Kathryn Dennis’ Politician Ex Joseph Abruzzo Calls Her Out for Alleged Negligent Parenting in Court Deposition

“I’ve officially sworn off all elected officials.”

The parenting skills of Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis are once again being questioned— this time, however, the allegations aren’t coming from her ex and baby daddy Thomas Ravenel, but from another former politician she dated. 

According to All About the Tea, on October 14, former Florida Senator Joseph Abruzzo–whom Kathryn dated for roughly two months last fall– provided witness testimony about Kathryn in which he made numerous allegations regarding the mother-of-two’s parenting, alcohol consumption, personality, mental state and more.

Joseph, whom Kathryn referred to as “Joe” last season on ‘Southern Charm,’ reportedly took part in a nine-hour deposition, throughout which he allegedly described his ex as being “impaired” frequently during their relationship.

Joe’s ‘Southern Charm’ debut.

Among the allegations was an incident Joe recounted of visiting Kathryn in Charleston during Halloween of last year. That night, Joe said he joined Kathryn and her two children for trick-or-treating along with some of Kathryn’s friends. However, he said that the evening ended with him taking care of Kathryn’s son Saint alone after the toddler allegedly “started to lag back” from the group.

“So I was watching Saint and they got a good full block or more ahead and he — you know, Saint — I don’t know if he understood what was going on with trick-or-treating or not, but he — you know, they were way up there,” Joe testified. “They just kind of left us behind. So I picked him up and carried him up to her and I said — and I’m like, Kathryn, — I don’t want to say I was stern with her, but concerned.” 

Joe said he told Kathryn she was “leaving” Saint behind and she responded by asking if he could take the toddler back to her house. Joe said Kathryn told him she’d “be right there” so he agreed, because he “felt it was the right thing to do.” Joe added that it was “only the fifth or sixth time” that Kathryn ever met him. 

“Is that not good?”

After getting back to the house, Joe said he turned on some cartoons for Saint and the two of them waited for Kathryn to arrive.

“You know, it was 9 o’clock or after,” he continued. “So I got him like more ready to go to bed, put on the TV and she didn’t — she didn’t come back for a long time. I was taken back that she just neglected her son.” 

Once Kathryn and the group finally made it back to the house, Joe alleged that Kathryn never bothered checking on Saint, who was sleeping at this point. 

“I was just more in shock that she stayed out, left me with her son, didn’t — when she came in the home, didn’t come and like see how we were,” he added. “Just kind of went and did her own thing. And then, like I said, with all the commotion in the home because clanking on the floors because it is not all carpet you know, he eventually woke up.” 

Kathryn allegedly attempted to smooth things over with Joe by offering sex, though Joe said he “rejected her advances” and never saw her again after that night. Kathryn’s Halloween mishap wasn’t, however, what ultimately ended the relationship, according to Joe.

He revealed that he sent a breakup text to Kathryn two weeks later, which he said he was motivated to do after Kathryn skipped several business meetings he had set up for her. He alleged that Kathryn suffered a nervous breakdown and described her as mentally unstable, negligent and frequently inebriated. 

“Wait, is he describing me or you?”

“I didn’t believe she was mentally stable the night that she was around her children,” he testified. “She had two breakdowns on back-to-back evenings. I’m not a psychologist, but I can tell you, you know, crying, frantic speaking. You could see from — she sent me a text message, which is in there, apologizing for her behavior. So this is just not my opinion. She recognized it herself.” 

In addition to claiming that “there was never a time” that Kathryn “wasn’t under at least the influence of alcohol,” Joe — a single father with a son of his own — went on to further criticize Kathryn’s parenting, citing Kensie and Saint’s unpredictable schedules, specifically at bedtime. 

“There were multiple times where, she had to call me back or the kids are — and this is late at night, you know, way past a child’s bedtime,” he said. “Like I said, there is no rhyme to reason. And her rhyme to reason of her schedule and her time she is up and down sometimes reflected with the children.” 

Joe said the children were often up past 11 p.m. and would miss school as a result. 

Joe’s deposition also included statements regarding the condition of Kathryn’s home, which he alleged was not kept very clean. 

“Doesn’t she have a Michael?”

“She had no sheets on the bed. It was a used mattress that was quite frankly disgusting and she slept on that, and I would not sleep on that,” Joe explained as to why he wouldn’t stay at Kathryn’s home and instead went to a hotel. 

One of the more shocking allegations made by Joe in his testimony, however, was that Kathryn “coached” Nanny Dawn, the couple’s former nanny, to file a false sexual assault claim against Thomas to be used as a story line on ‘Southern Charm.’ As The Ashley previously told you, Thomas pleaded guilty to those assault charges and avoided jail time by agreeing to pay a $500 fine. 

In a sworn deposition reportedly obtained by All About the Tea, Kathryn described her story line to Joe on their first date as “turning a corner and becoming more of a symbol for women empowerment and things of that nature.” 

Following Kathryn and Joe’s brief relationship, Kathryn began dating former America’s Got Talent contestant Hunter Price, though the two reportedly broke up in August.


That same month, Kathryn and Thomas ended their bitter custody battle when both were awarded joint custody of their two children, with Thomas being named the children’s primary legal custodian. 

Kathryn has yet to publicly comment on Joseph’s allegations.

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  1. Who cares about this ugly looking troll and his equally ugly penis.Please do not give this twerp any further attention.He probably thinks he is a stud.Look at the headshots people.Then go vomit.Totally ugly dude.

  2. He lost me at her coaching Nanny Dawn. Nanny Dawn’s allegations were very credible and she had several people she immediately told who corroborated her accusation. It is rare that people are charged with sexual assault, especially rich people from prominent families, because they are very difficult to prove. The fact that the DA moved forward with charges against him, indicates there was something evidentially compelling and supportive of Nanny Dawns accusations.

    1. Maybe she told her what to say or how to say what happened since she was uncomfortable. She’s had experience so I’m sure she gave advice. He could have taken that as coaching.

  3. “She had no sheets on the bed. It was a used mattress that was quite frankly disgusting and she slept on that, and I would not sleep on that,”

    Come on baby, knee burns are a real thing

  4. These don’t sound made up. It’s not like he’s saying oh she drinks around her kids or she beats them. He has specific instances. I don’t think Thomas is father of the year by any means but if this makes sense he seems so hands off that the kids will be safer there with him.

  5. She’s always been a train wreck and will always be a train wreck. I don’t get why people thought she grew up and changed. The girl is a mess.

  6. Um, he definitely appeared on camera. He came over for dinner at her house which was a huge cringe-fest. He’s a short stack.

  7. I figured this guy got paid off by TRape to make up the allegations, but reading the actual allegations in depth, they sound pretty damning and spot on. Those poor kids, they’re better off with Thomas, at least then they’re with a nanny most of the time. Who knows what (or who) she’s exposing those babies to. I didn’t watch the last 2 seasons, but I’d catch a part of an episode here and there and she sounds heavily medicated, specifically benzos.

    1. These are very detailed allegations. I dont watch “southern charm” but these tidbits sound quite credible. Kathryn sounds bipolar tbh, nothing to be ashamed of but probably needs some therapy and meds to help her.

      1. It makes me sad to read this. I think you’re right, she’s either bipolar or has some unaddressed trauma but it is NOT ok for these little children to be put through this. I always want to support other moms so I’ve been on her side, but it’s getting harder to be if she won’t get help.
        Never watched the show, just read stories here.

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