Shawn Portwood Defends Sister ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood on Social Media: Says Amber Is Guilty of “Nothing More Than Throwing a Flip Flop” At Andrew Glennon

“Don’t worry, I got this.”

Hell hath no fury like a Bubby on the defense! 

Shawn “Bubby” Portwood, brother of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood, came to his sister’s defense Friday on Twitter after some of the show’s fans criticized Amber’s latest love interest, parenting skills and her tumultuous (and violent) past with ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Andrew Glennon. 

Many of the anti-Amber comments on Twitter rolled in as a response to stories The Ashley has reported on in the last week about Amber donating 1,000 masks to a hospital in Indiana and about Amber’s baby daddy Gary Shirley supporting her after her domestic violence arrest.

In response to an individual who tweeted that the best thing Amber could do is take responsibility for her actions and apologize to Andrew for what went down on the night of her July 2019 arrest, Shawn said no such apology is necessary. 

“Honestly and I’m sure a lot of people will say I’m victim-shaming again but [if I were Amber] I would not publicly apologize to him for anything,” Shawn wrote. “Nothing more than throwing a flip flop at him. Because everybody doesn’t know the entire story they know his story.” 

For those unfamiliar with the story he’s referring to, Amber was arrested for domestic battery against Andrew in July 2019 after she assaulted and allegedly pulled a machete on him. Amber eventually took a plea deal and was sentenced in October 2019. 

When one fan asked why— if Amber was not guilty of assaulting Andrew–  she accepted a plea deal, Shawn admitted that Amber “wasn’t completely innocent of everything.” He then brought it back to the flip flop.

“[She] pled guilty to intimidation for throwing a flip flop” at Andrew, Shawn wrote, which he said Amber admitted to police from the start. Shawn also argued that the flying flip-flop incident didn’t happen “while [Andrew] was holding her son either.” 

When followers began to take swings at Amber’s parenting skills, as well as the amount of time she spends with her kids (which include daughter Leah with Gary Shirley and son James with Andrew), Shawn ensured them that Amber sees her children often.

In response to a tweet suggesting that Amber have her kids full-time “like normal parents do” and that she put her kids before her new man, Dimitri Garcai, Shawn slammed the individual for making what he called “an ignorant statement.” He stated that Amber has to split custody because she has a child with someone she’s not currently in a relationship with. 

“There will be no Ambie hating on Bubby’s watch!”

(In a recent statement, Gary confirmed that Amber spends a lot of time with both James and Leah. The Ashley can also confirm this.) 

Another comment echoed similar statements while also bringing up Amber’s new boyfriend, who made his ‘Teen Mom OG’ debut this week. Again, Shawn was quick to come to his sister’s defense. 

“And the new boyfriend is a REAL BAD LOOK.. ,” the comment read. “He doesn’t even speak English and she can’t even [see] her son but worried about sleeping with some one new.. GROSS!!”

“Where do you get your information from?” Shawn responded. “She sees her son all the time,” Shawn argued. “She sees her son right now the exact same amount that Andrew sees him.” 

As for Gary’s decision to support Amber both on- and off-camera following her domestic violence arrest, Shawn took a moment to give Gary and Gary’s wife Kristina a shout-out for supporting Amber through this.

“@ItsGaryTime and his wife are good people and I am glad they are there to help her while I cannot. I cannot thank them enough for how they have helped her during this and giver her the support she needs when no one will,” Shawn wrote.

He then resumed fighting off his sister’s many haters, stating that, despite what some may think, Amber does feel remorse for her actions against Andrew.

“She has taken responsibility for what she did. She said two episodes ago that she was disgusted and basically embarrassed by the way she acted. But yet people keep saying she’s not owning up to it and she’s not doing what she supposed to.”

UPDATE! Andrew has released a statement to The Ashley in regard to what Shawn tweeted. Click here to read what Andrew had to say.

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26 Responses

  1. Yeah, Bubby, of course you’re glad that Gary and Kristina are babysitting Amber and her MTV pot of gold for you, so you can continue to live your life in Florida and not worry about it. That’s why you got so pissed when this went down and you had to “make some calls” to check on things, e.g., why Gary “let” this happen, even though it should not be his responsibility. But, you can’t count on your drunken pill-popping mother, and you don’t want to get off your lazy ass and leave Florida, so that leaves Gary and Kristina to watch the golden goose. How about getting her into some treatment, people?!?!?

  2. No wonder she loves Bubby, they are both pathological liars! Always molding actual facts to fit their warped version of reality! Great job, MTV!?Keep giving these losers and their equally screwed up relatives a platform to spew more bullshit! I could have lived my entire life happily never knowing anything about Amber and Bubby.

  3. Didn’t Amber already make Matt take a lie detector test and he failed?!!! And fck her brother, Shawn, Bubby always trying to ride on his military “coat tails”. I served 2 tours in Iraq and, the truth, is not everyone even sees actual combat. I spent most of my time on base trying to buy hashish off the locals.

