‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Barbara Evans Warns ‘Young & Pregnant’ Girls Not To End Up Like Her Daughter Jenelle; Amber Portwood Reveals Her Massive ‘Teen Mom’ Salary & More

“Well Juh-nelle, hopefully someone can learn from all the mistakes ya made… and the ones ya married.”

From making it your goal to deter others from following in your daughter’s swampy footsteps to making a TON of MTV money, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! In an effort to keep you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.    

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’- related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Barbara Evans is overheard sharing advice with the ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ cast on how to NOT end up like her daughter. 

“First step on how to not turn out like daughta: Don’t marry a friggin’ dude like that David. Step two, don’t waste ya money on the Kieffas and gettin’ HIGH! HIGH!” 

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ grandma Barbara Evans shared some words of wisdom with the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant cast recently, while using her daughter Jenelle Evans as a cautionary tale. 

As The Ashley told you last week, Barbara and former ‘Teen Mom OG’ grandma Debra Danielsen–- mom of Farrah Abraham–- were photographed with the cast of ‘Young and Pregnant’ last weekend, as both parties were in Los Angeles filming respective MTV projects.

…and none for Jenelle or Farrah– bye!

During the mini-franchise meetup, the ladies took an opportunity to mingle with the ‘Teen Mom’ grandmas–- part of which was recorded in one of the ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls’ Instagram Live videos.

In one particular clip reposted by the Instagram account @kittyjakers, Barbara can be overheard sharing some words of advice with some of the ‘Young and Pregnant’ cast on how they should spend their MTV paychecks–– or rather, how they shouldn’t use the cash to spoil their boooyyyyfrrriieends boyfriends (like Jenelle did). She also warned them not to let the fame change them (like Farrah did).  

“ … make sure– listen to me, I’m gonna give you advice– do not get sucked into this fame and do not, no seriously, do not blow your money,” Barbara can be heard saying in the background of the video. “ … Do not get sucked into fame, because it will ruin your life.” 

“Whatever, dude. Aside from my dwindling bank account, horrible reputation and even more horrible husband, I couldn’t be happier.”

As the recording goes on, Barbara claims “that’s what happened to Farrah; she’s a f**king mess,” before noting the same thing happened to Jenelle, as well. 

“ …even Jenelle, she spent so much money buying cars, boats, everything for her boyfriends, what are you f**king NUTS? Ya know, taking trips,” Barbara says.  

Exhibit A

Instead of blowing their MTV shekels on she-sheds and such, Barbara advised the franchise-newbies to play it smart and think about the long game. 

“I like, took my money and invested it,” Barbara claims.

Amber Portwood’s massive MTV salary is revealed during custody battle with baby daddy.

All of us after we realized that we should have gotten pregnant in high school…

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, Amber Portwood‘s years-long custody battle with ex Andrew Glennon over their son James finally ended, with a judge ruling that the couple’s four-year-old son is allowed to move to California with his father.

While Amber, who lives in Indiana, will be allowed to have a monthly visit with her son, a judge ruled that she must pay her ex $52,266 in back child support, $3,000 in attorney fees, and $624 weekly for child support. Fortunately for Amber, she has her MTV salary to cover these costs.

According to The Sun, court documents reveal that Ambie rakes in a cool $600,000 yearly for appearing on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

So…do the stuffed animals make like $1000 an episode or what?

Court documents state that after other expenses-– including costs related to agents and lawyers–- Amber still brings home around $475,000 annually. It was also noted that Amber’s recent book, So You’re Crazy Too?, failed to bring in any significant income.  

“Y’all are missing out… this is a rill good read.”

When determining the total amount Amber has to pay her ex, the judge took into consideration that Andrew has been shacking up in Amber’s Indiana home with their son since July 2019. More importantly, Andrew–- James’s primary caretaker–- has been living in the home completely rent-free, while Amber has resided in Airbnbs. 

“If it’s for free, it’s for me! Oh, and James, too.”

Cory Wharton announces that he’s going to be in a movie, but not in the boxing ring. 

