Leah Messer’s Sister Victoria Gives Birth to Baby Boy While ‘Teen Mom 2’ Cameras Roll: See the First Photos

“Your turn, Leah!”

A new Teen Mom baby has arrived…but for once it wasn’t one of the Teen Mom girls with her feet in the stirrups!

Victoria Messer— the sister of Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer— announced the birth of her son on Monday. The baby weighed in at 6 lbs., 7.5 ounces and was named Caí River. And, naturally, MTV cameras were there to capture the birth in all its placenta-covered glory!

“Victoria was induced, so Leah’s MTV crew was able to plan it out so they could be there,” one production source tells The Ashley.

Victoria posted plenty of photos of Baby Caí (and the MTV camera crew) on Instagram on Monday. 

“Our sweet baby boy made his arrival today,” Victoria wrote. “Caí River Rodríguez Messer 
Weighing 6 pounds 7.5 ounces. With a head of hair. So thankful to everyone who helped and also to those that have sent lots of love and support. He is SO perfect & i still CAN’T believe I finally have my boy!!”

This is the third child for Victoria, who has a daughter by each of her two ex-husbands

This is also the third child for the baby’s father, Royer Rodriguez, whom Victoria met while in Costa Rica on vacation with Leah and Kail Lowry in the spring of 2019…while she was still married to her second husband. (Click here for all of those details.)

Unfortunately, Royer was unable to be in the United States for the birth of his son, although The Ashley’s source tells her that Victoria & Co. did try to get Royer here for the birth.

“They were supposed to go [to Costa Rica] and get him so he could be at the hospital with Victoria, but something happened with the lawyer and it couldn’t be worked out in time,” the source told The Ashley.

It appears that Royer did get to at least watch the birth via FaceTime. In one photo, Victoria holds her baby in one arm and her beamed-in baby daddy in the other! 

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My favorite photos. ? @royer.cr

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In December, Royer made his first MTV appearance when he was Skyped into the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion, where he and Victoria talked about Royer not wanting to come to America. (He has two children in Costa Rica already.) After she and Royer got plenty of backlash from fans, Victoria posted a long message on Instagram. 

“The fact is Royer could choose to go anywhere once he has his passport, but he is CHOOSING to come here to become a family and is willing to go through this difficult process that we are trusting in,” Victoria wrote. “I am sad that I feel as though I have to defend our situation, however I want people to know the truth and not just what’s being portrayed.

“This has been a very hard situation for the both of us,” she continued. “We both wish we could do the things that other expecting couples can. We would love to experience things with the pregnancy and the birth of our son together. We hurt through this process but we are trusting the process and we are so thankful for the support that so many have shown.”

During the Reunion, Leah revealed that she is sponsoring Royer to come to America, meaning she is agreeing to be financially responsible for him.

In comments posted to her Instagram on Monday, Leah told a fan that Royer may not have made the birth but he will be in the U.S. “very soon.” 

See more photos of Leah and her daughters with the new baby below! 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

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  1. Did she get induced just so they could have the mtv cameras there? If there was no medical reason for her to be induced then she’s really sick in the head

  2. How much longer do you all think MTV will keep dragging this show? Are they just waiting until the kids become teenagers or what ?????????

  3. Let’s face it. There wasn’t legal trouble preventing him from coming to the states. This dude is trying to ditch his one night stand that won’t leave him alone. She wants this fairytale life…and all he was after was some “southern comfort.” Dude will never come to the US.


      He has two kids in his HOME country! Why would he leave that and them for smelly looking Oreo, her two daughters (who have a different father each) and the new baby. That he has NO proof is even his!!! Maybe she banged 5 Costa Rican locals while she was there! Maybe she didn’t and she banged some dark guy in a club bathroom (Briana style) when she got back and the timing worked so she rolled with it. With out a paternity test the dude can’t be sure. Nor are they “in love” **PUKE

  4. This girl laying down with a guy she didn’t even know in another country without using protection just screams responsible. He won’t be around to raise this kid. She’s dumb.

  5. Awwww is Cai River, after the place he was conceived, how fkd up these women are, delta dawn, should be ashamed at what shes dragged up….

    Poor kids.

    1. And with that said – do we even know it really IS Royer’s baby? Victoria could’ve “rode the river” with a variety of Costa Rican men…..

  6. Nothing says love like face timing your lady parts to some random dude you porked on a vaca glove less in a 3rd world country while crapping out a new born. My heart is full.

    stay lit

  7. The picture of Leah and her nephew is adorable but it also makes me think when she met up with Germy later in the day she told him “Have a baby boy!” I still think she will “find” herself pregnant with him, it’s just a matter of time.

  8. So Victoria got pregnant while on vacation by a dude she just met and had unprotected sex with while she was still married to her second (mind you) husband. And Leah will sponsor him and be financially responsible for him for like 10 years.
    This is all so trashy and irresponsible on both of her parts, it’s unbelievable.

  9. That baby is so stinking cute! Congrats! I don’t think it’s wrong for them to be excited for a boy they all have girls. Victoria looks great for just giving birth

  10. Caì means literally “fallen” in spanish. His name looks like a joke or kid’s song:

    Rafting in Costa Rica
    I fall in the river
    Thanks to Jesus, God (Leah)
    Your daddy was there!
    He pulled me out of the water
    How could I thank Royer?
    Having sex without condom
    Here you are little boy….

    1. LEAH!!! OMG!! Why on earth are you sponsoring him!!!!??? You have three kids! THREE! And no real job! I don’t understand this! She will have to be financially responsible for this dude for TEN YEARS, even if he and Victoria don’t stay together (thank you 90 day fiancé for the knowledge). That’s well after Teen Mom will be on. How will she support 3 kids , herself and a random dude over the next ten years? Mama dawn done raised these girlseseses right!

      1. Not just ten years it’s until he works 40 quarters, becomes a citizen, gives up the green card, or dies so if he doesn’t work and never becomes a citizen it just keeps going. Some people (very few) have managed to sue for support based on it during a divorce as well. They are idiots.

  11. Victoria is dumb as hell. Why should he leave his other 2 kids just because you had one too? Are they less important? Just own up to it and call the situation what it actually is – a one night stand that you got pregnant from.

    1. I may be old fashioned but I would be soooooo embarrassed and honestly ashamed of myself if I were Victoria. The fact that there is no embarrassment says alot.

      1. Completely agree! I guess the attitude is that the baby is here now, doesn’t matter how he came to be. I would be mortified at the situation but also smart enough to not be in a situation like that to begin with. And that’s really the root of the problem.

  12. It’s so sad they are cheering for her. They baby is cute but the situation is just… really really sad. Imagine how confused her daughters must be. “Mommy came home from a vacation with a baby in her belly, even though she was with MY dad, but the baby is not from my dad. Then she divorced my daddy, but we never met the baby’s daddy, but mommy tells us to love him anyway.” poor kids.

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Congrats!!! Babies are a blessing!!!

      1. Liz….I mean, there is a good chance one still could be baby daddy 4 when this current guy sucks them dry! My guess is the one comfortably positioned down below lmao. That poor baby.
        Certainly not my style, but it is all a paycheck to them I suppose ?

  14. First…Leah’s nails. Keep those germ laden claws away from the vajayjay please. Secondly, how sad that what should be such an intimate event has been so cheapened by MTV. These children are playing at adulthood and having babies as often and as casually as we would go buy a gallon of milk. The dad isn’t there but a full camera crew is. smh

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