  4. If she sees her kids all the time. Gary must send her pictures
    She’s like a turtle, lays her eggs in the sand and then swims away

    1. Baby Bubby and Dainty Porkwood are both sick individuals who care only about themselves. They’re both sick delusional white trash idiots! (I am white btw)

  5. He and Amber keep saying “you don’t know the whole story. The truth will come out soon.” Where is this truth you speak of? We’re all waiting..

  6. Here we go again, Brother Blubby defending and enabling his idiot sisters batshit behaviour.

    Just STFU Blubby.
    She is never going to learn her lesson or change her ways when this clown runs to her defense all the time.

    And Gary the hairy fairy isn’t much better.

    1. We all heard the recordings of her raging at Andrew. Anyone who grew up in a violent household knows what that crap looks like. Give it up dude, your sister is trash and you can’t admit it.

  7. A flip-flop, really?! Ummm, Bubby, you conveniently left out that little detail about the picture we all saw of the slashes on the door with the handle falling off, you know the door BOTH Andrew and James were behind and the audio that goes along with it. Those are some heavy duty flip flops Bubby!!! Have you forgotten about that already, because no one else has!

    Amber has repeatedly denied and shifted blame for her actions from day one and will always continue with all the enablers surrounding her. Remember the TM reunion right after the incident happened and Amber was interviewed by Dr. Screw where she repeatedly lied, denied and said that we were “insane” for believing she would ever chase anyone with a machete? Only after multiple audio and video recordings were made public did she finally change her tune, because there was no other way to spin it, and even still she has not taken responsibility. She continues to blame mental illnesses and the fact that no apology has been given or would even be considered proves that she doesn’t believe what she did was wrong and that whether it is a flip flop or machete, violence is ok when she doesn’t get her way or what she wants.

    Does Bubby realize he contradicts himself and looks like a complete fool? How does one feel remorse but there is no need for an apology? How has she taken responsibility? Taking a plea deal when the evidence is stacked against you is not taking responsibility for anything. Blaming illnesses, mental or otherwise, is not taking responsibility. It is demanding the easy way out. And she has opened herself up to all this citicism by continuing to broadcast her life (or lack thereof) on MTV. Just go away.

  8. Bubby, you missed the point. ENTIRELY. Yes, she does split the custody (the way it should be!) but people are angry because she is putting ANOTHER man before Leah and James, just realize your sister has no maternal bone in her body and get it over with.

    And it was not just a flip-flop. (That’s probably what she told you only)

    I wonder what will we he say when inevitably she lashed out on another man. Maybe even Dimitri (because there’s no way they can actually communicate with each other with their language barrier…I feel like they are using each other just for sleeping together…which is gross)

    1. This new guy is further proof that she has a pattern. The viewers see it, how does her family and MTV turn a blind eye to it constantly? I would even argue that she is only becoming worse. First, she has Matt from Mass come to live with her, then Andrew from California, and now Dmitri from half way across the globe. I think she does this in some ways for control–her house and money, so what she says goes or she gets abusive and you have no place to go.

      1. I think Leah is HIGHLY uncomfortable with these men that Amber brings in. Leah truly doesn’t even know Amber much less these guys. She is disgusting!

  9. MTV is the number 1 enabler of these women. If the MTV money train stops then the other leeches will hold these women accountable for theor despicable behavior.

  10. A grown man let’s himself be referred to as “bubby” in public?!

    Also, Amber didn’t say sorry, she said she was embarrassed that she got caught. Big difference

  11. And here lies the problem. It’s always deflect, excuse, lie, coverup. Even if Amber didn’t have all these enablers around her she’d never change anyway, but they are certainly adding to her problems. On another note, I could never ever ever imagine talking to a random on the internet for a short period of time and have them come and stay with me FOR THREE MONTHS! What kind of itinerary could you plan for three months? I’m guessing it’s going to be sitting on the couch, ordering in, having sex, rinse and repeat. She is so f-ed in the head it’s unbelievable. They are on different kinds of paths but if you ask me Amber, Farrah and Jenelle are equally as bad and essentially cut from the same cloth.

  12. I have been married for almost 49 years and have never thrown anything at my husband.Look what she did to Gary and he knows her behavior. Kudos to Gary for remaining civil. MTV is so accountable for keeping people who are abusers on and pay them lots of money to stay on. Don’t watch it since you kept her.

  13. A family full of crazy wack jobs. Get a grip douche bag! shes nuts and should not be allowed to be around ANY children unsupervised.

    1. As long as booby gets $$$$ from ambient he is of course going to defend her rotten, poisoned , abusive ass. The day a paper or online news site offers more $$$$ than amber can afford to Shawn is the day we will hear the truth. Shawn has no morals .

      1. Does Garry not worry about these guys past / present. Amber is letting strangers around her children that could be involed in pedophilia . Maybe it’s one of the reasons that motivated Garry to become a cop. What kind of mother put her children’s lives at risk on a continuous basis. I just can’t understand why she gets away with this negligent behaviour.

  14. While Booby (her mouth piece) keeps running the “Save Amber” campaign, she is laying on a couch or bed somewhere covered by a blankey. Dang, I hate MTV ??‍♀️

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