My frightened reaction to seeing a movie-theater sized Cory winking at the camera and flexing his muscles.

Those who were looking forward to seeing Cory Wharton of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and The Challenge go a few rounds in the boxing ring next week against Chase Demoor of Too Hot To Handle will unfortunately have to wait until September, as the “NO MORE TALK” match scheduled for July 30 has been postponed. 

The Ashley will give you a moment to gather yourselves and deal with the extreme disappointment you must be feeling upon hearing this devastating news… 

According to a statement posted by Social Gloves– the company hosting the match/stroking Cory’s already larger than life ego– the “NO MORE TALK” boxing event is being postponed until early September “due to the current unavailability of main event fighter Aneson Gib.” 

Cory’s face every time he’s reminded that he isn’t the star of this event…

After hearing the news (and likely breathing a sign of relief that his MTV-money-making mug is safe for at least another month) Cory took to his Instagram Story to assure his fans that he has another project lined up and surprisingly, it won’t be airing on MTV. 

“I finally booked my first movie and I’m really excited to tell you guys about that and what the movies about,” Cory said in the IG Story, reposted by @mtv_reality_teaa. “But yeah man, looks like we’ll be fighting in September and not next weekend… ”

Cory has yet to provide details about his movie debut; however, according to IMDb, he has been cast in the upcoming horror movie The Devil’s Ride, credited as “Basketball Player.” 

“My character may not have an actual name, but it’s cool…”

Starring James Moses Black, The Devil’s Ride follows Aaron (played by Marcus Ellison) who suffers from what he believes is sleep paralysis and nightmares, though he “finds that no matter what he does, the darkness will never leave him.” 

The Devil’s Ride is currently in pre-production.

Farrah Abraham accused of animal abuse after renting her sick mini horse out to become a birthday party mural. 

One of these things belongs in a barn and the other is Starburst the mini horse.

Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham took a break from surgically modifying her face, claiming to be a victim of discrimination/”batterment,” and verbally attacking others this week to once again exhibit questionable pet ownership practices.

Farrah— who has been accused of mistreating her dogs in the past— was accused of animal abuse after she posted a photo of her mini horse, Starburst, with her body and mane covered in paint. Farrah proudly announced that she is now renting Starburst out for children’s birthday parties and forcing the animal to become a canvas for kids to paint on.

In the caption of the photo of the miserable-looking horse, Farrah revealed that “Starburst hosted her first birthday party,” during which she “let the kiddos paint unicorn designs, pet & feed her.” 

“Starburst knows she’s a birthday party must have!” Farrah added in the caption, seemingly confirming that she sees nothing wrong with pimping out a mini horse and allowing it to become a coloring book. 

Starburst only recently recovered from a very serious eye infection and just regained her ability to see, making the timing of the paint party even more awful.

“Neigh. I already miss not being able to see this botched-faced biotch. Also…Neigh.”

Farrah claims Starburst is happier than ever to be a “working horse.” 

After seeing Farrah’s latest act of questionable pet parenting, many people flocked to the comment section, some asking why Farrah hasn’t been reported for her recent antics. 

“This is animal cruelty, you can’t take care of yourself much less your animals,” one person commented. “You have treated them all like crap and now having kids paint all over this beautiful animal?!” 

“Strange and disturbing that someone would see a sweet pony like Starburst and want to cover her in paint,” another wrote. “Why not just have the kids paint on paper?” 

“Animal neglect and abuse!! You should not be allowed to have animals or kids! Pathetic!” another person commented.

“Please don’t alter her natural beauty in any way. Letting the children draw on her was probably the highlight of their day, but it isn’t good for Starburst,” someone else wrote.

“Umm, there’s nothing wrong with altering natural beauty! Look how well that has turned out for me, guys!” 

Starburst currently resides in a horse boarding facility in Texas but had previously been living in the backyard of Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham. Farrah and Michael are apparently no longer on speaking terms, which may explain why the horse was finally moved out of the backyard in Texas, where she had lived for years.

The facility Starburst lives at now– Spicewood Farms— offers this “painting party” as an add-on for its birthday parties. It costs $125 extra to paint a horse at a birthday party apparently. 

