Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson Blasts Mama June Shannon in Stand-Up Comedy Routine

“I mean…you’ve seen her…the jokes basically write themselves!”

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has traded in pageant tiaras for a stand-up comedy mic.

On Friday’s episode of Mama June: Family Crisis the 14-year-old took the stage to try out her new stand-up routine, using her and her family’s chaotic life as fodder. While some of Alana’s jokes were somewhat self-deprecating (“I live in a double-wide with a bunch of triple-wide people”), it was her mother, Mama June Shannon, who served as the butt of most of Alana’s funnies!

“My mama’s had a lot of surgeries,” Alana says at one point. “She had to get real skinny, real slim. She’s been under the knife more times than Michael Jackson.”

(That particular joke didn’t make it to the stage, as Alana’s joke coach encouraged her to steer clear of Michael Jackson jokes.)

While that MJ was off-limits, another MJ— Mama June— was still used as Alana’s favorite punchline.

“Mama is having a tough time right now. That’s okay, she’ll push through. We just keep telling her to keep her chins up, all three of them,” Alana told the audience. “Couple of them [chins] have hairs, it’s okay though.”

“Thanks for leaving my dentally challenged situation out of this, Kid.”

She continued to make cracks about Mama’s weight, her soulmate-in-turmoil Geno Doak, and even her blindness.

“A lot of people ask, ‘what does your mom see in Geno?’ And the answer is nothing, she’s legally blind! She can’t see,” Alana quipped.

“My dad Sugar Bear wasn’t good for her. Geno wasn’t good for her. Really the only man in her life that has been good to her is Ben and Jerry,” Alana cracked later.

“It’s true… I’m sugary but I ain’t as sweet as the Ben ‘n’ Jerrys!”
Alana even poked fun at her siblings.

“My sister’s name is Pumpkin…which is the closest we ever got to a fruit or vegetable,” she said.

“People do stand-up comedy, right? But stand-up in my house is, like, trying to get off the couch!” Alana joked later.

As The Ashley previously reported, Alana has been living with her older sister Pumpkin (real name: Lauryn) since around the time Mama June and Geno were arrested for drug possession last year. Mama June’s alleged drug use has been a main story line on this season of Mama June: Family Crisis.

On Friday, a preview for the upcoming episode shows June finally agreeing to go to rehab. However, the drama isn’t over yet. One of the producers says, “What our producers discover could send them off the deep end.” Then we hear someone yell, “What the f**k, seriously?” and someone else begin to sob in the background.

Anyway, you can watch a clip of Alana’s stand-up routine below!

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(Photos: WEtv, Instagram)


  1. This is sad… I am sure the writers/producers of the show were the ones who wrote those jokes and encouraged Alana to get up on stage. It is so wrong that they are continuing to exploit her mother’s addiction and the child’s sadness for some cheap jokes. She is clearly hurting and likely isnt mature enough to fully comprehend the effects of making a mockery of herself and her family on TV

  2. This is awful. Self deprecating “comedians” always make me cringe, especially if they are women and especially if they are young girls. Please don’t encourage this.

    1. This child needs a medically trained nutritionist to step in and save her form the disgusting obesity issues of her other family members

  3. Stop putting this kid on a stage and on tv. This family is so dysfunctional and toxic. Get a normal life for Alana and stop giving any of them a platform. Is Alana in any kind of therapy? I get she’s a kid but she is way overweight and there needs to be a nutritionist or someone trying to get her weight under control before she becomes diabetic or develops long term heart problems.

  4. These were good jokes but this is still really sad. They say comedians almost always are depressed and just trying to cope

  5. Even of the jokes were true this is just sad. Alana is probably barely coping. A d although I dislike mama june this is probably making it so much worse for any family togetherness to happen. It is just making it worse. Fame got to june hard and now she is near rock bottom. I feel for her because she might not have that much time left. If she doesn’t die naturally from pain and drugs she will die by suicide shortly. It won’t be funny. It will be just sad that no one could turn their life around for the better. Even alana is not getting hefself healthy and she has had plenty of time to at least try.

  6. My God she’s 14. She has known nothing but adversity, psychologically speaking. She is a child, a traumatized child. Pumpkin too. Alana has earned money for her family since she was what, 6? God bless those babies.

  7. 14 years old and is obese, possibly morbidly obese. This is child abuse. Instead of doing cringe standup someone needs to get her a nutritionist and a trainer.

    1. Haven’t you read the stories claiming she had lost so much weight she looked like Barbie? I am wondering Barbie who?

      Her sisters just spent small fortunes on plastic surgery. You would think seeing what her mother has been through, she would get some help with her weight.

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