EXCLUSIVE! Andrew Glennon Responds to Amber Portwood’s Brother’s Comments About Her Being Guilty of “Nothing More Than Throwing a Flip Flop” At Andrew

“Bubby, I’m scratching my head at your statements!”

Andrew Glennon is speaking out after the brother of his ex-girlfriend— Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood—- posted some tweets about him over the weekend.

As The Ashley previously told you, Amber’s brother Shawn recently took to Twitter to defend Amber and discuss her July 2019 arrest for domestic violence against Andrew. One of the tweets– in which Shawn stated that Amber does not owe Andrew an apologize and that Amber is guilty of “nothing more than throwing a flip flop at him”— seemed to particularly bother Andrew.

In an exclusive statement to The Ashley, Andrew responded to what Shawn said about him, and denied that Amber was only guilty of whacking him with a shoe.

He pointed to audio and video that has been released from the night of Amber’s arrest as evidence that, in his opinion, what Shawn said in the tweets was not accurate.

“If you look at the time on the front door Ring cam [footage] of her hitting me with a shoe and me leaving the house a second time to let her cool off vs when I contacted the police for the deadly weapon attack, you’ll see they are 3+ hours apart,” Andrew said. “For one to downplay the trauma that I am still trying to process is disgraceful.”

Shawn has stated on Twitter multiple times that Amber never attacked Andrew with a machete, as the police report taken that night states.

Andrew then brought up the fact that, following her arrest, Amber insinuated on social media and during an on-camera interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky for a ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion episode that Andrew had been cheating on her.

“If a heartfelt apology was made instead of some bogus cheating story, we’d probably be in couples therapy, but blame and deflect was the route chosen,” Andrew said. “The denial or attempted justification of the actions committed hurts just as much as the abuse.

“To say something never happened while I struggle with the memories daily is beyond comprehension and I’ve no time for it.”

When one fan asked why— if Amber was not guilty of assaulting Andrew–  she accepted a plea deal, Shawn admitted that Amber “wasn’t completely innocent of everything.” 

“[She] pled guilty to intimidation for throwing a flip flop” at Andrew, Shawn wrote, which he said Amber admitted to police from the start. Shawn also argued that the flying flip-flop incident didn’t happen “while [Andrew] was holding her son either.”


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The Bubbs. 🙂 Most curious and loving man I know. Able to reverse engineer anything and leave it a mess in a single bound. ??

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Amber and Andrew— who share son James— currently have a custody plan in place that allows Amber time with her son. (James currently lives with Andrew inside Amber’s Indiana home, while Amber lives in a rental house.) Their last mediation status report was filed on April 23, and it appears that no changes were made at to the existing custody order at that time.

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37 Responses

  1. No one believes Shawn or Amber So they should just leave well enough alone and be quiet

  2. Ambers brother mustn’t care about how his nephew is treated. More important to lie for Amber than admit the truth about what she did and James was there, you can hear him and she is yelling that she doesn’t want yo look after James. I suppose in his eyes she didn’t bash Gary in front of Leah. Amber is a nasty manipulative violent liar. She’s the worse mother, those children are lucky they have good fathers. Her brother must have issues as well to be able to ignore all that happens and lie for Amber. She should be fired. We’ve all seen her violent outbursts too many times, and each time she threatens violence. Sadly for some she Carries out the violence. But MTV seem to condone her behaviour. Great role model for young girls. ?

  3. Shawn is as thick as his sister. Trying to convince the internet of these transparent lies, twisting the story, glossing over half of the facts. When we all heard the tapes. We’re not stupid.

    Besides, Amber literally admitted (eventually) to the machete part. But even if she hadn’t, the things she said, the screaming, shoving, slapping, all in front of her son, is just as bad as the flip flop or the machete. The poor baby living like that is traumatizing enough. Attempting to downplay it just makes me lose respect for you.

    Not to mention Gary, Amber, Matt, and Andrew, as well as their staff, have all explained that Amber has always been in a cycle where she’s up all night and asleep all day, and therefore the men were the ones taking care of Leah and then James.

    I understand wanting to be there for your sister, but Shawn’s statement about the flip-flop is just embarrassing. Be a man and keep your mouth shut publicly and just support your sister privately if you want respect as a police officer.

  4. I can’t believe this garbage is still on TV. Andrew knew that Amber had a criminal record, and all of her other skeletons, he knew, HE’s a loser too. He was a 30 something man living with his mother. He had girlfriends from his past that filed restraining orders against him. He’s far from a winner, no winner with their life in order would have anything to do with Amber Portwood, I think today is her birthday, she’s 30, she’s a felon, didn’t even graduate high school did her GED in prison. she is such a gross violent loser but that begs the question, who in their right mind would have anything to do with her? The answer is only a another loser.

