‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: David Eason Throws Himself a Pity Party; Farrah Abraham Invites Stephen Colbert Out for Coffee & More

More on this nonsense in a moment…

From preventing your costar from recruiting new cult members to trying to work your way onto the set of The Late Show, the stars (past and present) of the Teen Mom franchise have had quite the busy week. 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last few days…

David Eason makes a poor attempt to pull at some heart strings.

“Sensitivity is my middle name!”

In the weeks since former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans announced she was divorcing David Eason, Jenelle has laid pretty low on social media. David, on the other hand, has taken to social media quite a few times to speak on he and Jenelle’s split, answer questions from fans and most recently, talk about life handing him “the s**t end of the stick.” 

Jenelle’s former soulmate took to Instagram on Friday to share a photo of his 15-year-old self along with a lengthy caption explaining what was going in his life at the time and what would shortly follow. 

“My 15 year old skinny a** with a mop on my head, vitiligo just starting to appear on my face,” he said, while making sure to point out that he had a girl next to him in the picture, as well as some tacky earrings. 

“… But what nobody sees is the fact that this was a 15 year old boy who had a full time job, bought a car before I had license,” he continued. “I even had my own house in three different places around this time. Moving from rental to rental yea, but hell I know some grown a** men that STILL do that.” 

David went on to say that three years after this picture was taken, he’d be married and getting ready to become a father. 

Our reaction to David trying to get us to feel sorry for him for having a wife and kid at 18…

“I’ve always had it tough on my path through life,” he said. “I learned to get through by focusing on the day I have been given and learning from my past. So ho ahead, laugh it up just remember nobody knows my story. I’ve been handed the s**t end of the stick more than anyone I know but I always make it through one way or another. God bless everyone who believes in me, I can’t wait to give you my truth!” 

Umm… ok.

Kail Lowry accuses Leah Messer of drinking the Kool-Aid. 

“I’m just out here tryna meet my own Tom Cruise… Ain’t he into these things?”

The friendship between ‘Teen Mom 2’ costars Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer was put to the test this week after Kail warned a fan to steer clear of an alleged cult Leah has joined.

According to Radar Online, Leah’s involvement in the Mastery in Transformational Training organization (otherwise known as MITT) and the recruitment it entails led her to contact Rachel Chitwood, a fan of ‘Teen Mom 2’ who expressed interest in the program on social media. 

After speaking with Leah and later tagging her in an Instagram post, Rachel’s Instagram handle was ultimately seen by Kail (thanks to a repost by Leah), who reached out to warn her of what she was getting into. Rachel said she initially blew Kail off, but eventually realized her concerns were valid. 

Rachel said she planned to join an event for MITT in January 2020 but later determined she couldn’t afford it. She said Leah was very vague about the purpose of the organization and once she found out Rachel no longer planned to attend the January event, “she got mad and became mean.” 

“What do ya mean you ain’t comin’ to my ding-dang cult fiesta!”

While Leah continued her attempts to recruit Rachel, Kail was also in contact with her, sharing her opinion that “those types of program target weak people who can be manipulated.” 

“I don’t want to lose her as a friend but I also don’t think any of this is ok,” Kail told Rachel. 

In a series of text exchanges, Kail told Rachel she didn’t want to see “young moms do it and spend their savings on this,” adding, “it’s not cheap.” 

“I’m not sending you lies,” Kail said in another text to Rachel. “I just want you to be aware of what you’re getting into. I don’t like that young moms believe her about it and will go broke trying to afford it.” 


Kail went on to mention an article that claimed six people in the MITT group had died and another 35 had sued the organization.

In response to the cult claims, Leah turned around and accused Rachel of being involved in an organization similar to MITT in the past. 

“I guess this girl that talks about this extremely scary ‘cult’ forgot to mention she was talking about how she had done something similar to MITT before too. Maybe I’ll show those texts. It’s clear to me you wanted to do the article for the WRONG REASONS. I hope you feel achieved,” Leah said in a now-deleted tweet. 

As to whether or not the drama from cult-gate left any bad blood between the costars, Kail said on Friday that she and Leah’s friendship was just fine. 

“Just wanted to tweet that even though there’s some stuff going around about Leah & myself, I truly came from a good place & expressed my concerns to HER. We worked it out & this will not affect our friendship,” Kail said on Twitter. 

On Saturday, Leah responded to Kail’s tweet, assuring everyone that their friendship is still “on,” despite the argument.

“I’m glad you directly came to me. I love you bb!” Leah tweeted to Kail. “It definitely is NOT going to affect our friendship. We actually get to be even closer after our first disagreement.”

Farrah Abraham attempts to get a new job with MTV…in the most-cringy way

“Is that a comeback I smell?”

Viacom and CBS announced their official merger this week as ViacomCBS — a move CEO Bob Bakish called “a historic moment.” 

