Jenelle Evans Calls Her Mother Barbara “Toxic” After Barbara’s Overheard Bad-Mouthing Her In Video; Implies She’s Taking Her Mom Back to Court

“Well Juh-nelle, I see ya postin’ about me again on ya Ticky Tack!”

Jenelle Evans is not happy after finding out that her mother, Barbara, warned other Teen Mom girls not to turn out like Jenelle did. The former Teen Mom 2 star seemingly responded to Babs’ blabs with a post to Instagram and TikTok on Sunday, writing that her mom— who she had recently been getting along with after a period of estrangement– is “toxic.”

In the comment section of her TikTok post, Jenelle stated that there is “a pending case at the moment,” hinting that she and her mom may be back in court fighting for custody of Jenelle’s almost-13-year-old son, Jace, whom Barbara has had legal custody of since he was a baby.

@jenellelevansAnd i just keep my mouth shut 😞 I have been the happiest ive ever been in my life. It sucks when none of your accomplishments aren’t acknowledged.. especially by your own mom 💔

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Jenelle posted comments she received from her fans that stated, “Your mom was talking s**t about you” and “Did you see what your mom said about you?”, writing in the comment section, “and I just keep my mouth shut. I have been the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. It sucks when none of your accomplishments aren’t acknowledged…especially by your own mom. #ToxicParents.” 

“But isn’t you makin’ ya video you reactin’? Oh yeah, congrats on ya OnlyFans account accomplishments, Juh-nelle. Do ya feel betta?”

In case you missed the video Jenelle is referring to, The Ashley posted about it earlier this week. While Barbara was in California last weekend filming for Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In, she hung out with the cast of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. Barbara was giving Kayla Sessler some life advice, telling her not to let the MTV fame take over her life and to avoid spending all of her ‘Teen Mom’ earnings on her boyfriends— as she says Jenelle has done.

(Kayla happened to be Live on Instagram at the time, and Barbara seemingly was unaware of this.) 

“ … make sure– listen to me, I’m gonna give you advice– do not get sucked into this fame and do not, no seriously, do not blow your money,” Barbara can be heard saying in the background of the video. “ …Do not get sucked into fame, because it will ruin your life.” 


As the recording goes on, Barbara claims “that’s what happened to Farrah; she’s a f**king mess,” before noting the same thing happened to Jenelle, as well. 

“ …even Jenelle, she spent so much money buying cars, boats, everything for her boyfriends, what are you f**king NUTS? Ya know, taking trips,” Barbara says.  

Instead of blowing their MTV fortunes on she-sheds, exotic trips and boats for their boooooyfriends and husbands and such, Barbara advised the franchise-newbies to play it smart and think about the long game. 

“I like, took my money and invested it,” Barbara claims.

“Ya hear that, Docta Drew? I’ve got lots of cash saved up. We can build our love nest! Call me!”

Barbara and Jenelle have had long periods of estrangement over the years. The mother/daughter duo had recently been getting along, though, with Barbara even venturing onto The Land for recent holidays such as Easter. 

The temporary truce came after a long estrangement that started in 2021 when Barb and Jenelle were at odds after trying to work out a plan to allow Jenelle’s son Jace (whom Babs has legal custody of) to live with Jenelle on The Land. Jace and Babs were not getting along, and Babs agreed to allow the living arrangement…until Jenelle began bragging on social media about getting custody of Jace back. After that, the entire plan fell through and Jenelle and Barbara stopped speaking.

Babs and Jenelle eventually made up, but it appears that truce is now over.

“Here we go again, Juh-nelle. Ya not gonna mention me not playin’ the Yahtzee with ya again, are ya?”

That was the most-recent of many feuds between Barbara and Jenelle. Many of the previous ones were over custody of Jace or Jenelle’s husband, David Eason

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; YouTube)


  1. Barb might not have done the best with her kids, but she has taken Jace and gave him stability his whole life, something Jenelle has not. He’s better off where he is, but that dummy will fight for custody until the day he turns 18 to make her look like she’s still trying to actively be in his life. Let him be and keep your drama off social media if u aren’t allowed to talk about active court cases. U are pathetic Jenelle!

  2. So Jenelle’s a narcissist? Seems like she gets along fine with her mom when Babs keeps her mouth shut so J can spin what people *see*. I used to think what Babs did was cruel to have J sign away her rights so early, but looking back – I think Babs knew a narcissist is a horrible parent.

