Baby Daddy of Late “16 and Pregnant” Star Jordan Cashmyer Says Jordan Wasn’t In Their Daughter’s Life For Years: “Better Off Without Her Mother”

Derek and Jordan in 2014 during the “16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Reunion special…

Derek Taylor, the baby daddy of late 16 and Pregnant star Jordan Cashmyer is speaking out, explaining why he and Genevieve— the now-seven-year-old daughter they shared— are unbothered by Jordan’s recent death.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jordan— who starred with Derek on the fifth season of “16 and Pregnant” in 2014— died over the weekend at the age of 26. Her cause of death has not been released; however, Jordan struggled with drug addiction, as well as suicidal thoughts, in the past.

When a fan expressed their condolences on Twitter to Derek and Evie on Twitter, Derek did not seem to be saddened by Jordan’s death.

“We didn’t lose anything,” he wrote on Sunday.

On Monday, he explained that Jordan hadn’t been in their daughter’s life for a long time.

“[Genevieve] lost her mom 7 years ago. Whatever damage my daughter was/is going to suffer was set in place 7 years ago,” Derek wrote on Twitter. “Genevieve is better off without her mother. Just as she has been her whole life. Jordan isn’t relevant to my daughters life all the sudden. We’re good over here.”

When someone scolded him for being flippant about Jordan’s death, Derek— who has raised Genevieve with help from his mother since the little girl was very young— defended himself.

“Lmao 1 think I can promise is that my daughter will make better choices than the person who birthed her, why not worry about yourself? You weren’t worried about us 7 years ago when Jordan left… keep that same energy. Me and mine are good!! Always have been! Always will be!” he responded.

Derek and Evie in 2020…

He also clarified that he did try to help Jordan get clean, and had no part in her substance abuse issues.

“Lmao there’s no blood on my hands at all,” he tweeted. “I didn’t introduce Jordan to drugs. I didn’t encourage Jordan to continue to do drugs. I attempted to help her and she didn’t want my help. My family is good regardless of what happened with Jordan.

Derek stated that, even as a teen father, he worked hard to make sure his daughter was taken care of.

“[Jordan] wasn’t my responsibility…. Genevieve was. And I’ve taken care of my responsibilities… even at 19 I made sacrifices to take care of my responsibility. Jordan didn’t. She wanted to do her, and I let her; doesn’t get much more ‘manly’ than that,” he added.

He stated that he did, in fact, attempt to help Jordan, despite what fans saw on “16 and Pregnant” back in 2014.

Jordan, as she appeared during her ’16 and Pregnant’ episode.

“This is what happens when your opinion is based on a 40 minute TV show….. Yur right. I wasn’t a ‘man’ at 19 years old haha I allowed Jordan to live with me well after the show and attempted to help her get clean. She didn’t want to. Her consequences are due to her actions,” he wrote.

When fans criticized him for not putting out a respectable statement about Jordan, Derek clapped back.

“A decent statement? For a deadbeat mom who was abusing drugs? Society is horrible deadbeat dads get crucified, but a deadbeat mom gets glorified? Gtfoh. My statement remains… we didn’t lose anything,” he replied.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jordan had gotten sober in January 2020 and celebrated her one-year sobriety anniversary in January 2021. She gave birth to her second daughter, Lyla, in June 2021. Shortly after Lyla’s birth, though, Lyla’s father died. 

Jordan’s own father, Dennis, confirmed Jordan’s death in a Facebook post over the weekend. (It appears that Dennis and his wife Jessica have taken over the care of Lyla, although that is unconfirmed.)

Jordan (far left) with her family and baby Lyla in November 2021…

“Last night I received a call no parent ever wants,” Dennis posted on Facebook. “My oldest beloved daughter, Jordan has passed away, she was only 26 years old. Our hearts are truly broken. No parent should ever have to go through losing a child, EVER. Please keep my family in your thoughts prayers as we navigate through this terrible tragedy. Please understand and respect our privacy at this time. We are surrounded by the love and support of our children, grand daughter Lyla and family members.”

It is unknown if Jordan’s family has any contact with her first daughter Genevieve. 