Being that Viacom is the network behind the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, the person running the Twitter account for Stephen Colbert’s ‘The Late Show’ gave viewers an idea of a potential crossover show that this merger could bring — one that we would probably end up watching, to be totally honest. . 

After seeing her (former) mug featured on something that doesn’t require a NSFW warning, former ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham took a moment out of her busy product-pushing, selfie-taking schedule to share her congratulations to the networks. Oh, and also do some shameless self-promoting. 

“@colbertlateshow @ViacomCBS The stock might jump if I come back … congrats to @Viacom & @CBS … @colbertlateshow let’s chat over [coffee].”

OK, we’ll give Farrah a little credit here for suggesting coffee instead of offering to send over a surplus of her silicone body parts to the show. #Growth

Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen continues to be a treat for the eyes and ears. 

“You’re welcome!”

If a new banger from Debz OG was topping your 2019 Christmas list, go ahead and consider your holiday season made! 

Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ grandma Debra Danielsen has released a new song and music video, just in time for all of the December parties and get togethers. Debra’s new single “Clawed Doves” is the autotune-heavy track we all need in our life! 

However, Debra’s new jam gives us something even better than robotic sounds we can hardly decipher: an accompanying music video. This video features everything from Debra running/crawling on the beach… 

Unclear if this was an attempt to be sexy or Deb tripped and fell.

…to Debra getting lost in the forest.

Us, searching for continuity in this video.

Along the way, we also get to see her eat branches… 

Apparently their budget didn’t cover craft services?

… try her hand at some sort of voodoo magic around a fire…

“Farrah’s nasty Halloween wigs don’t look good, but they make for great fire-starters!” 

and get into a confrontation with a random blonde girl that ends with a bitch slap. (Perhaps Debz was exhibiting a “belligerent, anti-Christ attitude?”) 

Truly surprised Farrah turned down the opportunity to do this herself.

Also worthy of a shoutout (based on sheer confusion alone) is the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot at the end of Deb’s video, which, much like Deb herself, left us with way more questions than answers. 

Isn’t this the same lipstick Leah was trying to sell back in the day?

Thank you, Debra. You’re the gift that keeps on giving, whether we’ve asked for it or not. 

Check out the full video for “Clawed Doves” below! 

To catch up on the latest ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here! 

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(Photos: MTV, Twitter, YouTube)

52 Responses

  1. How could ANYONE’S heart strings be pulled whilst looking at David Easson in that ridiculous hunk of road kill plonked on his head !

  2. David is no longer with Brittany, per her fb page. She dumped him bc she said he only wanted booty calls, and made up that he was dating a black girl to “throw everyone off”.

  3. That song is clearly, clearly, CLEARLY about her and Farrah’s relationship or lack thereof. That’s like 3 minutes if my life I’ll never get back and it’s forever etched on my brain. Is she now known as Deb D instead of Debz OG? And why do I even fucking care??!

  4. David DOES have some skills though. I saw it with my own eyes on my computer.

    – He can cut a banana in three without CUTLERY, with ONE dirty, I mean bare, hand.
    – He can juggle with three oranges, almost without dropping them.
    – He can almost jump on a small wall.
    – He can play games with a knife, almost without getting injured.
    – He can do amazing stunts on his quad.

    1. – He can do amazing stunts on his quad, almost without hitting the ground, like a 16-year

      And last but not least:

      – He knows how to raise children: you don’t explain or teach them anything, you don’t
      watch them – you just wait till they do something ‘wrong’ and then punish them.

  5. WTF! That video was creepy and without talent.
    David is a pitiful loser and always will be. Although I think kail is scanky slut, she is right about that cult. Leah wise up.

  6. Whatever, David. We all know you are a lazy POS who will never be able to hold down a full time time because 1. You won’t be able to pass a drug test, and 2. Any potential employer who googles or does a background check will never hire you. Jenelle has been paying your expenses for years, including your child support. I hope that you lose custody of every single one of your children.

  7. No no you were right! And because David is the father we would all wish for our precious children, she helped him get custody of Maryssa (twice?) and she paid his childsupport for Kaden to get him out of his cell. Who would keep such a nice man away from children?

  8. I hope Leah listens to Kail. Kail is a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders. Not that Leah can’t afford to lose a shit ton of money, but I still wouldn’t wish it on her.

    I have a lot to say to David Eason about him being on a tougher road than anybody……..ok buddy, give me 10 minutes to tell you my story and you’ll be on your knees thanking god that you have the life you have. GMAFB. Suck it up and get a job.

  9. Leah is so desperately trying to fit in somewhere because she has such low self esteem…..she needs to get a life! Shit for brains that one!

    1. If you’re referring to vitiligo, it’s an equal opportunity condition. Both my husband and his brother have it and they are white.

