Lindsie Chrisley Speaks Out On Her “Coffee Convos” Podcast About Drama With Her Parents: “[It] Has Literally Wrecked My Life”

“You fools are stressing me out!”

It’s been a rough few weeks for Lindsie Chrisley. 

The former Chrisley Knows Best star has continued to deny her estranged family’s claims that she had a hand in turning in her parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, for tax evasion and other financial crimes last month. During the upcoming episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Lindsie spoke out more on the rumors surrounding herself and the Chrisley family.

“Let’s not forget what’s been done to me in the media and what has literally wrecked my life for the past two and a half weeks,” she said on the podcast episode, which was obtained early exclusively by E! News.

Lindsie continues to deny that she had anything to do with her parents’ indictment.

“To be perfectly honest, the years that were covered in the indictment, most of those years I was not in communication with my parents,” Lindsie shared with co-host Kail Lowry. 

“So a lot of the years from like early on that they covered, I was in college so I wasn’t even like living at home. And through college, I don’t know if I’ve shared my whole story or not, but through college I didn’t talk to my parents,” she continued. “So I definitely would’ve had no knowledge of anything. And then in the later years that were covered, I believe that I was already leaving [‘Chrisley Knows Best.’] So I also wouldn’t have had any knowledge of some of that stuff either.” 

Both Todd and Julie have maintained their innocence as their case proceeds and Todd has also said publicly on his Chrisley Confessions podcast that his “door is always open” to Lindsie. However, Lindsie went on to admit that she hasn’t exactly been feeling the love from her family. 

“I just really don’t appreciate it. I personally don’t think that the statements that were made were in good taste and people have to understand what led me to this point,” she explained. “I also was sent screenshots of comments and photos from [my younger brother] Chase’s Instagram page where he had intentionally cropped me out of photos and then the caption was like ‘family’ or you know, something like that, which is good and great. That’s fine if that’s how you feel, but also be mature enough to realize that since I left the show, I have not gone and aired any dirty laundry.”

Lindsie then seemed to mention the extortion accusations she made against her father and Chase. In court paperwork, Lindsie claimed her dad and brother tried to extort her using an alleged sex tape they had allegedly obtained that shows Lindsie getting frisky with Bachelorette star Robby Hayes. (Todd recently made that affair public, as well as one Lindsie had with former ‘Bachelorette’ winner Josh Murray.) 

Lindsie added that throughout the recent drama, she’s had the support of her husband Will Campbell. The couple, who were legally separated at the time of Lindsie’s alleged hookups, has “been able to move on and get past the f**kery,” Lindsie said, albeit, not seamlessly.

She added that the “actual issue at hand” are the legal issues her father and stepmother are facing. 

“ … And those are none of my business, so I’m not going to speak on those,” she said. “But they, that’s what they need to be focused on and not merging into my lane.” 

The episode of Coffee Convos drops Wednesday at 9 p.m. PST.

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  1. First off she claimed someone tried to extort her year’s ago over the sex tape.If it weren’t for the show nobody would know who she was. I believe she’s jealous of her siblings for whatever reason,and wants attention.

  2. Don’t watch this show so all I can is…daayyuumm, and I thought my family was messed up. There isn’t enough money on Earth that would make my father publicly (basically) call me a whore. And I KNOW I pushed him to his limit when I was younger…more than once. I was not an angel in high school or college. Things like this should be dealt with privately, behind closed doors, and in this family’s case, with a trained therapist present.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    she certainly has enjoyed the popularity and exposure her family has brought her. she needs to go raise her son and stay out of the
    limelght since nobody wants to watch her whinny butt anyway

  4. You do you, Lindsie. I don’t care what happened, my father would NEVER bring up my hookups to the public. That’s just gross. Todd is disgusting and I hope he serves serious jail time

  5. I saw a bit of that Chrisley show years ago and I knew from minute one that there was a whole lotta messed up behind those closed doors. Ripley’s Believe it or Not level weird. Todd is funny though.

  6. My heart breaks for Lindsey. Her father has raised his kids to be manipulated by him. Stay strong girl the truth will come out sooner or later.

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