Josh Duggar’s Friends Say He’s Been Verbally Threatened By Fellow Inmate But Claim Some Inmates Are “Convinced of His Innocence”

“Is there any way Jana can swing by the joint and clean my cell out?”

As Josh Duggar awaits his upcoming sentencing, the disgraced former 19 Kids and Counting star remains locked up at the Washington County Jail in Arkansas, where fellow inmates have reportedly made his stay a nightmare, according to letters recently written by his family and friends to the judge in his case.

Josh became an inmate at the jail in December after being found guilty of possessing and receiving child sex abuse materials (CSAM). 

As The Ashley told you last week, a number of Josh’s family and friends have sent letters begging the judge to be lenient on Josh by sentencing the 34-year-old to just five years in prison, instead of the 20 years that prosecutors have recommended. While many of the letters– including those written by Josh’s wife, Anna, and mother, Michelle– have focused largely on portraying Josh as a hardworking family man with “a tender heart,” one letter claims to provide an insight into Josh’s experience in the slammer. 

Josh and Anna’s neighbor Nicole Burruss says she was at the Duggar home when Anna received a call from Josh, who claimed he was being threatened and abused by a fellow inmate. 

“We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… couldn’t happen to a better guy!”

Nicole’s letter states that Josh “devastatingly shared that there was a man who was verbally threatening and abusive to him every time he passed his cell in solitary confinement.”  

Nicole goes on to state that the man later approached Josh to apologize. She then alleges the inmate told Josh “that he and the other men knew that Josh was innocent.” 

“As inmates, they recognized that sometimes innocent men are in prison and they were so stunned by Josh’s character that they are convinced of his innocence,” she continued. 

Well it certainly wasn’t this smug face that won them over.

In true Duggar/Duggar-adjacent fashion, Nicole also claims in her letter to the judge that Josh was able to “dramatically change” the life of a former cellmate– a man who, according to Nicole, “had destroyed his life and needed help.”  

“Josh shared with him the good news about Jesus’ death for him, and told him about becoming a Christian: a new creation,” she continued. “The man was converted and his life dramatically changed. 

“Man, Josh is really hustling to earn those extra ramen flavor packets… “

“When he was released from jail, his wife commented that she had been praying for him for years and was amazed to see what a completely different man he was because of what Josh shared,” she added. “His alcoholism ceased. He became involved in church. He had peace.” 

Unfortunately, this alleged encounter cannot be fact-checked with the former inmate himself, as Nicole revealed in her letter that the man “passed from Covid just 6 weeks afterward.”

“I guess everyone will just have to take our word for it.”

In addition to Nicole’s account of Josh’s alleged (and seemingly short-lived) terrifying jail encounter(s), the memo filed by Josh’s legal team claims it is “undoubtedly frightening” for Josh, knowing he will soon be sentenced to federal prison, and it has also “paralyzed his family with fear.” 

Josh’s sentencing is set for May 25. 

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(Photos: Twitter; TLC) 


  1. Don’t forget this is the guy who had multiple Ashley Madison accounts. The guy who bought multiple whores, and made them do BDSM You. He choked a girl and made her fear for her life. He spat and pissed on these whores. Don’t forget while doing this he was working for a National Christian organization. He was condemning single moms, and preaching against sexual perversion. Now the most heinous of crimes! The crime that should put you to death! The crime that should never let him see the light of day. I can’t imagine why someone would hurt their own sister, or another child. Please Judge give him the maximum sentence allowed. Please allow him to be placed in general population. Maybe he can minister to the other chomos in prison.

  2. I call Bull$h|t on this fairy-tail story. And, wait the changed man can not to interviewed……..

    1. Nicole doesn’t seem to understand that people in solitary confinement don’t have cell mates. Hence the word “solitary”. If other inmates are remotely nice to Josh it’s because Jim Bob is putting money on their books, not because they think he’s innocent. Finally, Corona killing the guy Josh cured of alcoholism is some adorable irony that never happened.

  3. Lies, lies and more lies. Praying for Josh to get the maximum term allowable. You know, like Jeffrey Dahmer.

    1. And Dahmer was only in prison a few months before someone Dahmer’ed his ass.
      Jared “the Subway guy” has gotten beaten up quite a few times.
      Even criminals have no tolerance for people that abuse children. Hope Joshy Poo has fun in prison. All 20 years of it.