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(Photos: Twitter, MTV, Facebook) 

52 Responses

  1. A simple “no comment,” is what he should have posted. A well-adjusted mature parent genuinely interested in the child’s well being wouldn’t have even responded to social media at all. His replies are crass, rude, and will be damaging to the daughter his MOTHER has been raising. It’s hilarious that he thinks he should get the upper hand and high road simply because his mom has been the one caring for his child. Disgusting.

  2. Derek was a sorry ass and yes he’s also to blame, she let him treat her any kind of way, F,,,k him. May God Bless the kids PERIODT

  3. Bullsh>t!!!! That is NOT ALL she COULD do, it is all she CHOSE TO DO. There are plenty of jobs at stores, regular restaurants, coffee shops, Walmart, McDonald’s, etc That you don’t even have to have your grade 12 diploma.

  4. Society is so fucked up. You’re a good dad who steps up and takes care of your kid and mom is a deadbeat who doesn’t even try, but he’s the problem? Guaranteed she never lost custody but you bet if he did that, he would’ve.

  5. I keep seeing comments calling him a deadbeat when he’s the parent that stuck around.. my heart breaks for this woman and her kids, but ignoring reality helps nothing. Addiction is a disease, that can lead to a person making very poor decisions including not caring for their children. And if her mother was currently alive she would likely have the same level of involvement she did last week. All can be true!

    Imagine people hounding your about a person you haven’t communicated with in years with invasive questions about your child?? I get having grace for the deceased, but he also deserves grace because literally only he knows the full truth of their situation.

  6. I can really see both sides off this. As a parent of a child with a non existent parent if that person died we wouldn’t be losing anything either, they’re a literal stranger. So I absolutely get his bitterness towards her. However on the other hand it is awful that her baby is now an orphan and her parents lost a child. That is devastating. I can’t even imagine. Yes she has a bad past but it looked like things were getting better for her.

    Also, if this were the other way around no one would be on his side, mother’s always get glorified. And he shouldn’t have to speak nicely about her if there’s nothing nice to say. Exaggerating happy memories for your child and glossing over the bad is only going to make them miss something that wasn’t reality. Be honest.

    1. Agreed! And omg forget it if he marries a woman who steps up, she’ll just be the evil stepmom. The double standard is astounding!

  7. I keep seeing ‘if he would have gotten a job she wouldn’t have been forced to get a job clubbing, thus leading to her getting on drugs.’

    Did the club force her to do the drugs?

    ….come on now

    1. Actually it might have, inadvertently. Alot of people are drug into the dope scene just to cope with having that kind of job plus peer pressure to take uppers and downers to keep up. Yes she’s responsible for the choices she made but others need to face their responsibility also.

      You hear about peer pressure in schools but it ain’t just in schools.

      Thanks to her parents for kicking her out and Derek for causing the homelessness she didn’t have the education to get a “respectable” job.

      1. Didn’t they ask her to stay and she chose to leave with him? How is that her parents’ fault? She could have stayed with them (without him) and worked at Walmart or something.

        He was a shifty dude on their episode, no doubt, but she made her own choices and put drugs ahead of her daughter, and that’s nobody’s fault but her own.

        1. They said “stay or go” and yes she CHOSE to go, but he is the father of her then unborn child and she loved him.

          I’m sure she like other females thought “I know he’s not what I need but maybe if I stay with him I can change him”.

          Well, as we see that DIDN’T happen. He stayed down and he drug her down with him, so she left him and he refused to give G to her (from what I can remember of the Where Are They Now special). But not having the level of education (no hs diploma or college degree) she did the only thing she was able to do (work at a club). And come to think of it I believe a “friend” talked her into that because it was “easy money”.

          Now (I hate to say this about a child) he’s kind of stuck!!!!

          Good luck D and Happy Trails Buckaroo.

          Again, prayers for her children and family.

          1. She easily could have gotten a “respectable” job. There are tons of regular jobs that don’t require a high school diploma and the ones that do don’t check or ask to see it, you pretty much only need one to get into college or the military. She made a lot of bad choices at a young age and he may have too but at the end of the day it was him taking care of their daughter. No one else is responsible for her actions especially when she was given a choice. I’ve made mistakes throughout my life and they are no one’s fault but my own.