  5. I wish ALL of them out shut up already. Talk about beating a dead horse with a stick, or in this case a flip flop after chasing it around with a machete.

  6. Stop! Just stop dragging this story on for longer than it’s worth. Her brother has no business in saying or doing anything about the situation as he wasn’t there. None of us were. So it’s a he said/she said and then there’s the truth. Stop defending someone who clearly has a past history of violence and everything else that is being claimed by Andrew. I’m not saying Andrew is 100 % right but from what we saw of him on tv, he seemed to be the one taking care of her and the baby. I give him credit for that. Now, to know someone on tv is no where near to living with someone. I’m sure he has his faults but Amber could have portrayed herself a little better at least on tv. Since she didn’t, I can’t imagine what really went on when cameras stopped rolling.

    1. Completely agree with what you said. After all this time on tv Amber has learned to hide how absolutely vile she can be whilst on camera, the voice recording taken of her attacking Andrew, calling James “it”, calling Andrew a fat-ass (sounds familiar) was a glimpse into how she actually is. Living with her must be a complete nightmare, Bubby knows this, that’s why it’s surprising that he still tries to defend her.

  7. WTF?! He would have been okay with everything and would be in couples theraphy with her when she just would not have accused him of cheating and said sorry??

    She (allegedly) attacked him and their son with a machette, hacked into the door they were behind but he would have done some couples therapy with her and everything would be fine between them?

    Serious lack of judgement and disregard to his son’s safety.
    These two people should never be together in one room unsupervised.

  8. What kind of stupid ass posts this slashed door with such an ignorant STATEMENT? First, “ this doesn’t prove the alleged attack was with a machete “ That’s admitting an attack and arguing the weapon… pretty dumb
    Second, you have a picture of an obvious crime scene and think this proves she’s innocent in the USA, HuH!

    Take that picture to 12 people that have no clue what’s going on, with both sides of the story and just a couple of the facts … Amber was convicted and served prison time for the same charges and the police arrested her her this night after speaking to both parties… I think you’ll see she got lucky with the plea deal .. you fool!

    1. Im surprised they didnt claim that was from a dogs nails.
      Also @ashley you are going to be in trouble interviewing WOAC man.
      Hes her source. Lol

  9. Gosh, the amount of excuses and enabling this dysfunctional family makes and does for one another is boundless.

  10. Truthfully I wouldn’t be afraid to get that Blubby is only defending her because he is afraid of her. I am sure she beat the livin fuck out of him when they were kids. She’s a raging lunatic. He’s scared. Why do you think he lives so fucking far away from her?

  11. Her family enables her bad behavior.They are only sticking up for her because they don’t want her off the show. Where would they get the money they do. Especially Amber. She is, has been and will always be an abuser.

  12. I support Andrew 110%. If James was solely raised by Amber he wouldn’t have a chance. I wouldn’t be able to hold my tongue back either if my abusers idiot brother was posting nonsense about that night. There’s audio and video clips that very much prove what Andrew is saying and has been this whole time. Amber is a disgusting person and so is her whole family. Trash.

  13. It’s still a mistery what Andrew saw in Amber on the set of couples therapy, but facts are facts. She did abuse him. She did say she didn’t want James. She did yell and curse in front of James. She did hit Andrew. Nobody deserves abuse, period. At the end of the day, Amber is the one who had been to jail, who had to accept a plea deal to avoid jail the second time, and who has 2 children and none of them live with her.

    1. You know what Andrew saw in her on the set of MBC: $$$$$! I don’t know if you saw the show, I didn’t watch the whole season but what I did see of Amber’s behavior was pretty much off the charts. She behaved pretty much as bad as she did when she was being secretly recorded. She cursed every other word, acted like a diva, abused substances, physically threatened people and basically made all the other cast members look like normal upstanding members of society (which says a lot as far as the caliber of “star” that MBC attracts). She showed zero redeeming qualities on that show, so for Andrew to say “hey, I’d like to hitch my wagon to that horse” there was very clearly an ulterior motive which is why I’ve never thought much of him. That being said he seems like a loving father and did not deserve to get abused.

  14. Shirtless Andrew in the shower is soiling panties around the world right now.



    stay lit

  15. Stop acting like Andrew is a victim! He knew what he was doing when he started dating her while she filmed marriage bootcamp! He has a history of drug abuse and arrests. He’s got his meal ticket, he’s good for 18 years! I feel bad for their son! Amber always seems to be able to make time for a man, but gives every excuse in the book when it comes to being a good mother. Thank goodness for Gary and Kristina, at least Leah has a chance to break the cycle.

