‘Little People, Big World’ Star Matt Roloff Explains Why He Hasn’t Proposed to Girlfriend Caryn Chandler: “It’s Just Very, Very Disappointing”

“You now owe me a carat for every year we’ve been together, pal.”

Matt Roloff has big plans in the works for Roloff Farm, but the same cannot be said for his relationship with longtime girlfriend Caryn Chandler. 

Matt revealed on a recent episode of Little People, Big World that, despite dating Caryn since 2017, he has no plans to propose anytime soon. 

While Matt acknowledged that Caryn is likely “disappointed” that their relationship is “sort of hanging out in limbo,” he said he wants to finish building his dream home on Roloff Farm before proposing and ultimately getting hitched. 

“It just doesn’t make sense for us, for me to propose to her, for us to get married, until we have a place that we can land in,” he said. “And neither of our houses work for each other. So it’s just very, very disappointing.” 

“That’s funny…’very, very disappointing’ is exactly how I’d describe being married to Matt.”

Due to building permits being delayed on his dream home, Matt is currently living in a mobile home; meanwhile Caryn recently revealed that she plans to rent out her home in Oregon to relocate permanently to Arizona, where she and Matt share a vacation home. 

Caryn has also reportedly decided to no longer appear on ‘Little People Big World’ amidst Matt’s ongoing feud with his twin sons Zach and Jeremy, which began shortly after Matt revealed he was selling a portion of Roloff Farm. 

(Matt has since announced that he is pausing the plans to sell a portion of the farm and the former Roloff family residence in order to open up the home for short-term rentals instead.) 

‘Little People, Big World’ viewers have seen Matt and Caryn discuss marriage in the past, and just last season, Caryn accidentally referred to Matt as her husband. 

“I’m married to the guy that owns a pumpkin patch,” she said on camera before realizing that she had misspoken. “I’m not married. Did I just say married?” 

“You’re almost married to a guy with the pumpkin patch, is the way I could put it,” Matt replied. 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 


  1. Unlike Amy and the Roloff family, I like Caryn. I want her to be happy with a man whose world she rocks. A man who romances her. A loving, caring, patient man that doesn’t carry so much baggage. I’m glad that she’s leaving the show. Thing is, she’s gonna live in a house in AZ that belongs to both her & Matt. NO, NO, NO Caryn. I want you to venture out on your own. Don’t wait around on Matt. He’s not for you. Honestly, do think that time heals all wounds? NO. IT DOESN’T. The broken relationship between you, Tori, Zach, & Amy will never mend. THEY DONT LIKE YOU!

  2. Ali is correct. A woman does not know she is having a dwarf baby until weeks into her pregnancy. Either you have the child or abort it. And the abortion would be well after the limits in some of the current states – especially the ones with 6 – 10 week limits.

    You could make it so any person with any chance of having a dwarf child has to be sterilized, but that is illegal and immoral.

    Then what do you do with people like Amy, whose parents had no family history of dwarfs in their family?

    Yes dwarfs have health issues, never said they didn’t. Normal sized people with hereditary health issues also go through painful procedures and surgeries. That doesn’t make them any less worth being able to have the most normal life possible.

    People are commenting like Dwarfs are still side show characters in the circus.

  3. I believe it’s not right bringing children into this world knowing that they will be additional little people with medical problems. It just isn’t right

    1. People like you are so wrong. It’s just genetics. Zach has a higher likelihood of fathering kids with dwarfism. So you were in favor of killing a child just because you don’t like the fact that he or she may be a dwarf? I hope no one in your family finds out in advance that they will have a child with a birth defect, because you will probably demand that the child be aborted. I hate to tell you this, but that’s not your decision to make. Zach and Tori are doing just fine. Their kids are thriving.

    2. Yes, and thank you! Zach was lucky. He had parents who were able to afford all of his surgeries, hospitalizations, PT, medicines, etc. He and Tori will be facing this X3!! Given the children’s dwarfism, their monthly medical ins. premiums alone must be sky high. And I’m sure many things cannot be covered due to their “pre-existing conditions.”
      If they are not investing their LPBW money wisely, to deal with anything that is not covered, and also to meet their co-pay amounts which will be high, then they will be in for a big surprise as time passes.
      And, of course, it’s heartbreaking to think about all the physical pain these children will experience when going through never-ending surgeries and associated therapies and treatments.

      1. You are clueless. Medical premiums are the same and thanks to laws no preexisting conditions can be excluded. I have end stage cancer and pay $56 a month for coverage in the marketplace. My out of pocket max is $2,600. That means that’s all I pay for an entire year. I have wonderful coverage, it’s out there.

        1. I am so sorry to hear about your condition. My husband has stage 4 prostate cancer, so I somewhat know about what’s going on,at least from the care giver pont of view. You are right about the premiums and the maximum out-of-pocket expenses. Jonesie really needs to do some studying on medical insurance, lol. Though it sounds trite, I’m sending you positive thoughts, because that’s the only thing I can think of to do for someone I don’t know.

      2. Dude – Zach’s parents are dwarfs! I don’t think there is anything about dwarfism, or the costs involved in raising a child that is a dwarf, that Matt, Amy, the LPA, wouldn’t know. Zach and Tori have a great social support system. I really doubt they are going to be “in for a big surprise as time passes”. Not only that, all dwarfs don’t have “never-ending surgeries…”

        Dwarfs are people who just happen to be shorter than average height. You are talking about them like they are sub-human and feeble in mind and body. Like they are not able to take care of themselves or make rational decisions. You and others have basically said they shouldn’t be allowed to have children. Who are you to decide that? You really need to sit down and read about the 64,000 people who were forcibly sterilized in the US before 1963 under Eugenic Legislations, because that is where you are heading. I read your comments, and what I get from you is dwarfs don’t know enough to not have children that may be dwarfs that will have, in your opinion, a 100% chance of a miserable life.

