Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Couple Jenelle Evans & David Eason File Lawsuits Against Jenelle’s Ex Friend Katrina Beaumont: Exclusive Details!

“Gimme my stuff…and stuff!”

Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason are heading to the place they feel most at home (outside of The Land, of course): court!

The former Teen Mom 2 couple recently filed dual lawsuits against Jenelle’s ex-pal, Katrina Beaumont, who appeared on the MTV show with Jenelle over the years. The lawsuits, which were filed in South Carolina on Friday in Civil Court, are both listed as “Claim and Delivery” case types.

In South Carolina (where Katrina is from), a “Claim and Delivery” type case is “a legal action to recover personal property which is in the possession of another party. The party who begins the action is the plaintiff. The party who has possession of the property claimed is the defendant.”

The Ashley can also reveal that both Jenelle and David’s claims are for property with a total value under $7500.

The Ashley can also reveal that the Mr. and Mrs. Eason filed orders against Katrina on Friday that restrain her from “damaging, concealing or removing” the property in question.  David’s case is scheduled to be heard at 9 a.m. on August 11, while Jenelle’s case will be held at 9:30 a.m. that day.

“We love a good court case in the morning!”

“David and Jenelle had to file their cases separately, because it is based on who the owner of each item in question is,” a source with close knowledge of how the South Carolina court system works tells The Ashley.

Another source close to Katrina tells The Ashley that Jenelle and David are accusing Katrina of stealing various items from The Land.

“They say she took a safe and some of David’s tools to make his knives,” the source says. “And Jenelle’s four-wheelers are also on list of items, and some other random things like sports gear.” 

For those who have followed the “On The Land Antics” over the past few years, Katrina’s name will be familiar. She became close to Jenelle back when she was engaged to Nathan Griffith. In fact, for a period, Jenelle and Nathan were living in a home in South Carolina that was owned by Katrina. (That’s the house where Nathan’s “Why am I a guy?” arrest took place, actually.) 

Surely a shining moment for the entire neighborhood…

Over the years, Katrina appeared on various episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ and was supportive  when Jenelle and David lost custody of their children in 2019. She attended multiple court hearings with the couple, and Jenelle and David asked the court to place their daughter Ensley, as well as Jenelle’s son Kaiser, with Katrina temporarily. (The judge denied the request.) 

After Jenelle left David in October 2019 and fled to Tennessee, Katrina was again supportive of Jenelle. In November, David claimed that “somebody” robbed The Land on November 27, 2019, while he was in Tennessee visiting Ensley. David later told Champion Daily in an interview, “I hope they enjoy my boat, my tools, my work trailer, my hunting and fishing equipment. Apparently they needed it more than me.”

“I think they should be HARRESTED!”

“It’s really low for anyone to steal someone’s tools when that’s what they use to make a living and that’s their livelihood altogether,” David added.

He eventually directly accused Jenelle on Facebook of taking the items, though.

On November 29 Katrina wrote on Facebook that she surprised her kids with new four-wheelers and kayaks. 

By the time Jenelle and David reunited a few months later, though, the couple was accusing Katrina and her husband Shawn of taking those items. Jenelle posted about it on her Facebook page in March 2020.

“I want my stuff!”

“Hey Katrina and Shawn…Can I please have my belonging back that you took from me?” she wrote. “I really need my ATVs, boat, guns, jewelry and other things ASAP. I have been trying to contact you for a month now.” 

She continued to post about Katrina on her Facebook, even asking her friends if anyone knew the whereabouts of Katrina.

(Based on the court docs obtained by The Ashley, Jenelle and David list a jewelry repair store in a South Carolina mall as a location associated with Katrina.) 

In addition to the new lawsuit against Katrina, Jenelle is also currently involved in a lawsuit against several “90 Day Fiance” bloggers, including Jon Yates.

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available. Stay tuned…

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41 Responses

  1. It makes perfect sense that Jenelle paid for those things, then took them back from David when they were once again on the outs. She sold the stuff to her friend, but didn’t disclose that to David, He then wanted it back so dumbass Jenelle has to side with him and say they took it. There’s definitely another angle, because with how unstable David is, if they truly took it then he would be over there trying to take it back. He’s either behaving because of hos other legal issues or because Jenelle is lying and not telling him the whole story!

  2. How cheap are guns, ATVs, jewelry, tools, boats, safes, knives, and sporting, hunting, and fishing equipment in NC/SC if they’re valuing everything altogether at less than $7,500?

    What I’m guessing happened here is that when Jenelle left David and went to TN, she (maybe with the help of this friend) went and took all of the stuff she had bought for David over the years out of the house and brought it to her friend’s house. Then maybe Jenelle pawned/sold some of it for cash and let her friend keep the rest of it as “payment” for helping her go get it, and transport it, and store it, and sell it. Or she gifted a lot of it to the friend, or even sold it to the friend for cheap, because her main goal was just sticking it to David by getting rid of his stuff. And that’s why David accused Jenelle of stealing it. He knew it was her.

    But then when she got back with David, she decided to pin it all on her friend. Saying something like “She talked me into taking some of your stuff to punish you, and we brought it to her house but now she won’t give it back to me because she doesn’t like you and doesn’t think I should be with you!” When really, half of that stuff is sold or pawned or destroyed or set on fire from when Jenelle was mad at him, and the rest of it was sold of gifted to her friend. And now, for whatever unrelated reason, Jenelle is mad at this girl (probably bc David has successfully convinced her to hate her friend so that he can isolate Jenelle further and cut off contact with one of the only people that has actually helped and supported Jenelle no matter what) so she suddenly decided she’s going to accuse the friend of stealing all that stuff and sue her. Probably because she and David are broke and want this stuff back so they can sell it. But if the friend actually bought it from Jenelle or Jenelle gave it to her as payment for something, she’s not going to just give it back for free now that Jenelle wants it, especially if Jenelle has been acting like a jerk to this girl and telling everyone that she’s a crazy thief.

  3. So instead of getting regular jobs because they’re unemployed and unhirable in the entertainment industry, these 2 think their next best option is to sue (regular) people for money. I hope they lose each and every frivolous lawsuit they’re in right now.

  4. It’s really low for anyone to steal someone’s tools when that’s what they use to make a living and that’s their livelihood altogether

    LOL, sure thing there, buddy. Just how much are you actually making as an artisanal Cutler?

  5. This dumb witch and troll of a husband think they are slick. How long ago was this your NOW suing the girl… Who was just apparently trying to help you right Nellz? Also hasnt toolbag been making stupid knives or whatever?. Unsure how that effects the livelihood when nothing was being bought before hand with or without the equipment.

  6. How much do u want to bet, Jenelle told her to go & clean out the house & to keep it whatever she wanted because she was so mad at him (at the time)
    Now Lurch wants it back so Jenelle asked for it & the girl was like hell no
    Dont go low & you wont get dirty

  7. Ok so David was visiting Ensley in November?
    Clearly when his Order Of Protection was in force!!! And why do they have to both file? They are married doesn’t that count?

  8. That’s what she gets for befriending low life trash. Now you have two unemployed losers with nothing better on their docket than suing other people.

    Can David technically own things without actually earning an income? He’d have to fill that green pool with those hillbilly homemade knives to turn a profit and it’s clear it’s not taking off. David’s whittling is going over as well as Jenelle’s eyebrow kits.

    I don’t feel sorry for anyone involved, though. That chick was such an enabler.

  9. The amount of court cases this idiot had she could be a lawyer now. Defending fellow Kesha fans in court probably.

  10. Oh, another lawsuit. What a surprise. Anything for these psycho losers to stay relevant, I guess.

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