    1. I mean I wouldn’t count on Amber being able to support anyone for the next 18 years! As soon as TMOG is canceled (hopefully within the next year) she ain’t gonna have a pot to piss in, let alone be able to afford child support for the next 17 years!!!! Just sayin’ ??‍♀️

      1. LUVZPUGZ2: Completely agree with you. Amber not only has zero employable skills, she literally has zero life/coping skills. The only jobs she would qualify for would be minimum wage, could you see her having to deal with customers in a professional setting?!? She’d be arrested within the first pay period. She’ll be out of money and options within a couple of months after the show is cancelled and seeing as how she’s going to have to pay child support for James and possibly Leah, I could see her back in gel within a year or two for non payment because I seriously doubt she has saved a single penny. I’ve always said she Jenelle and Cate and Ty are in the same boat in that they will all be broke and without any employable skills shortly after the TM money dries up.

        1. Didnt Andrew have a Order of Protection on him from a old GF?
          Anyone know what is the reason on it? Because if its Domestic Violence, I would like to ask him how it feels to have the shoe on the other foot?

  16. Just shhhhhh Andrew. You met her on marriage boot camp. As much as I’ve never liked Amber and always found her fake I find Andrew a million times creepier victim or not.

  17. “Blame and deflect was the route chosen~” should be the epithet on Amber’s gravestone. I think that how to do life, in general alludes Amber and everyone around her. As grownups, how do they have all this time to answer to “fans” on social media and write blogs and give interviews about their situations? Everyone knows Amber is a disaster and I understand that Bubby is trying to stick up for his sister, but one would think that by now he would have learned that it’s better not to say anything about these situations she keeps finding herself in because it just makes him look like a justifier and enabler. Also, I just saw the latest episode today and I think that she’s enacted the exact same couch situation where she is crying with her latest soulmate/tenant about how she just wants to find a good man and how glad she is to have found him and blah blah blah. She is so freaking pathetic, thank God Leah has Kristina as a role model, plus I think she’s smart enough to know to be exactly the opposite of Amber.

  18. Oh Bubby, someday you’ll have to reconcile the lies you’re spewing. Really!?? Only a flip flop?? And do tell, where do those marks in the door come from? Do you really think anyone would believe you? Hello, we’ve all seen years of Ambie’s violence. I know it might be harder to deal with Amber’s issues rather than lie and sweep them under the rug, but in the long run you’ll regret it as it will only make things so much worse. Best to finally take the bull by the horns.

  19. Oh my God who cares anymore. The only reason I read the article because its the Ashley. Andrew needs to get over it. Amber needs to quit chasing men. They should be concentrating on James. Instead of bringing it up over and over. I mean Andrew is a pretty big guy and hes still alive. So whats the point of trying to relive it. It just makes them both look stupid. He got what he wanted so he should just shut up already and live his life. Instead of trying so hard to let everyone know what they basically already know. That Amber lost her temper and abused him. She needs anger management and he needs to realize his 15 minutes was up a long time ago.

    1. Well…she didn’t kill her victim, so let’s just stop talking about domestic violence and victim shaming. Seriously?!

  20. Well….Andrew should be the bigger person and hush now – we all know Ambie’s half cocked all the time and not quite right.

    Having said that, Bubby wasn’t in the home that night & Andrew was. That’s heresay.
    Bubby’s info comes from a VERY tainted source.

  21. Shawn should think about his nephew James, before running his mouth off alll over social media. His sister was violent in the presence of a baby.

    1. Shawn shouldn’t excuse a child being exposed to that

  22. Don’t u just love it when ppl defend perpetrators of violence? News flash Shawn – EVEN IF what u say is true – THAT IS ASSAULT! It is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! She only hit him with a fucking show! So u were there to witness this???

  23. Let it go Andrew. You can’t reason with stupid. Consider what you’re dealing with. You’re above that. Don’t stoop to their level.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Amber and her like (not to mention delusional fans!) will always enable her and defend her even if she killed someone. Andrew should go to therapy (or maybe he is already going) to process the trauma and make sure James is living the best life he can with such a POS of a mother. For the sake of him, he needs to let it go.

  24. I don’t blame Andrew for responding to the asinine from both Amber and her idiot brother, I’d have a very hard time holding my tongue. I feel sad that Andrew would have even considered going to couples counseling with Amber though. Even if she was genuinely sorry (which she never will be) You accept someone’s apology for stepping on your toe not for chasing you around the house with a machete while endangering the life of your baby.

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