          2. Jade, idk what world you’re living in but you need hs (or at least GED) to work in any field…including department stores and fast food!!!!

          3. You definitely don’t. Those are the exact jobs teens get while still in school. I know plenty of adults without diplomas with jobs. I personally had a few different jobs myself before getting a GED. Retail, fast food/restaurants, grocery and convenience stores will all hire someone without a diploma. Some places like fast food actually prefer less education because you’re less likely to go somewhere else, which I have heard directly from managers mouths. It’s really messed up.

          4. That’s what managers told you, but managers at fast food especially say they prefer educated people because they are “older and trustworthy”

  8. commend Derek for being the stable parent in his daughter’s life (or at least that’s his story on social media). He probably has the right to be hurt and angry with Jordan and I haven’t walked a mile in his shoes. However, his statements seem a bit cold and hopefully won’t bite him in the butt when his daughter is older.

    I had a tenant who was a meth head / fentanyl addict that made my life living hell for half of 2021(he wasn’t a drugged out mess when he signed the lease a few years ago). I got to know the mother of his three teenage kids – they hadn’t been together in years (she did not live with the former tenant) and the kids hadn’t seen their dad in two or three years. That was the choice of the kids – not either parent. She REALLY hated her ex for good reason and I was helping her with her child support case against him since I knew his whereabouts even after he was finally legally ejected off my property. He always had money for drugs but not the kids – very sad.

    This story ends somewhat predictably – he died two months ago – drug-related. The mother of his children has taken the high road – it hasn’t been easy for her, but she feels doing so is in the long-term best interest of her kids. She was bashing her ex right up until his death, but since he has passed, she is making an effort to not speak ill of him to her kids and has said a few nice (but not over-the-top) things on social media. Negativity is not what the kids need to hear at this time even though they too had a low opinion of their father. They’ve been through enough. Maybe maturity is a factor since this woman is in her late 30’s/early 40’s.

    In these situations the kids always lose. Kids don’t get to pick their parents and my experience dealing with a crazed meth head has been very eye-opening as to what is going on in this country. Opioids (these days fentanyl) and meth are much stronger than they were just a few years ago. 100k Americans died last year from overdoses. 3x more than car accidents. I’m afraid Jordan won’t be the last one we’ll hear about from the 16&P alum.

  9. He’s absolutely right what he says about how society treats women vs men..same thing with amber still being on teen mom, no man would be allowed to stay on after all she’s done..

    1. You’re right.

      David was fired over his opinion on SM posts, not the shooting.

      Not that I agree or disagree, its just a comparable fact.

      Amber will never get fired for being a dangerous angry perosn and over all bad mom.

  10. i’m f**king fuming about this. evie should be aware of jordan and her past. did jordan make good choices? not really.

    soberity is also not one easy piece to solve

    1. He didn’t say she’s not aware of her mother’s issues, he said that Jordan chose to not have any contact with her daughter.

  11. His anger is probably from the way society views a mother after she’s died. In his eyes, dying doesn’t excuse the 7 years Jordan neglected her kid, chose drugs over her kid, all of those feelings. She was a deadbeat mom (harsh but true). He needs to take that anger and keep it off the internet because his daughter is old enough to read. That was still her mother, despite Jordan being on drugs. She may view things differently because she is a child.

    1. She was an addict not a deadbeat. Get your facts straight!!!

      I’m with whomever it was that said that if her parents hadn’t kicked her out making her choose homelessness with a deadbeat who wouldn’t get a job she wouldn’t have needed to do the club job thus getting into the drugs in the first place.

      Yes, she made bad choices but her parents and Derek (I firmly believe) were the reasons for those choices!!!

      She had no hs or college diploma or degree to get a real job. It’s virtually impossible to succeed in life when all life hands you is lemons. If she had lived and grown longer maybe she would have made something of herself but now we’ll never know.

      1. Being and addict dont give you a free pass. You always have a choice. And she chose drugs over her kid. Harsh yes, true? Also yes.

        I get what he was trying to say and he has a point. The child have’nt seen her in years, being dead or alive dont make difference. Maybe later in her life, but for now there will be no change.

        1. All I’m saying is that everyone is downing her life choices, were they bad yes but look at the position HER parents AND Derek put her in by being irresponsible, uncaring and unfeeling. She’s at fault, but in my mind not 100% at fault.