    Jace was destined for a hard life, based on his parents, the generational disfunction, and then being shown in public without consent. Babs is probably the most stable adult he’s known and his life would be much worse if left up to J.

  3. “none of your accomplishments aren’t acknowledged”

    Probably because you have no accomplishments


  4. Barb is right, and most people of Janelles age would agree with her, learn the lesson and move on.
    It saddens me that OF will be her only stream of income soon and no one is going to buy the land, and let’s face David will leave her before he gets a job.
    Jace is nearly thirteen no judge is going to remove him from his home. He might choose to live with her in future, or more likely run as far as he can as soon as he can.

  5. The level of dumb these girl possesses exceeds understanding. The woman rightfully gave young girls advice to which you couldn’t head and ended up with a permanently unemployed human being who has you doing OF for toy and vacation money. Not saying anything wrong with that type of employment for income but her stuff is hardly anything to look at for free never mind pay for. The leaked stuff is cringeworthy. There’s nothing to celebrate in way or accomplishments madam. But go off…

  6. I am glad Jenelle is Continued do good it is great to see her and the kids she has truly been through it.Her mother was always out for her self even Though she tried to make it Look like she was trying to help her she just wanted to be on the show and and get the money

  7. Jenelle should be praising God daily for Barbara, because without her Jace would be growing up in foster care. Barb isn’t perfect, but she loves Jace and puts his needs first. Jenelle will never mature into adult thinking.

  8. Barbara was not talking shit. Jenelle serves as a walking warning label for irresponsible trash with money. Jenelle can keep faking being happy with her mediocre TikTok dancing and sloppy OF postings. The truth hurts, Jenelle.

    1. *applause*. Don’t you love that every issue that arises she’s “the happiest she’s ever been”. Ma’am where….

  9. Barbra raised not one, not two, but three pieces of shit. I think that makes her a shit mom or Mother of Shit.

  10. That pesky Barbara could never understand what it was all really about… why couldn’t she just let Jenelle spread her legs and fly? At times she was soaring so majestically into unmanned rental homes with her fantastic partner Kieffer the meth dealer. Soaring so high above her mother’s remarks right into a jail cell—why!? Why won’t her mother leave her be >__<

  11. Oh shut the hell up Crimson Chin. You’ve been playing this same song for years. No one feels sorry for you. The only victims here are your children . 🙄🙄🙄

    1. Poor Jace will be 17yrs & 11mths & Jenelle will still be singing “I’m taking mum to court and when I get Jace back…..”

      I hope Barbara has Jace’s MTV money tied up tight, away from his bio mum & UBT.

      1. I honestly think Jenelle’s entire battle over Jace is over the money Barbara put away for Jace. Jenelle is broke broke. Like brokity broke, as shown by her flexes of getting a pedicure, eating Subway, and getting her hair done. I dont think she wants Jace, she’s never ever made him a bedroom on The Land. She just wants access to his money.

  12. She’s the happiest she has ever been.
    She must love her new OF fame.
    Now can we talk about her husband’s Vienna sausage?
    Come on Ashley we need a article about his using a fake penis prop for his pictures.
    I’m sorry I don’t know what to even call that thing. It’s definitely not a 🍆eggplant. More like a 👍🦧

  13. I just here for comments 🍿🤣😂🤣😂 The Drama of these two JeNelle And Babs I can’t!
    I’m not sure what the statutes are in North Carolina but isn’t Jace old enough to decide for himself now 💁🏼‍♀️

    1. Even if the situation were better and she was a stable human I can’t see a judge changing the situation 13 years later.

  14. Your comments were hilarious tonight The Ashley.
    PS I can’t stand JE. All Barb did was tell the truth.

  15. I used to feel for Jenelle and Babs a bit. They always just seemed like life dealt a shit hand and they were just finding a way to deal. Between Jenelle’s drugs and Barbara’s drinking, they are/were numbing something.
    While Barbara is a million percent right, these two can’t stop going at each other publicly. What’s sad is that it seems the want of them only want to win, not that they want Jace. He’s 13. He has only a few years left with family and this is literally all he’s ever known. It’s sad af.

  16. Barbara wasn’t talking shit. She was stating facts. If Jenelle can’t tell the difference, that’s her problem.

  17. Does Jenelle really not see the irony of her of all people to put #toxicparents on her post? Jenelle is the very definition of toxic. So is every guy she has ever been with and allowed around her children and any animals.

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