Victoria Messer– Sister of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer— Reveals She’s Pregnant With Twins

“I’m firin’ up the ol’ baby chute again, y’all!”

The Messer Family tree keeps on growing!

Victoria Messer— the ever-fertile sister of Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer— announced on Sunday that she’s pregnant (again!) And this time around, Victoria (who already has three kids) will be birthing them two at a time because she’s having twins!

As The Ashley previously reported, Victoria married her vacation bootycall-turned-baby-daddy Royer Rodriguez earlier this year, after Royer was allowed to move to West Virginia from his native Costa Rica (where he met– and impregnated— Victoria back in 2019). Victoria gave birth to their son Cai  in 2020 while Royer was still living in Costa Rica. 

Victoria announced her double pregnancy in a Father’s Day Instagram post.

Her sister Leah— who also has twins— joked that fans had been saying that they thought she was pregnant, but it was actually Victoria who was. (Ironically, Victoria’s twins are due on the same day Leah’s twins— 12-year-olds Ali and Aleeah— were born, December 16.) 

“The state of West Virginia will be chock full of Messers by the time me ‘n’ Leah are done reproducin’!”

“Happy Fathers day to the love of my life,” Victoria wrote to Royer. “I knew without any doubt you were going to be the best father and stepdad. I’m so glad I chose you & I couldn’t be any happier to do life and raise our children with you! On that note: Our beautiful family will be growing by not just [one] but [two] because WE’RE HAVING TWINS December 16th.”

“& they alll thought it was me pregnant,” Leah wrote in the post’s comment section. “How did your due date land on the Twins bday tho?! Congratulations you guys! You’ve got this!”

Leah’s boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley (who basically used Father’s Day to thank himself for being a great “bonus dad” to Leah’s three kids— as you do) also sent his best wishes to the forever fertile couple.

“Congratulations to y’all!!” he wrote. 

“I expect that you will be naming the boy twin Jaylan and the girl twin Jaylana, right? After their amazing Bonus Uncle?”

The post also showed photos and videos of Victoria and Royer at the babies’ gender reveal. It appears from the photos that they’re having a boy and a girl.

This will be the fourth and fifth children for both Royer and Victoria. While they share Cai, Royer has two children in Costa Rica from previous relationships, while Victoria has two daughters, one from each of her previous marriages. 

“I ain’t bled much in the last few years ’cause I’ve always got a youngin’ in my womb!”

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)


  1. Victoria can learn from Jenelle of all people – girl needs to get her tubes tied. And/or Royer needs a snip, STAT. There will be 7 kids between them, with four other baby parents involved. Them Messers sure know how to keep it classy!

    And what job skills do Victoria and Royer have? Do they have any income at all, or is it all just the First Bank of Leah which will be drying up when the show ends.

    I recall years ago before Victoria started breeding, she told Leah that she wanted Leah’s life. Leah told her that she really doesn’t, but Victoria didn’t listen and followed in her sister’s footsteps, sans the lucrative TV deal.

  2. All trash, and now the West Virginia taxpayers will be picking up more of the tab. Ashley should find out how Royer’s other kids are faring in Costa Rica……. Probably living in poverty, but that’s just a guess and my opinion. Check it out with your sources Ashley.

  3. She cheated on her then husband and got pregnant by Royer, and now is pregnant again. If history repeats itself….she cheated on a husband (at least) once she’ll likely do it again.

  4. If you’ve already left 2 children behind in Costa Rica and gained entry into another country through someone (Leah) vowing to be responsible for you, wouldn’t a “responsible” thing on your part be to use birth control (for now) and not bring any “more” children into an already complicated mix?

    Just asking for a friend.

  5. All of these girls need to slow down. She is going to have 10 kids before she knows it. Also I’m due early January and am only 11 weeks but she already knows the gender? Huh? I thought you’re supposed to wait until 18-20.

    1. @Nosliwc: Because it’s twins, it’s likely considered a high risk pregnancy, so she would likely get additional tests and be able to find out sooner. Either that or she did one of those “Sneak peek” blood sample kits. You only have to be nine weeks to do those and they are very accurate! -The Ashley

  6. I will absolutely shit bricks if both sets of twins share the same birthday 😂 they’re really gonna have their hands full with 5 kids. One of my friends has 6 kids and I have no idea how she does it

  7. Well, now Victoria will have her 3 younger kids all by the same dude. That’s surely an improvement in her life.

  8. It is interesting to me that Royer abandoned his two children and now is about to have 3 in the US. How does he think his oldest two children will feel when they question why they weren’t important enough for their Dad to choose them. Kids aren’t interchangeable.

    1. Victoria should realize he is only with her for citizenship, he definitely lied about his pull out game to Victoria, wait until he leaves her for a hotter younger girl, once he green card is finalized, then he will abandon not 2 kids but now 5 and maybe more. It happened to a girl I used to work with she ended up have 6 kids(1 set of twins) with this random British guy, that she brought over to the states.

      1. 100% That is what I have always thought too! And Leah’s dumb ass signed on to be his sponsor. If I’m not mistaken that makes her responsible for the next 10 years.

      2. The British guy was only with her for the Green Card? Yes, the warn torn and poor country he must have had to leave from for better opportunities 😂

        1. Honest to god, I am not sure if he was there to get a green card or not, all I know is that he left her after she conceived their last child together. He used to go to the states once a year, and got her pregnant each visit until their twins where born. The last time I saw her was a couple of months before the pandemic so I don’t know what ever became of that situation.

      3. A man would have to be pretty cold to have three children by a woman with the sole intention of abandoning them all. I wouldn’t accuse Royer of that level of callousness at this point.

    2. but also how did victoria’s 2 daughters feel about some random foreign man moving in and marrying their mom??? like how does she explain that to two little girls

      1. Not only that but she spent 5 minutes with him before getting pregnant, getting married and deciding to move him to the US. She doesn’t “know” him, imo. I would not be bringing some man I barely knew around my children. But, the Messer’s have no problem doing that.

    3. Right! Like he abandoned the two children he already has in Costa Rica just to be with a stranger he accidentally impregnated and Victoria thinks he’s gonna be a good dad? Lmao good luck with those 5 kids to raise alone once he leaves your ass. It truly always amazes me when these girls have children with a man who is known to be deadbeat, and doesn’t have a relationship with the children he has, and expects the outcome to be any different with them. History always repeats itself!

      1. For real. Victoria has proven over and over that she does not exercise good judgment nor does she appear to possess much in the intelligence department. Five kids to raise alone, probably no job skills – yikes. And as always the kids get the shit end of the stick.

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