‘Teen Mom’ Star Zach Davis Denies His Criminal Past Had Anything to Do With Him & Fiance Cheyenne Floyd Being Shot At; Plus More Info About Cheyenne Floyd’s Injury (Exclusive Details)

“This happens to everyone in Los Angeles– honest!”

Zach Davis may have a history of criminal behavior, but he insists that it had nothing to do with him and his family being shot at!

Zach and his fiancé Cheyenne left some viewers confused last week when they explained on the premiere episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter that their car had been shot at 13 times while the couple was driving with their children. Cheyenne and Zach didn’t go into much detail about the shooting, although they did say that it was a person they knew who pulled the trigger.

Information released by MTV before the season started claimed that Cheyenne had to undergo “surgery for her injury.” While many viewers interpreted this as Cheyenne being shot, a source for The Ashley tells her that is not the case.

“Cheyenne discussed the shooting while she was filming [for Teen Mom Family Reunion] last week and said she was not shot, despite what some online articles are claming,” the source said. “Luckily, no one was shot and everyone else escaped without injury, except for Cheyenne.


“Cheyenne was injured when her car slammed into the back of a Prius trying to escape the shooter,” the source tells The Ashley. “She had to have surgery due to the injuries she sustained in the crash.”

On Tuesday, Zach took to Instagram Stories to rant about fans coming up with their own theories about why he and Cheyenne were shot at. He denied fans’ accusations that the shooting had anything to do with the fact that he has “a past” that includes criminal activity. (You can read all about that here.)


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“The fact that I have to address this is beyond me. It keeps coming to my attention that there is a lot being said about the incident we were involved in,” Zach wrote in the Instagram rant, which has since been deleted.

Since last week’s episode aired, fans have expressed their surprise that the shooting did not get any media coverage. Because of this, some fans suspected that Zach and Cheyenne were either lying about the incident or hiding information about it. Zach  addressed these theories in his rant.

“So let’s get some things straight. It happened. A lot of crimes go down in LA that do not make the news,” he wrote. “Chey and I would never make up this dramatic story for ratings, it’s taken us a year to even be able to talk publicly about what we have been going through. This was a senseless act and living in LA it is not uncommon.

“Stop the narrative that this was our friend or justify what we went through because I have a past,” Zach continued. “This has zero connection. This is still an active case which is why we can’t give details. At this point, offer prayers, support or leave your judgement out.” 

Zach also posted several photos of the car they were driving when they were shot at. Bullet holes are shown on the car, and the car’s airbags had all been deployed.

On Twitter, Chey also addressed the rumors about her shooting story.

“Some of y’all and your assumptions are beyond disrespectful,” she tweeted.

“Let’s keep the focus on what’s REALLY important here– our upcoming wedding!”

‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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29 Responses

  1. I don’t believe this story, I think they were shot at because he is a gang member they won’t talk because then they have to admit thier criminal activity, no names but going to trial never heard a reporter protect the name of someone who attempted to kill

  2. I have lived in LA my entire life and have never been shot at. I don’t anyone who has been shot at. I won’t deny that LA is a crap hole, but it is because of people like this chick and her husband. YOU both created the narrative to profit. You cannot complain about it now that people are not buying the latest version of your story.

  3. Something’s really shady about Zach. I see him ending up like Apollo from RHWOA. Just the way Cheyenne treated him, had a baby with Corey, and Zach still went back to her and “trapped” her (they really trapped each other) with a baby and a ring…Normal people don’t do that, but someone with an agenda does. Cheyenne’s agenda is a family, Zach’s, I’m not sure what his final agenda is, but it whatever it is, it’s something sneaky.

  4. Its just so random, one minute they talk weddinggifts and by the way we got shot at about a year ago. Strange ..

    I think its about ratings, sorry, give answears if you dont want people to guess or just keep quiet and dont start talking the minute your show is starting a New season ..

