, The Ashley broke the news that Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney had filed for (and were granted) restraining orders against Ryan for themselves, their kids Maverick and Jayde and their dogs. (Bentley– the son Maci shares with Ryan– is still permitted to see Ryan.) That restraining order is technically good through May 2020. 

Maci also revealed that Bentley is aware of the his father’s struggle with substance abuse and his recent jail stay.

“People are talking about it at home. So I definitely don’t want him going to school and some kid saying, ‘Oh so-and-so told me’ or ‘my mom showed me’ or ‘I saw this,'” Maci said. “I think just from the standpoint of him being able to process, comprehend and understand, and get through it in a healthy manner, I think he needs to know what’s going on. So that I can also, as his parent, reinforce that he does have love around him and support around him. And that that’s life; things happen but it’s going to be OK.”

Bentley still has a relationship with Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, though.

“He goes over to their house at least one weekend a month. Most of the time, every other weekend,” Maci said. “That will never change, ever.”

Watch Maci’s interview video below!

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11 Responses

  1. Maci’s storyline completely revolves around Ryan. Since she got Ryan kicked off the show, if I was Ryan, I would send her a cease and desist barring her from speaking about me on national television. She says she does not want her son to see it, but all her scenes are her talking about him. If she doesn’t want Ryan on, that is fine, but she should not be allowed to constantly talk about him. That isn’t good for her son either. It would be different if he was still on, but since she had him kicked off, she should get a new storyline.

  2. Maybe Ryan has changed…I mean he hasn’t been arrested for what…at least a month now? 🙂

  3. That’s too bad. After watching that emotion scene last season with her, Taylor, Jen and Larry I really thought they would work things out. It’s not Maci’s fault though. Ryan just can’t get it together and Mack is just too crazy to reason with. Maci’s always handled it with maturity and done what’s best for Bentley so kudos to her.

    1. I just don’t like her accent…southern drawl. My opinion only. Her husband doesn’t sound like that.

  4. I think Ryan is kept relevant because, if not for that dramatic storyline, Maci and Taylor are otherwise typical of most families. They’re involved with their kids, she’s not using Bentley as a pawn (Ryan on drugs is dangerous and irresponsible, and does not deserve visitation in that state) or keeping him from his paternal grandparents, their pets are alive and healthy, etc….

    1. I don’t think my post came out sounding right. I think she’s a great mom and I don’t think Bentley is a pawn at all. I just feel bad that we’ve watched these kids for like a decade and a lot of the things we see these kids are going thru they will have to constantly relive cause it’s been recorded for tv. Now that they are older they are in a position of realizing that everybody can see things that most kids would have not wanted people to know. If I was Bentley I wouldn’t want my friends to see what a crap dad I have or Aubree having people mention how her dad didn’t care enough about her or Jace explaining how his parents didn’t want him or fight for him. One day they won’t be able to create the narrative to protect some of the crappiness they went thru because it’s so open. At this point so much has happened to these kids that the show should just stop and let them enjoy the bit of childhood they have left that they won’t have to talk about or explain to people. I just feel as a parent knowing it is hard enough but watching it over and over would be traumatizing and sad.

  5. What’s sad about this is at this point if I knew my kid was going to struggle with their other parent having these kind of issues I think I’d get off the show to give him the privacy of not having everything broadcasted for his classmates to see. I find it crazy that she refused to film if they didn’t fire Ryan stating it was because she was protecting Bentley from witnessing it on tv but they spent the whole season talking about it.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      I think there is a difference in seeing his dad nod off while driving high out of his mind, and seeing the conversations had about the situation which were in Maci’s control. With Ryan off the show, she had more control over what was said/shown.
      Also, I would assume it’s a lot easier said than done to just walk away from your primary source of income when you have 3 children. Whether you make $20,000/year or $2,000,000/year. The job provides a lot of opportunities for maci and her family, while also allowing her a flexible schedule and to stay home with her children a lot. It would definitely be a lot to weigh before just quitting.

    2. Maci does have a obligation to quit her job because Ryan can’t get his shit together. The salary she gets from the show is what provides her children with a good life. I’m sure if it were up to Maci, she would not talk about Ryan’s issues on camera but the producers ask her to speak about it because he’s been part of the show since the beginning. Ryan was the one that let the cat out of the bag with his behavior on the show so it’s not like it makes a difference if she talked about it or not. Everybody already is well aware that he has a problem. There is huge difference between Maci, Jen and Larry talking about Ryan’s addiction and Bentley having to watch his father’s down spiral on national TV. Period.

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