“This fun option includes adding a 2nd horse & Cowgirl to lead the kids in actually painting on a real horse. While they wait for their turn to ride, kids can paint shapes & images on the horse, just like the Native Americans did to their horses, long ago. Fascinating & Fun!” the facility’s website reads.

“Um…I don’t remember reading in the history book about Native Americans letting sticky kids use Crayola paints all over their sick ponies but OK. Also, neigh…”

As mentioned above, this isn’t the first time Farrah has been called out for treating pets poorly. Back in March 2020, Farrah was issued a warning from PETA after posting a video of her dogs Boo and Cupcake– dyed blue and pink at the time– that showed Cupcake walking around with a red ribbon tied on its muzzle. The video (rightfully) outraged people on social media, who accused Farrah of mistreating the pup and leaving it unable to eat, drink or make noise. 

A screenshot of video showing Cupcake’s “muzzle” and Cupcake and Boo’s dyed fur, posted by the @hernandez.mike.joe page.

In response to the backlash, Farrah straight up lied claimed she was using the ribbon as a “muzzle” because it had been recommended by her trainer. She then lied some more claimed the shredded hair ribbon contraption was “sold at all pet stores.” 

In 2018, Farrah’s former friend Phoebe Price accused the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star accused Farrah of mistreating her dogs at the Coachella Music Festival.

“At Coachella, I had to water and walk these dogs because Farrah left them in a basket, not to run around,” Phoebe stated in an explosive social media rant. “How would you like to be trapped in a basket for three days?! These dogs were starving for attention! When they barked, she squirted water in their face. Who does that?!”

That same year, Farrah was under fire after her dog Blue mysteriously died. Her daughter Sophia, then nine years old, admitted that the dog died right after she tossed him.

“I was getting Blue to go outside and my only choice was to toss him outside. And then I did, but then he went into shock and 30 seconds later he passed with no heartbeat,” Sophia explained on her Musical.ly account at the time.

Farrah went on to blame the dog being stressed about the construction happening at their apartment building for the death. She then proceeded to have the dog stuffed…as you do.

Farrah did not respond to the comments about cruelty toward Starburst.

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here

(Photos: MTV; Instagram; YouTube) 


  1. I’ve got enough property here where her animals would be well taken care of and would be free from her idiocy.

  2. You can have a bad parent and still turn out okay. You can’t all just blame the bad parent. I know quite a few people raised by terrible people who made the decision to turn out for the better.

    As for Amber, shit who makes arrangements for an overnight visit across states? I hope there’s more time allotted for visits other than an overnight cuz that’s a joke. She skipped local visits so we’ll see if she bothers with these. Shady guy won I just feel bad for James having two crummy lazy parents. You know damn well dad’s just going to continue sitting on his ass at mommy’s. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t have been working all this time. It’s not like James is severely disabled and needs 24/7 care.

    Both parents are poor excuses.

  3. Wow tells u everything u need to know bout Farrah and Sophia. Dog killers and animal abusers. Don’t think Sophia gonna turn out good, be just like her mother 😒

  4. Disgusting what they make for what sitting on their asses and popping out more kids. Mtv should of stayed with regular 16 and pregnant could of helped more girls instead of feeding these fame hungry moms who I believed some (kail) had more kids to keep show going. Kids deserve semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck for parents

  5. Cory needs to stop trying to make Cory happen. It’s not going to happen. Which means he’ll need to get some rill skills for a rill job. He has three kids to support. Too bad real jobs are no fun, buddy.

  6. If Farrah and Michael aren’t speaking, are they all living together? I thought when they moved to Texas they moved in with Michael and Amy? Or is Sophia just living with them now? I hope there’s some stability for Sophia (not that Michael is parent of the year, but it might be better than Sophia around the yacht girl company and no school).

    Also the whole update on Starburst is so sad.