          She didn’t deserve what happened to her (whatever that was) but since Derek (in his depraved mind) thinks he’s the good parent he obviously thinks she did.

          I honestly think she was doing the best that life could offer her at the time and that maybe if she’d had longer on this earth maybe she’d had better opportunities set in front of her.

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no child is better off without their parent nor is any parent better off without a child and to say his daughter is “better off without her mother” is sickening!!!

          1. But at some point you just have stop being a victim. Was she a victim? Yes. But in the end: how you use life is your own choice.

            I dont see Dereks statement as recentful or bitter but just facts. Their daughter did not know her so her death dont really have an impact on their life.

            A person did die, a very young and a life wasted is always tragic. But i read Dereks statements as honest facts ??‍♀️

          2. They may be fact, her mom’s death may not impact her NOW, but what about 10 years from now, think about all the things that happen in a young girl’s life (driving, prom, wedding, children, etc) that a mother is supposed to be there for but because for whatever reason that life was snuffed out so early we will never know if her mother would have become a permanent fixture in her daughter’s life or not.

            But it still doesn’t change the fact that to say your daughter is “better off without her mother” is still sickening.

            To Derek all I gotta say is, “welcome to fatherhood buddy boy, you in it for the long haul now”.

        1. He was the baby daddy!!! Of course she chose him.

          I’m sure she was navigating off that saying “when the going gets tough the tough get going” and she had hopes he’d get off his lazy ass and do something decent…but no, he chose couch hopping and video games over being a father. Then when he had to choose fatherhood over being naive he’s all “woe is me”, bullcrap Derek!!!!

          1. It is NO ONE else’s fault but her own that she chose drugs over her child. And, I’m not sorry, but you always choose stability for your child over “the baby daddy”. That’s a bullshit excuse for her choosing homelessness and drugs.

            It’s a sad situation, especially since she’d been clean for a few years. But it’s not Derek’s fault AT ALL.

          2. Not from a LITERAL standpoint, no you’re right, nobody put a gun to her head and shoved the pills down her throat…that much IS true.

            But look at life pre Derek, not homeless, no drugs and no disrespectable/degrading job.

            So, if you think about it as opposed to pointing the blame on JUST her, he is responsible from an EMOTIONAL standpoint.

            We all think that the people we love love us and have our backs but 9 times out 10 that’s NOT the case.

            And I feel that this was one of those cases.

  12. I side with Derek on this one… we’ll never know the entire story but I get his bitterness. Who’s there when Genevieve is sick, or needs help with her homework? Who’s getting her up in the morning for school and putting her to bed at night? Who’s shopping for clothes, making sure she’s eating right, putting gifts under the Christmas tree, and dealing with the difficult stuff? I’m a single parent but my daughter’s father takes her so I can go to work on the weekends and he takes her overnight so I can rest up. If he didn’t help me I would never have time to myself, something I was willing to give up when I had her, but now a luxury each of us have because we tag team the schedule. I couldn’t imagine doing it all alone while he’s away on drugs and partying but I know if that were the case I would be forever resentful. How many birthdays did she miss? How many days, good or bad? I’m sure he’s been answering questions about her mother for years and now all she knows is that her mother isn’t there. I’m sorry but absent parents do it to themselves and I don’t blame him at all for his reaction.

  13. I get why he feels this way, but that little girl lost the possibility of meeting her mother someday and deciding for herself. Jordan may have grown up more and become a better person. Now that will never happen.

  14. Even a small bit of compassion would have been better. It’s sad and unfortunate but, Evie and I already lost her years ago. It’s hard to grieve for someone that was never there.

    The thing I wonder is would people still have this reaction if her life had been documented like Jenelle? This would have probably been the same path Jenelle would have taken if it hadn’t been for MTV.

    1. I can see Jenelle going down this path. I can also see Jordan doing the Jenelle thing, had she had all that money. Losing custody of #1, having 2 more and ending up with a real asshole..

      We can add Valerie into this as well. Had she been given the series, which I would have preferred her to Kail, would she still be alive? Or would she end up stuck with some user loser who bankrupted her and made her lose her cushy gig?