      1. I wasn’t aware of that and I’m sorry. the only person I’ve ever heard had it was Michael Jackson. I kind of was replying to the person that said David had it and that was his very bad problem or what he referred to as one of his bad things in life the problem is

        1. No need to be sorry. ☺ It causes zero pain and the sun doesn’t bother it. So, don’t believe David when he says it keeps him from working. It’s just a mutation that causes a person to lose pigment in their skin. Michael Jackson has it but he bleached his skin with cream to even it out…and because he had A LOT of other mental problems. Most people get splotches. My husband has them on his hands, feet, and legs.

          1. Splotches of what? If they are white I mean?

            I’m not trying to be ignorant or rude – but I’m so pale I can’t imagine being any whiter so I’m curious what it would look like.

          2. I originally did not know much about it til Emma explained. Then went to my dermatologist 2day to get a mole roved and there were info for n all kinds of skin diseases so I picked up the one for that. Yes just white splotches. Seems to be a genetic thing. Learn something interesting everyday.

  10. This video… I wasn’t prepared for that! It’s so bad: music, direction, acting, I don’t know which is the worst?

    1. Mama no one has to stand here alone.
      Remember those times you were crying on the phone?
      And all of those moments you needed a homegirl…
      Remember where I wuz?

      CLaWeD DoVEs tHeY gaVe ~saCraFicE~ 2 kEeP U in Ur ~pArAdiSe~

    2. The singing I’d say; the autotune was insufferable. Deb claimed she took singing lessons? She needs her (husband’s) money back I’d say.

  11. Imagine having 3 children and 2 of them, who are old enough to tell how they feel, do not want to see you. Now THAT would really be bad. How does that feel, David?

  12. Wow. That video was eh…..interesting? How old is this women? It’s like she’s trying to live in her 20 s again.
    First laugh of the day. Thanks the Ashley!

    1. GOD, I cringed , I couldn’t bring myself to even watch all of it . Maybe she didn’t get the memo …… YOU ARE NOT A TEEN MUM !

  13. I feel so sorry for David. It was tough using Jenelle’s money to buy all his toys. It was tough using his daughter to watch the little children and do the homework. He misses Ensley when he goes hunting. He can’t use Kaiser anymore to make fun of Nathan or to abuse. Tough tough tough.
    But at least he’s got fans… He really does – doesn’t he?

    1. It was also very, very, very tough to beat and shoot the little dog. If you can’t imagine how tough that was, you don’t have a heart. Poor, poor David.

    2. About the only fan I could imagine David having is an electric one you use when the weather is hot !!!!!!

  14. I love how David, Matt and Amber talk about the thruth: it’s always ‘my truth’ or ‘the real truth’ or ‘the truth in my own words’. It’s never just ‘the truth’.

  15. Kail is not wrong this time, this is a cult Leah got involved with and it will drain her $$, and mess her up psychologically in time. I am beyond concerned. Those close to her, including Kail, shouldn’t give up.

  16. Umm Debz OG sounds like a friggin Vocaloid that’s How auto tuned she is. Actually no she’s worse and a vocaloid sounds better then way better then her.

    Maybe she’ll collab with Hatsune Miku in the future.

  17. OMG! Was that all to remind Farah that her mom has always been there for her? I cannot imagine the cost of that video. It the worst excuse for a music video I have never seen.

  18. Poor, gullible Leah. I bet she doesn’t have any savings.
    Debz OG is batshit crazy, I see where Farrah got it. Does anyone want to look at her crawling around on a beach?? Or “singing”?? I feel so bad for Sophia, you know she’s going to be a pure nightmare.

  19. I just don’t understand how human beings can not hear & see for themselves how ridiculous they look or sound like.

      1. Yes but in Tennessee you can skip that in case there was domestic violence involved, that’s why she moved there and got a restraining order

      2. Doesnt matter what the rules in TN are. Shes NOT a resident of TN. In most court systems, if you have to living in the area for 3 months or more to be considered a resident. The rules here in NC state that they have to be separated for a year before she can request a divorce UNLESS the divorce would a uncontested one which it wont be considering theres money and kids involved.

      3. You can get a faster divorce in North Carolina if abuse is involved as well. The waiting period can be waved by a judge. My sister divorced her abusive ex in under six months and filed in NC. All the judge needed was to see a copy of her three year restraining order and he waved the waiting period.

  20. Omg the song and video is awful lol. David is so full of shit. I doubt at 15 he was going to h.s. and having a rental that he was solely responsible for. Most people that say “I was on my own at 15-16-17 or even 18 lived with a friends family really supporting them or a family member. My friends daughter used to say that she was on her own at 16. What really happened was she couldn’t get along with her Mother so she moved out- into MY Mother’s house. Do you think she paid any bills??? Nope. She went to H.S. And worked pt to pay for HER car. No different then lots of hs kids lol. Far from being self supporting. He needs to work NOW. I am sure there are plenty of bills that need to be paid. Try being self supporting now big man lol

      1. But wait , there was NO domestic violence, David was such a loving caring and supporting husband and father……
        Ooooops sorry my error that came out of Jennelle’s mouth when it suited HER !

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