    2. And I hope he meets the same fate Dahmer did too. Monsters like this will never change. They’re wired wrong.

  4. Wait…jail is unpleasant and inmates don’t like child abusers?! Why didn’t anyone tell me? 😲 You’re not supposed to enjoy it. That’s why it’s called a punishment, Josh. I really would love to have a talk with the inmate’s wife. Though I’d have to be three-years-old again because that’s the last time I had the ability to talk to imaginary friends.

  5. well… sounds like hes doing a lot of good spreading ‘the gospel’ in jail. I say keep him there and he can keep spreadin’ it.

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    This can’t be serious?!?! I legit LAUGHED when I read that Josh is complaining to Anna that someone is saying mean words to Josh in prison. Have they still not figured out that prison is not the same thing as Church camp?!?

    Also, that story about Josh being the catalyst of spiritual change for another inmate, in only a matter of weeks, really reads like something in those old Chicken Soup for the Soul books from the early 2000’s. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, only that it seems highly suspect. I am a devout Christian, so I don’t want to discredit the spiritual experiences of others. I just have to wonder about the timing and credibility of the story teller (the neighbor, not The Ashley), as well as the ability for someone as evil as Josh to preach about Christlike love and redemption.

    But maybe it happened. I doubt it, but maybe.

    Also, I will not apologize for laughing heartily about Josh saying inmates used mean words while addressing him. That’s just funny.

    1. When people try to clump IBLP and Bill Gothard’s cult into Christianity, it legitimizes this truly abusive cult.

      IBLP is nothing like being a Protestant, a Catholic, a Lutheran, or any other major sect of Christianity.

      They use JC’s name to legitimize them to people who have very little knowledge of their truly abusive ways.

      Bill Gothard has even been accused s3xual harassment, child abuse, s3xual abuse. by over 16 women.

    2. I’ll say it: it didn’t happen. Dude quit drinking? Maybe ’cause there’s no booze in prison. He was a different person? Prison changes people. Isn’t Josh in solitary? How is he out preaching like prison Jesus if he’s locked up alone? Nice fable, but it’s a crock.

      1. Yeah, none of that makes any sense. My brother did time for drug offenses twenty years ago. He got clean while there because he didn’t have a choice. It’s why we were happy he went away. And the only preaching being done while he was there was by outsiders like Josh’s idiot father-in-law. I asked him this morning if he had contact with any child abusers while he was there and he said the gen pop weren’t allowed anywhere near them. You couldn’t even talk to them because they were kept in a seperate wing of the prison near the guys on death row. They ate alone, showered alone, took exercise alone in their own little caged area outside after the other inmates time and had guards watching them every second of the day. The Duggars and friends are trying to sell another fairy tale.

  7. Um…didn’t the wife of the converted prisoner say he had changed dramasticallly (see what I did there?)? Why can’t they ask her since he “died?”

  8. I suppose he should have thought of that before being nasty. He needs the max sentence cause he truly believes he is above the law and has yet to take any responsibility. Enjoy federal prison Josh.

  9. Lots of predators hide within the comforts of a church. People often turn to religion when they are in a difficult place in their life. They want the support of a like-minded community, and that’s what makes it perfect for someone like Josh. He can put you at ease with how wholesome, and Christian he appears. Look at his beautiful family, his wife is always smiling, why shouldn’t they trust him? But its fake positivity, its fake forgiveness, all Anna has done is swallow her self worth over and over again, and for man that would likely not give her the same Grace.

    As far as the jail tales, since Josh is the source of the information I’ll treat it accordingly, and file it away in my brain labeled, “Sure,Jan”

  10. Kind of convenient that the “changed” man has suddenly passed.
    From how their letters go it seems Josh is the second coming. Converting prisoners, helping widows, I bet he just can’t wait for the part about helping the whores.
    He’s a sick man who has been given free passes his whole life, and at the detriment of his own sisters! (As well as many many others!)
    Put him away in prison where he belongs!

  11. I’m sure the judge who reads the letter from Josh’s Mommy(who dotted the I in her name with a HEART so you KNOW its serious!) will realize that the sex pest child molester and child porn lover/watcher/downloader/connoisseur should be let loose that very day, to be given a parade in his honor for saving that prisoner!


    Wouldn’t Josh AND the prisoner population of Arkansas be better served to keep Josh INSIDE the system to spread the Good News?

    See you in 20 you, or whenever you save all those souls Sex Pest.

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