      RIP to both girls. Too young to go. Prayers for the babies.

    2. When Babs would post things just as insensitive and rude about Jenelle, I would feel the same. Not OK to post that, not even about Jenelle.
      I loathe her, she’s a horrible mom and pet owner, she’s an abuser, all that and more.
      But even when she had not seen Jace all this time, she’s still a person, she will always remain his bio mom and nobody deserves to die. And nobody deserves these posts with Laughing My Ass Off and she was shit anyway and let’s make this about me.
      He didn’t have to be this disrespectful, not to her but she’s also leaving family and friends behind.
      I wouldn’t have mind it when he wasn’t positive about her but this is horrible.

  15. When are we going to discuss the arrested elephant in the room? I don’t see anything about Farrah’s latest. ?

    1. Yes! When I saw Farrah’s arrest video, the first thing I thought was ‘I cannot wait to read The Ashley’s take on this!’ Farrah is the gift that keeps on giving.

      Back to this article, as someone with family members who are addicts, I totally understand this guy’s feelings. But it’s poor taste to put comments like that out there days after her death. He should have just not commented at all. If he wanted to speak out about how much havoc addiction causes, he could have addressed it later and/or in a way people would be more receptive to.

      The Ashley, please get to work on your article about the top ten listed female celebrity in the nation! Not only is there video of her being held down by security while waiting for the police, she has already posted a brilliant Yelp review of the establishment!

  16. “Better off without her mother”!!!

    This a**hole sounds as stupid as @Ohdearhowsad!!!!

    And to think I thought he was a good person!!!! Sheesh!!!!

    1. Responsible father…possibly (to a degree). But come on Derek!!!

      Lest everyone forget that if your deadhead ass would’ve gotten a damn job, your asses wouldn’t have been homeless to begin with and she wouldn’t have had to resort to clubbing to make a living!!! Thus falling into drugs!!!!

      If I was a betting person I’d be willing to bet he relied on MTV money while he claimed to work to get through school.

      I’m sure that’s what alot of these daddies do, they claim to work but do you actually see them do anything…no.

  17. This fool has a lot of nerve. Sure, he may be a good dad, but a good dad doesn’t speak of the death of his kid’s mother like it’s no big deal. He is bitter and has issues that he needs to sort out *with himself*, not project onto his kid like she doesn’t and won’t ever give a shit her mom is now dead.

    Name me one daughter who lost her mother at such a young age, good relationship or not, that it hasn’t negatively impacted in some way or another. This dude has a lot of growing up to do.

    I dont know, maybe this just hits a nerve with me as someone who lost her mom who dealt with addiction at a very, very young age. It has impacted literally every single aspect of my life, and to see this dude with his “LMAO” attitude just pisses me the hell off. ??

  18. You know, ppl DID contact him concerned about what happened with Jordan and Evie back then. Yes. He addressed all this years ago when he was trying to get Jordan to buy diapers. He has always kept the public in his business. Why is he acting like this is new???

    I get she’s not a part of HIS life but Evie will have questions as she grows up.

    She’s in a rare position to have film proof of her mom and dad when she was born. Watching that at an age she can understand everything, will open a can of worms.

  19. What an asshole. Just because Genevieve if fine right now without her mom doesn’t mean that at some point in the future she wouldn’t have wanted to reconnect with her and now that opportunity doesn’t exist.

  20. Isn’t this the same guy who couldn’t be bothered to stop playing video games long enough to get a job,so his mom ended up getting custody of their daughter? He has ZERO room to judge. I get what he’s saying, but he’s the wrong messenger!

  21. He might sound harsh but it’s not easy to deal with addicts either, especially if she had no contact with their daughter. I can see why he’s hurt, but he should keep this private as this little girl can read this on the internet. She has enough bagagge already.

  22. harsh. but i understand why he would have resentment against her and even though he could be more sensitive it’s nobody else’s place to tell him how or how not to react. wasn’t a fan of either of them in her episode but there were a lot of stuff they didn’t show on the show that was going on

  23. I get where he’s coming from, but this is still a horrible thing to say about your child’s mother. The hurt of her mother not being around is going to catch up with her as she gets older.. best not to be so flippant about it so publicly. Anyway, just my opinion!

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