  5. These two seem to love creating drama and feel like troublemakers. This likely wont be the last. They thrive off crap/

  6. No one shots up a car 13 times unless they want to kill you.

    Chey said this was someone you both knew well.

    There are only reason that someone shots at you and children at point blank range is revenge.

    Chey needs to leave this fool before she hitches her wagon to a habitual felon.

    Where the f*ck is Corey, I can’t believe he even let Ryder near this man again after this.

    1. He may not know the real reason this happened. Cheyenne and Zach probably sold him some bullshit. Zach is shady and Cheyenne is a fool to go ahead and marry him

  7. I 100% believe Zach wrote this. Zach probably can’t even sign his name in cursive. Cheyenne totally wrote this.

  8. 1. While, yes, crimes are common, I think the skepticism comes from the fact they were able to keep this quiet until the premier of TM. Is it impossible? Not at all because we didn’t find out about Maci witnessing a shootout until TMOG started. However, there is a report or some coverage about it even though Maci’s name isn’t mentioned.
    2. Zach has a shady past and they even said they personally knew the person responsible. So, it isn’t some outrageous or random speculation. They were obviously targeted and that is going to be the most likely conclusion.
    3. It’s sad how common shootings are in America.

  9. The fact that you have to address this is beyond you?! No one asked you to share this in the first place. You are bringing this scrutiny to yourself and the situation ? famewhores!

  10. They literally created the narrative that this was someone they thought was a friend. Why else would they talk about how he’s been to their house and they’ve taken pictures with him? They apparently knew this person, so this was not some random attack.

  11. So he says that people just get randomly shot in LA? ?
    I’m in LA all the time and never have witnessed such a thing. I’m aware there is violence, but for 1 car to get shot at 13x, randomly? It doesn’t make any sense.

    1. LA is a HUGE area similar to Atlanta, there are nice parts & there are parts that are not so nice with tons of violence. People definitely get shot all the time in LA depending on which area you’re in, hence a rapper getting robbed & killed yesterday at a local LA restaurant.

      1. Your absolutely correct, LA is big, but what I was trying to say is that somebody just doesn’t randomly shoot up a car 13x, and on top of that, use a laser. Also, PnB Rock was shot & killed, but he wasn’t just some random target, the shooter knew who he was looking for (allegedly) that is why Rocks possessions were taken afterward. If Z&C, were targets of a theft or carjacking, why would the shooter damage the property?
        Either way, it’s a sad situation for everyone involved.

        1. Is the laser part confirmed? I find it equally hard to believe someone with a gun that has laser sight is goign to miss all 13 times…

          1. “Cheyenne Floyd & Zach Davis Say They Were Shot At 13 Times While In Their Car With Their Kids; ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Couple Says They Know The Shooter“

            This was the article on The Ashley that mentions the laser.

  12. Say what you will, but your friends don’t shoot at you 13 times for no reason…there was beef and they know what it was but aren’t saying because it would show Zach in a bad light

    1. That’s the part that they’re not addressing. Maybe it wasn’t an associate of Zach past BUT something happened for that guy to do that. Somebody owed someone some money some drugs something!! You don’t shoot at families with little children 13 times unless you are very angry about something and they know what it is but they’re saying they can’t say. I’m not a super sleuth but can’t somebody look up the LA courthouse with their names and find something. That’s the part on most shocked about that nobody can find information and yet we know they went to court etc. etc. Aren’t those documents and court cases public? Even if it was not in the papers somebody can find something out about that court case. That’s just not my talent

  13. Also if any of Zach’s boys are on this I would suggest he doesn’t miss a single episode of this season. It will be way easier to keep your lies straight. Ask jenelle, the fans don’t forget what you say in social media and what you say on the show. We will eat you alive.

  14. “Stop the narrative this was our friend.”

    Uhhhhhhhh what?! You created that narrative. You literally said a person who was at Cheyennes house who was in pictures with you shot at you 13 times!!!

    I like Cheyenne. I always have but this is sketch. So thought they were being weird in the episode as a way to get us to watch more but now I just don’t know.

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