Mama June Shannon & Boyfriend Geno Doak Undergo Dental Makeovers to Fix Broken & Missing Teeth

“Cracked is whacked…cracked teeth, that is!”

Mama June Shannon may not be fixing her troubled life, but she’s at least fixing her teeth!

The Sun reports that the Mama June: From Not to Hot star recently underwent a dental makeover, courtesy of Florida cosmetic dentist Dr. Matthew Yantorni. Mama June’s broken front tooth— which has been a topic of discussion on the latest season of her show “Family Crisis”— was fixed and she even managed to snag a mouth makeover for her boyfriend, Geno Doak, too!

According to the site, Dr. Yantorni first replaced the porcelain veneer missing from June’s front tooth. She claims to have lost the veneer while chomping down on “fat cakes” last year. 


Due to June’s failure to fix the tooth for such an extended period of time, the dentist needed to do additional work to make it fit into her mouth.

“Because the veneer was gone for so long, the tissue had become overgrown and no longer symmetric to the tooth next door,” he said, adding that June’s gums had to be contoured with a dental laser. 

 “I am happy to finally have gotten my tooth fixed,” June told The Sun. “Now I have to watch the fat cakes so it doesn’t break again.”

“June left the office saying, ‘Oh my gosh, I look totally different!’ It’s great to see those unsolicited and immediate emotional responses,” Dr Yantorni said.

As for Geno, he had his mangled mouth treated as well. He received a root canal, had his cavities filled and had a missing tooth replaced.

“If yer givin’ away teeth ‘n’ stuff, I’ll take a damn mouth full!”

June and Geno are just the latest from June’s clan to undergo extensive makeovers. Last month, June’s daughters Anna Cardwell and Jessica Shannon were each gifted with extensive plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry makeovers. (Their dental overhauls were done by a different dentist than the one who treated June and Geno, though.)

Click here to see more before and after photos of Mama June’s mouth makeover!

‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ is currently airing on Fridays on WEtv. 

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(Photos: WEtv, Facebook)


  1. Okay but lemme be real, Alana is still blown up like a balloon and no one cares. Could someone, like, help the actual child who’s been abused on television since she was a toddler?

  2. I’d like to know why the whole family is getting make overs all of a sudden? Is this for another season or a new spin off or something? Why are the 2 sisters that aren’t even on the current show or any show getting make overs? I assume that it’s been coordinated by Gina the manager but for what?

  3. Maybe I need to start acting a complete fool, while recording it for tv, so I can get all my cosemetic surgeries and everything else for free too!!!

  4. How do you get free dental work? I lost a tooth and the dentist gave me a price of $3200 to bridge one tooth. I guess I will just have to live the rest of my life looking like Mama June.

    1. Right! I had dental surgery and even after insurance the bridge cost money and the surgery cost money. Is it awful that I wonder if they did all this just for the drugs that come along with it. I couldn’t take anything but Over the counter pain reliever because I have two small children and let me tell you I would ever give birth again than ever have more dental work. Lol

  5. No kidding Sarasarabobara!! Her oral mucosa has god awful whitish film-lesions on both upper and lower arches along with extensive decay like you mentioned. He should’ve scheduled her with his hygienist for prophylaxis before taking this pic, all that plaque and calculus makes my stomach turn.

  6. Did anyone actually click on the article and look at the before and after photos? This dentist made it sound like he did a “complete overhaul” when all he did was fix the first few top teeth. In the after photos, her bottom teeth are still as bad as they were and you can see tons of decay on the back top teeth. There are so many people out there who deserve to get this free dental work done. If I were this dentist, I sure as shit wouldn’t be showing this off like it’s something to be proud of.

    1. Omg her teeth look terrible!!! Her gums are absolutely destroyed, and anything other than those top few look like they are completely decayed… disgusting

  7. This seems so pointless. What is this really going to fix? From an outsiders perspective, this seems so very american, a professional does “charity”(pr..), but ends up fixing the least important thing – the looks. This wont make June a better person or mother. This is not really going to help her at all(and it is NOT going to fx Genos issues…).

  8. Why bother spending money on getting their teeth fixed? They are going to destroy all of their dental work because they both refuse to get sober. She should be spending that money on rehab.

    1. I wonder how long they had to wait? I have to wait until the end of May (rescheduled due to covid from beginning of March) to get two fillings done.

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