Maci Bookout Reveals Why She Continues to Film for ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Even Though Her Son Bentley Is Getting Older

“As long as I’m still making bank— I mean still helping people…”

Maci Bookout has caught a lot of flak during this season of Teen Mom OG for filming about her son Bentley’s issues with his father Ryan Edwards, as well as other awkwardly personal moments. Many fans have expressed on social media that Maci should leave the show to protect Bentley’s privacy (much like Chelsea Houska chose to do for her daughter Aubree); however, in a new interview, Maci says she doesn’t see any reason to leave her long-running MTV gig.

During an appearance on Kail Lowry and Vee Torres‘ Baby Mamas No Drama podcast this week, Maci was asked if she sees herself staying on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ “even as Bentley gets older,” and she was quick to say that she has no plans to quit the show.

“I figured there would be a camera in my face until I can legally tell them to get lost.”

“Back in the day, I’d always be like, ‘as long as I feel like I’m helping people; even just one person, showing them that they’re not alone, or they’re not crazy, then I would keep doing it,” Maci told the Teen Mom 2 stars. “But as the kids get older, especially Bentley, it’s definitely a season-by-season thing. Not to say that I don’t ever feel, ‘All right, my time’s up…move on to the next chapter.’”

Maci talk about how the show affects 12-year-old Bentley; however, she did say that watching herself on TV is a positive thing for her.

“Selfishly— and I say that not in a way that I think it’s selfish— I feel like the show, it opens my eyes to what I need to work on, what I need to face in myself. It’s just a very good reflective tool that most people don’t have,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong, it can definitely break you down…but as long as I can use it to better myself, and hopefully helping someone or sharing something that people are going through or have gone through, I don’t see [a reason to leave].”

“Really Mom? Not any reason at all?”

Maci noted that the show’s producers respect her kids’ decisions whether or not they want to film.

“Production, they do a good job of navigating around the children,” Maci said. “If the kids don’t want to film, they’re not going to film. [The producers] don’t pressure them, they don’t push them.”

Recently, viewers heard Maci ask Bentley if he was OK with having a phone conversation with his grandma, Jen Edwards, recorded for the show. (However, Maci has still be criticized for using Bentley’s strained relationship with Ryan, as well as Bentley’s therapy appointments, for storylines.) 

Despite the critiques, though, Maci plans to stick with the show.

“As long as we can continue to navigate that, and the other positives are happening, I don’t see a reason to leave the show,” she said. “But that doesn’t mean one won’t arise.”

“Four more years, OK, buddy?”

During the podcast episode, Maci did admit that she’s had to give up some aspects of parenting, due to her being recognized from ‘Teen Mom OG.’ 

“I legit had to stop going on field trips with Bentley,” she said. “The last one I went to I had to go hide in the bathroom [because people kept coming up to me.] I was like, ‘I’m humiliating him. This is terrible. This is so bad. People just leave me alone!’ It draws attention, and especially in front of his friends.”

You can listen to the full podcast episode below! 

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28 Responses

  1. And this ladies and gentlemen is child exploitation 101. What could she possibly offer up to “help just one viewer?” Give me a freakin’ break!!

  2. “Maci Bookout Reveals Why She Continues to Film for ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Even Though Her Son Bentley Is Getting Old”… Her paycheck. The End. I am sorry but at his age, even for the money, I could not exploit my child and what they’re going through. I don’t particularly like Maci but I didn’t dislike her either but as of late I think she is making VERY poor decisions by letting her son’s issues with his dad, be part of the storyline for all to see.

    1. There are a lot of people who would love to make that kind of money. Just because you don’t think it would be right for you, doesn’t mean it’s a bad decision. Besides, a lot of people say they’d do this or wouldn’t do that, but if someone was waving half a mil under your nose for a few weeks work, I guarantee you’d let them film. Those kids have nice homes, sports, lives, college paid for, trust funds, etc. She’s caring for her kids the best way a teen mom could.

    2. She did even mention Ryan in last night’s episode.

      And the night Bentley called Jen about wanting to change the night he came for Jagger’s birthday Maci asked him “Do you want the cameras in here while you call your Mimi?” And he said, “Yeah sure I don’t mind.”

      So, it sounds like Bentley has a choice in the matter of if HE gets filmed.

      1. Not really because the power dynamics in a parent child relationship. If he feels he would disappoint his mom or the people in production by saying no then he doesn’t have any power in that situation.

        1. This is true, but at least he was ASKED. That was all I was saying.

          It just proves that he does have a say. If he chooses to make a decision out of fear of disappointing his Mom or production, then I feel it’s on him not her.

          But I gotta say that I’d have a hard time going against the one parent/person who has had my back on a physical, financial and mental standpoint since day 1 also, so I kinda see why he makes the decisions that he does where his mom is concerned.

  3. I’m sorry, but as long as the TMs are still on the show – I will never see them as good mothers. They know they’re exploiting their kids for $$$ despite being well aware of how it could negatively impact them (both now and in the future), but they continue to do it anyway. Chelsea proved to be the only sensible one by putting her kids first and leaving the show, kudos to her. All of them have built up enough of a fan base that they could easily pursue other ventures e.g. social media endorsement deals but they’re terrified of giving up their hefty paychecks now that they’re accustomed to a certain way of living. It honestly sickens me.

      1. I don’t watch anymore actually. Why are you butthurt by me giving my opinion, especially when you replied to your own asking why it was downvoted? So, don’t read. It’s pretty simple!!

      2. It was the “I will never see them as good moms” and the “exploitation” comments. The kids are getting older, they can choose if they want on camera or not it’s not all on the moms.

        I mean, look at Leah. Amber’s a bad mom but for other reasons.

  4. Ginger minge has 400,000 a year reasons not to leave. At least be honest you rusty dump truck

    stay lit

  5. “I don’t see any reason to leave…. I’m humiliating him, this is terrible!” ?‍♀️?‍♀️
    Bentley seems to be so nice and sensitive, poor little guy ! I hope he’ll have a normal life when he’ll go to the university.

  6. She does the show so her boring ass doesn’t have to work. Duh. No one else is going to pay her a million dollars to sit on her ass and drink bud light

  7. THE MONEY, Maci, you’re there for THE MONEY!! There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging that being on Teen Mom is the only way you can make anywhere NEAR that kind of money for your family! The thing is, you have to own the fact that you’re using your kid to do it. It’s a balancing act. I’d be scheming to have Bentley filmed as little as possible, and I’d be saving money to prepare for the end of Teen Mom.

  8. Omg, I just watched the first episode of TMOG without Ryan being brought up or having to see the Edwards Clan until the very end and I LOVED it!!!

  9. Oh, come on. “As long as I feel like I’m helping people?” Horsefeathers. The money is better, and the workload lighter than just about anything else you’d be remotely qualified for. Why not just say it? There’s nothing wrong with doing it for the money. Don’t be shy about it.

    1. Yeah, i mean, I doubt anything maci can do will compare to that teen mom money. I don’t blame her for staying on the show- she can provide for her kids- but at least call a spade a spade

    2. I really want to know how she thinks she’s “helping” people. She’s ridiculous. Whatever she has to tell herself to make herself not feel bad about full on exploiting your child.

  10. She’s a POS in IMO…….. damn, just cancel this show already. This nonsense is well beyond anyone being teens except their children. Enough already!!!

    1. How is Maci a POS??

      Shes there for him in every way imaginable when Bentley’s dear old Daddy aint!!!

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