EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Girl Dropped From Cast Before New Season: Get All the Details!

Get ready for yet ANOTHER ‘Young & Pregnant’ cast shake-up!

The cast of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is getting a slight overhaul for next season!

Back in October, The Ashley told you that ‘Young and Pregnant’ had been renewed for 12 more episodes, but that only some of the girls featured on last season will be moving forward. Now, The Ashley can exclusively reveal who’s in and who’s out of the ‘Young and Pregnant’ cast!

As fans know, the last season of the MTV spin-off starred Brianna JaramilloKayla SesslerRachel Beaver, and Kiaya Elliott, as well as Madisen Beith and Kayla Jones, both of whom appeared on some of the season’s episodes.

At the time of The Ashley’s last cast update, only four girls had been asked back to film. However, since then one additional girl has been filming, and one has been cut from the cast.

“Kayla [Jones] got dropped,” a source close to Kayla tells The Ashley. “They did not renew her contract so she won’t be in the new 12 episodes. She was disappointed, especially since she has so much happening in her life right now that would be good to film. But MTV made their choice so there’s really nothing she can do.”

“You guys ‘Jenelled’ me?!”

The Ashley’s production sources tell her that, originally, they had planned to go with Kayla Jones and drop Madisen; however, it soon became clear that the viewers related to Madisen’s story much more than Kayla’s.

“You think I’m gonna say no!? HELL NO! Do you SEE the size of the houses the OG ‘Teen Mom’ girls live in!?”

“[The producers] feel like, because Kayla is older than Madisen, and because Kayla’s pregnancy was intentional, her story didn’t really catch on the way [the producers] had hoped,” The Ashley’s production source tells her. “The network thought that, because Kayla’s story included a transgender partner, it was timely and topical, but it just didn’t catch on.” 

The Ashley’s source is unsure if Madisen knows that Kayla is no longer on the show, and it’s unclear if Kayla knows Madisen is continuing.

Kayla Jones may appear on one of the new episodes though, as she attended a birthday party for Kiaya’s son a few months back. The party was filmed, so footage may appear on the show eventually.

The fact that the show was renewed at all is surprising, considering Season 3 had been plagued by terrible ratings. As The Ashley previously reported, Season 3 did not start off well, with the premiere episode receiving only 260,000 live/same day viewers. The show’s numbers continued to plummet as the season went on, with an October episode bringing in an insanely low number of only 160,000 viewers.  

“Those ratings stink worse than my kid’s diaper pail, y’all!”

The ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ cast has had a lot of shake-ups since the show premiered in 2018. After Season 1, Lexi Tatman was fired from the cast and Jade Cline was moved to Teen Mom 2Rachel Beaver and Kiaya were added to the cast for Season 2. At the end of Season 2, Ashley Jones was also moved to the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast, and Madisen and Kayla Jones were added. 

The Ashley’s production sources tell her that the ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls are still currently filming, and “no one knows yet” when the new episodes will begin airing. 

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  3. Another problem they have is that they don’t advertise this show at all. Try promoting it for once

  4. I don’t think either girl brought anything new to the show. Madisen was boring, blink and you missed her anyway. Kayla J intentionally got pregnant, and her story is not relatable to the majority of viewers. I personally find Y&P more enjoyable than tmog or tm2.

  5. Right. Been a terrible year and anyone who doesn’t see it… Wow.

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  6. chose not to watch young and pregnant anymore but from what i’ve been hearing i feel like madisen’s gonna be too boring compared to kayla J’s. plus since when does mtv care what’s relatable and what’s not???

  7. I don’t particularly care for either girl… I certainly won’t miss Kayla, though. Her baby dad’s journey with his mom was the only interesting part of her segments, all Kayla did was try to get people to tell her she was right in the way she was acting and then get mad when they told her she was wrong lol. ??‍♀️

  8. I had to fast forward through what little bit I saw of Madison. She seemed to barely speak. But I barely remember seeing her at all? Maybe 3 or 4 times.

  9. Personally I didn’t think either new girl added anything but if I had to choose between Madisen and Kayla Jones, I would choose Kayla.

    You would think that MTV would pay attention to such low numbers. All of the Teen Mom shows have declined greatly yet they keep putting them on and renewing for more seasons. I’m at the point that I literally dislike everyone from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, most are horrible people yet they are rich from these shows. I don’t think the Y & P girls make anywhere near what TMOG and TM2 makes. But, the Y & P girls are really boring. I used to prefer that show but that isn’t the case anymore.

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