  7. Farrah might wanna tread lightly if PETA’s coming after her….You see how they eventually got Jenelle fired, and Babs is right. Jenelle AND Farrah are cautionary tales of what can happen when you mix fame, money, entitlement and thinking you’re invincible or un-fireable. Farrah is now stuck literally whoring herself and her poor horse out, and Jenelle is stuck living on a swamp with David the Demon…and both are now broke. ALL of these chicks need to be smart, and get a financial advisor. That TM train is about to come to a stop pretty soon.

    1. Farrah sells “sexy” poop content and crawls out of her hole every few months to assault a security guard, other than that, she doesn’t have much of a life to ruin 😅

  8. So Amber is on a show about being a mom, even though she doesn’t have custody of either child, and she’s making $600,000 per year. Make it make sense.

  9. I hope Ambie saved some of that money because TM is on its last leg. These women are in their 30’s so the show has been on 10 yrs too long anyway. This current recession will most likely be the death blow to the already failing show as MTV tightens their budget.

    1. Oh please! Tell me this is true! This show should not be paying these still incapable adult children that high of a salary when the audience is at an all time low. I can’t believe that anyone with half a brain is still watching it. What’s next? Teen Mom OG – My 16 year old made me a grandma? Enough us enough. MTV is dying. Pregnant minors is all they have left. And now with the abortion ban there is going to be a shit ton more! I give it less than a year for Ambien to do this back and forth to CA shit. As soon as she finds her next boyfriend, she’s done!

  10. Amber has made a ton of money off a show that is supposed to focus on how these 16 year olds grew up and parented their own kids..yet she hasn’t raised or parented either of hers since they were babies, and she didn’t even do much back then. She shouldn’t even have a job.

  11. Did I read that correctly?? Sophia killed her dog by throwing him outside?!? Did she throw him out of a window, or…..?

    1. Scary right? Farrah doesn’t need to be raising anything. I can see Sophia REALLY rebelling when she’s a teenager/now, and Farrah is the only one to blame for this. She’s not a good mother.

    2. On the balcony.
      Poor thing allegedly had no water or shade and died.
      Farrah later claimed he died of stress because of construction going on nearby their apartment. Bullpoo

  12. Wow just wow! Farrah and Lurch sound like soulmates , selfish, useless , lazy and animal abusers. Poor animals. Jenelle going to be crying about her mom again soon…the truth is something Jenelle and Farrah can’t deal with.

  13. I think people tend to forget that Barbara raised Janelle and was a horrible parent herself. She seems terrible with Chase and was always screaming at him. I got so sick of seeing Barbara on the show bitching and whining. She also looks like she has a series alcohol problem.

    1. No one forgets that Babs raised Jenelle but when do you stop blaming Babs and force the chin to take responsibility for her own life? Not to mention, Babs didnt just spawn Jenelle-there was a whole other person involved in that copulation.

    2. Just because Jenelle says Barbara was a horrible parent doesn’t make it true.
      Some things you can’t deny – Barbara left an abusive husband and had to work multiple jobs to support 3 kids, so yeah, it’s understandable that she didn’t have much time to spend with her kids but I don’t see how she could have done it differently. She was probably tired and stressed out all the time like anyone would be in that situation.

    3. Right. Barb has her own serious problems. Her marriage was terrible. She drinks. Her kids all have mental issues stemming from childhood trauma.

      But at 30, Jenelle is responsible for Jenelle.

  14. What kind of perverse a-hole paints a lovely horse at a birthday party? Someone must do something to protect those animals!

  15. For all of her faults on how Juhnelle was raised, she does make a good point. INVEST AND SAVE YOUR MONEY. This isnt guaranteed income; I cant see any of these girls doing much else after Y & P gets cancelled or they fold these girls in with the OG or TM2 ladies.

    1. I was happy to read that Babs saved and invested her money – she probably didn’t have much before. She had a decent house, but I recall it was for sale during 16&P – maybe the TM money was the saving grace for Babs to hang onto it. And she was probably able to retire comfortably thanks to the TM money. Babs definitely has her flaws but I’ll always have a soft spot for her and she has valid advice for the Y&P girls. Even if she raised a monster who became a bigger monster due to piss poor AVOIDABLE choices.

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