        If I am reading you incorrectly, please let me know, because right now I don’t have a good opinion of you.

      1. My twin brother and I were born prematurely. We were born at 26 weeks and I have cerebral palsy. My brother on the other hand is perfectly fine, and as a matter of fact he is happily married and they have a 19 year old daughter. My life has been pretty well too. My parents were there for all of my Therapies every single one of my surgeries. You just do what you have to do. You don’t get rid of a child just because of a disability. We deserve to be left just like anyone else. How dare anyone say that those children should not have been brought into this world. People like that are as bad as Hitler.

    3. Disabilities and medical conditions are not a type of moral failing or judgment. They are not God or the fates punishing someone with a “bad-persons” condition.

    4. Anonymous,

      Couple things for you. Do you know every pregnancy Zach and Tori have had a 50% chance of being “normal” height?? Even if Tori was also a dwarf, there is still a big chance the child could turn out to be normal height. If you doubt this, you just have to look at Matt and Amy. The 2 of them, dwarfs, had 3 normal height kids, and Zach was the only dwarf.

      Dwarfs have the same chance of having normal intelligence, just like normal sized peeps.

      Parents cannot tell if their child is going to be a dwarf until they are many weeks into the pregnancy. As you want dwarfs to go away, they would have to be aborted. And that abortion would be after the new limits that some states now have.

      Normal sized people can have dwarf children, even with no history that they know of of dwarfs in the family. Again, you just have to look at Amy – her parents had no idea they could have a dwarf child.

      The only way to “rid” society of dwarfs, like you apparently want, is to not allow dwarfs to have children, eliminating a distinct group of people. But you still have a problem with people like Amy, whose parents had no idea they could even have a dwarf child.

      Then you have the little problem of it being illegal (and morally wrong) to force sterilization on a specific group of people.

      Yes, dwarves can have a multitude of possible complications to their health. But so could any other person. How they handle it is their own business. Dwarfs have a big support system going on. They don’t need sympathy or anything else from you.

  4. Matt has always been about Matt. He’s the type of guy that thinks that why buy the cow when I can get the milk for free. And Karen is a huge gold digger herself. They deserve each other.

  5. I feel like Matt knows what he’s doing. If he won’t sell his farm to his kids, he’s sure as hell isn’t going to risk his wealth for her.

    He knows that she’s really only there for one thing, and as long as she’s willing to keep dating him without the commitment then he’s going to keep it up.

  6. Just my opinion but if I were Caryn I’d stay right out of it. She seems to smirk at any mention of problems between Matt and his children. Let Matt handle it, don’t say a word. Matt has always said….I’d really like the farm to stay in the family…what’s next Matt?

    1. I’m with you there. Watching this couple makes me INCREDIBLY grateful for the stepmom I have. If we were all fighting I can’t see her ever smirking and being amused by it. She’d be sad about it and trying to play peacemaker. But I’ll also acknowledge I don’t understand divorced parent dynamics. My dad was a widow when he remarried. Still, these two seem like they are only concerned for themselves.

    2. She’s an interloper for sure. Always sticking her nose in situations that she has absolutely NO business in.

  7. I think Matt did Amy rotten. When her and the kids went on vacation and he did not want to go he said they were leaving him out. But he did not want to go because he wanted to stay home with his girlfriend. That has been going on longer then anyone knows. He was just waiting for the kids to be on there own. I think she is also behind all of the family fued. She is the one who did not want him to sell the farm to his kids. She is a gold digger wanting the farm for herself and her kids. They are both snakes. Amy should of figured it out sooner then later. Good luck in life Amy and the same to all the kids. Matt one more thing you need to double think your will who you leave your things to when you die. Think of your kids first.

    1. Because marriage isn’t just a fairy tale. It comes with legal, financial, and emotional responsibilities and love can’t conquer all if both parties are self-absorbed narcissistic a-holes more concerned with money than family. Also, you don’t need a piece of paper to love someone completely. I was with my husband for seven years before we married. You know what changed with marriage? My last name and tax status. Love stayed the same, relationship stayed the same. Marriage is a personal decision and its a jerk move to insinuate that people can’t love each other every day if they aren’t married. That’s a lie and the reason half of all marriages end in divorce, people thinking they have to if they love someone.

  8. Zach and Jerm feel like the farm should be given to them, or they get a substantial discount. What about Molly or Jacob? Even if they say they don’t want the farm, this is their inheritance. Cmon Zach and Jerm, ask for more money from discovery and find your own land

  9. Hah! Matt is no dummy. The last thing he needs is another person, whom he would be legally tied to, being able to actually mess around with his business and his finances. He has enough on his plate, dealing with Amy the Ex constantly spouting her unwanted opinions, and Zach and Tori constantly martyring themselves.

    1. Jonesie, I guess you missed Matt being best buddy with Chris and getting along much better with Amy. Amy has actually been giving Matt her opinion less and less. Matt keeps inviting Chris and her to do things together because of their bromance. Amy is not thrilled about that at all. But you’re Team Matt, so I don’t expect any even slight agreement. Except on the bromance. Even Matt agrees on that.

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