Thomas Ravenel Says His Former ‘Southern Charm’ Co-Star Patricia Altschul is a “Gold-Digging Famewhore” Who Deserves to “Burn in Hell”

“I will continue to insult you on the Tweet Machine, Patty!”

Thomas Ravenel is once again striking out against his former ‘Southern Charm’ co-star Patricia Altschul.

T-Rav— who has never been shy about talking about his hatred for Patricia—unleashed on Patty in a series of tweets posted on Tuesday, calling the ‘Southern Charm’ matriarch a “gold-digging famewhore,” among other ‘charming’ things. 

“Here’s what a gold digging fame whore looks like…” Thomas captioned a photo featuring Patricia.

When Twitter users called out T-Rav for being harsh, Thomas did not back down, stating instead that Patricia is a “lying, dark and evil woman.”

“She deserves nothing but scorn, derision and to burn in Hell,” he told another person on Twitter, later adding, “Well, that’s what she deserves but I personally wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Unlike her, I don’t try to destroy people. I only wish to reveal her true character which Bravo is flagrantly falsifying.”

He later added that he can call Patricia a liar “because I know the facts and have the evidence I got ironically from HER through my digital subpoena of her computer.”

Thomas— who is no longer on ‘Southern Charm’— was asked how he feels about Patricia’s son, Whitney Sudler-Smith.

“I’ve nothing bad to say about him, especially considering who raised him,” Thomas tweeted.

“I feel bad for Whitney,” Thomas he added. “But I’m sure he’s knows better than even me how evil she is.”

“Damn…tell us how you really feel, Travy!”

He would admit that Patricia is a good-looking woman, though.

“I’ll give the Devil it’s due, she’s stunningly gorgeous even at almost 80 but if that beauty resided inside her name would be Mother Theresa,” Thomas tweeted. 

Thomas, who just welcomed his third child, a baby boy with his ex Heather Mascoe, clarified that his hateful tweets are indicative of actual hate toward Patricia.

“I don’t hate her or anyone for that matter. I’m just a straight shooter who pulls no punches,” he wrote. 

“Hateful? ME!?”

Thomas’ last Twitter rant about Patricia came in May when he slammed her and former ‘Southern Charm’ star Cameran Eubanks, as well as the show’s fans.

“The truth is never terrible. Cameran and Patricia are terrible,” Thomas tweeted. “Anyone who falls for Bravo editing BS has a very small brain.”

“I’m doing perfectly fine now that liars and losers/trash that are connected to ‘Southern Charm’ are unconnected to me now,” Thomas wrote at the time. “Funny thing is that their appearance on this show is the proudest achievement on their resume. It’s my lowest.”

Patricia has yet to respond publicly to Thomas’ latest insults.

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(Photos: Bravo, Twitter) 


  1. I don’t watch this show or know anything about these people, but that headline and those pictures used for it make me seriously LOL.

  2. I have never watched the show. Any knowledge I possess of this show comes from this site.

    Didn’t Thomas go to jail for an earlier crime? And wasn’t he accused of sexual assault? Hasn’t he repeatedly dragged the mother of his children through the mud and hung their dirty laundry proudly? Shouldn’t he be the last person ever to attach someone else’s character?! YOU are the monster. YOU are a horrible human being. For someone who thinks appearing on the show is the low point of his life, he sure talks about it a lot online.

    Just saying.

  3. I seem to recall Thomas having his lips firmly and directly planted on Patricia’s ass when he was on Southern Charm. It wasn’t until she outed him as a rapist that he decided she was evil.

  4. Doesn’t he have a new baby he needs to be worrying about? His obsession with Patricia is so unhealthy.

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