Meow! Jenni “JWoww” Farley & Angelina Pivarnick Bicker During Live Interview Over Wedding Drama; Jenni Blames Angelina for Snooki’s Exit From Show & More

“Wait, this doesn’t sound like an apology to me… “

Gym, Tan, Let’s rehash some year-old drama! 

The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation stopped by The Jenny McCarthy Show this week on the heels of the Season 4 premiere. However, during the live interview, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Angelina Pivarnick decided to take a moment to dig up the drama still lingering from Angelina’s November 2019 wedding. 

During their cast interview this week, Jenni accused Angelina of being a hypocrite for allegedly asking to be roasted but then getting upset for being roasted “too far.” Jenni also argued that some of the “jokes” that were made in the speech were things Angelina has made jokes about herself – namely her trash bag luggage, Staten Island reputation and the gross as hell hamster tattoo she branded onto her husband. 

“To be a bridesmaid in that position was already going to be very awkward because we don’t have a loving 10-, 12-, 15- year relationship,” Jenni said. “We have a very raunchy, weird, period s**tting type of relationship, so to be true to our conversations on a daily basis, that’s how I truly felt we were supposed to be.

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenni, Deena Cortese and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi served as bridesmaids for the nuptials, stirring up Ron Ron Juice major drama after delivering a brutal toast-turned-roast of Angelina at the reception. 

Once the audio of the speech leaked – in which the girls called Angelina the “fly to my s**t,” the “trash to my bags” and the “dump to my island,” among other things – the trash-talking trio received plenty of hate on social media, mostly from people accusing them of being mean girls.

“What a shame that audio was ‘leaked’…who could have done that?”

Jenni said Angelina’s family and friends should’ve understood that the speech was a reflection of the Angelina that fans see on TV and if Angelina was going to put herself out there, she shouldn’t have been mad that things went down the way they did at the reception.

While Jenni claims the bridesmaid trio was given permission from Angelina to deliver a wedding-day roast, the culprits still felt bad and apologized “immediately after the wedding.” Jenni told Angelina she was so upset by incident that she ended up “hysterically crying” at the table.  

“Girl, stop.”

“The president of MTV and the president of our production company had to sit down, I was hyperventilating … ,” Jenni said. “[Angelina] saw it all and she chose to turn a blind eye and that’s fine, it was her wedding day. We just wanted her to enjoy her moment, but for it to go the way that it did, for like, 6 to 9 months after and how many things were affected. My best friend isn’t on the show because of it and that still hurts to this day.”

As ‘Jersey Shore’ fans may recall, Nicole announced in December 2019 that she was “retiring” from the MTV show due to “a lot of reasons.” 

“I just can’t do it anymore … I hate being away from the kids,” she said, later adding, “[It’s] supposed to be a happy, fun show and it’s turning into a nightmare.” 

Nicole also mentioned that her departure was also influenced by “the direction” the show was moving in, which she said she was not comfortable with. While Nicole didn’t specifically mention it at the time, Jenni’s comments in the interview this week all but confirmed that the fallout from Angelina’s wedding may have played a part in Nicole’s decision to leave the show.

Well at least she can say she went out with a bang.

(While Jenni initially stated she planned to follow Nicole’s lead and leave the show as well, she confirmed in August that she was coming back for Season 4.) 

Angelina, however, argued that Nicole used the bridesmaid drama as an opportunity to make her ‘Jersey Shore’ exit. 

“ … She always had one foot basically out the door anyway,” Angelina said. “ … I don’t know, she always, I just feel like her one foot was out the door and that’s just the truth, but if she wants to blame this all on me, then she can do that. That’s fine.” 

In an effort to defend her best friend’s decision, Jenni claimed that some of Angelina’s fans retaliated against Nicole in the wake of all the speech drama last year, going as far as to threaten the reputation of Nicole’s New Jersey store, The Snooki Shop. 

“ … Her birthday last year, she had to call an exterminator because fans of Angelina’s were calling and saying that she had cockroaches, so her birthday was spent on the phone with the town hall … making sure that her store wasn’t going to be shut down because she was getting hundreds of Google reviews and police calls saying that her store was infested,” Jenni claimed. 

Angelina told Jenni she wasn’t aware that had happened, but even if she were aware of it, she “can’t stop fans from coming at people.” Jenni fired back, telling Angelina she could have easily prevented the incident. 

“ … If you didn’t post or sell the audio, none of this would have happened,” Jenni said. 

When Angelina denied selling the audio, Jenni went on to accuse Angelina’s manager of being the one who sold it, though she still claimed Angelina was at fault. 

This, we’ve got to hear…

“ … If you would’ve let it play out for the TV to see nine months later, none of this would have happened, but because you chose to feed into it and say that you needed a wedding redo … ,” Jenni continued.

“You pre-ejaculated all over this s**t is what you did and then it backfired and you got upset because it backfired because the fans truly got to see that there was no ill will, that there was no bad intention and we truly were just trying to be funny … .” 

Watch the confrontation between the two cast members below! 

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13 Responses

  1. I couldn’t have been more excited for the Jersey Shore cast to come back and do Family Reunion. But they brought back the horrorshow that is Angelina. She is NOT part of the family. She is horrible and trashy (not in a fun way) and disgusting. I stopped watching Family Reunion all together solely because of Angelina. She changed the tone and dynamic of the entirely show and is an awful person. Each new season I check to see if she’s back so that maybe I can watch again but nope. MTV chooses her over the unity and joy of the family. So disappointing.

    While I didn’t watch the full episode (because a typical amount of Angelina is too much for me) I did watch clips of the speech and the fall out on MTV’s website when this first blew up. And if you’ve watched one episode of her on this franchise you know that she egged them on to do it like Jenny says and then made herself the victim when she thought that they went too far. She knew the types of things they would say it was nothing they hadn’t already said to her face.

  2. If the 3 of them would just say “we understand our actions hurt you, we’re sorry” this would have been over months ago. Intention is not the same as impact. Just because they didn’t intend to hurt her, doesn’t mean the impact of the words did it. Like for fuck sake just acknowledge what you said about her hurt her! Vinny did.

  3. The appeal of the reboot “Family Vacation” was it’s nice little life update for the whole cast. The further it’s gone on, the less interesting it’s gotten. Social media played all this stuff out months ago. It’s just not interesting to watch anymore.

  4. Jenni and Nicole still can’t accept responsibility for their own actions. It’s insane that they are still trying to make Angelina the villain of their awful behavior at her wedding. Jenni has been trash since her first season and only gotten worse. I pity her children.

  5. Jenni better get some skills because the show is done and the face transplant isn’t going to get her anywhere. No one likes her anymore. She became as inauthentic as her face over the years. She’s a boring poseur, which is why Nicole turned out to be the star of the show (she’s still mostly seems herself). Even Pauly D is a crock of shit now with his fake relationship. I watched one episode of the new season and I’m done. RIP Jersey Shore. It was fun but now it’s done.

  6. Angelina is messy but owns it. Jenni is a straight up asshole, who has nothing but anger towards everyone. At least it looks like she finally did something decent with that tragedy of hair on her head

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