Victoria Messer— Sister of ‘Teen Mom’ Star Leah—Welcomes Twins With Husband Royer Rodriguez

“We Messer gals spout ’em two at a time!”

Another set of Messer twins has entered the world! 

Victoria Messer, the sister of Teen Mom star Leah Messer, welcomed a set of twins Tuesday with her husband Royer Rodriguez. Victoria— who has starred with Leah on ‘Teen Mom’ shows since Leah’s 16 and Pregnant days— announced the births on Wednesday on Instagram. (This is the second set of twins in the immediate Messer family, as Leah has 12-year-old twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah.)


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Victoria posted photos of the babies, announcing that her daughter was named Caydia Gianni and weighed in at 5 lbs., 1 oz. and measured 18.5 inches long. Her son–who weighed 5lbs., 15 oz. and measured 17.5 inches long– was given the name Cayde Ezra.

Caydia and Cayde are Victoria’s fourth and fifth children. She shares another son, Cai, with Royer, and then has daughter Camillia from her previous marriage to Brian Jones. She also has daughter Cerenity from her second marriage to Domenick Crapello.

(So, to recap, her kids are named Camillia, Cerenity, Cai, Caydia and Cayde.) 

Meanwhile, Royer has two children in Costa Rica from previous relationships.

Got all that?

“If you’re tired just from readin’ that, imagine how I feel!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Victoria married Royer, her vacation bootycall-turned-baby-daddy earlier this year, after Royer was allowed to move to West Virginia from his native Costa Rica (where he met–- and impregnated—- Victoria back in 2019). Victoria gave birth to their son Cai in 2020 while Royer was still living in Costa Rica. (Click here to read The Ashley’s recap of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode featuring Cai’s birth.) 

Victoria originally gave her due date as December 16— which is the birthday of Leah’s twins. In recent Instagram posts, she stated that she was due December 2, but the twins apparently came early. 

Just one day ago, Victoria posted a photo of Ali and Aleeah cuddling her baby bump. She captioned the photo, “We can’t wait to meet our second set of first generation TWINS!” along with a due date of December 2.


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A post shared by Victoria Messer (@victoriahopemesser)

“Auntie can’t wait to snuggle,” Leah commented on the post.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


    1. I’d assume nothing, that’s why Leah “gets” to pay for the K1 visa for Royer. Once TM gets canceled, Leah’s going to be SOL too. I’m assuming Victoria gets compensated for TM appearances and whatever diarrhea tea or sunglasses she’s promoting on IG. Maybe child support from the ex husbands/fathers of her other children.

  1. I’m guessing Victoria’s husband doesn’t work? Leah’s now got two more to support. I feel like Leah supports Victoria’s entire family.

    1. Correct. Royer can’t legally work right now. I’m trying to remember the exact time frame, from my K1 visa knowledge from “90 day fiance”. I want to say it’s 2 years of marriage, when he gets his green card. Then after that, we are assuming he has work skills and can’t understand and speak English well enough to work. West Virginia isn’t really bilingual.

  2. Are they trying to be the same or one up each other? Both twice divorced, had a kid(s) from said ex-husbands, have a set of twins, and alliterative children names. And had Leah and Jaylan stayed together, have had three different husbands and baby daddies.

      1. No. even this article references her first marriage to Brian, second marriage to Domenick and third marriage to Royer

      2. The article literally lists Victoria’s two ex-husbands’ names, so unless she didn’t legally divorce one of them before marrying Royer, that’s two divorces.🤷

          1. Im not trying make Victoria not seem trashy, I just don’t think she’s AS trashy as Leah.

            I mean she’s never cheated and Leah’s cheated on both Corey and Jeremy.

            She’s a wonderful mom but a terrible life mate!!!

            She cheated on Corey with Robbie like a week before their wedding and she revenge cheated on Jeremy. The only one she didn’t cheat on was Jay and HE cheated on HER.

            And Victoria’s first marriage was annulled after like 2 weeks (I don’t really call that a marriage). That’s why I said she was only married once (not divorced, that was a typo on my part)

    1. Whats wrong with the names Leah and Victoria?

      There’s nothing WRONG per se with their kids’ names either, they’re just unique…well Victoria’s are.

      The only thing unique about Leah’s kids’ names is the spelling.

      1. Let’s not forget that Ali is short for Aliannah when discussing the Messer family names. I’m not saying it negatively, just people only seem to be discussing Aleeah’s name.

        1. Again, what’s wrong with it, I think it’s cute. As is Adalynn (Addie fofarming.

          And that little Addie cracks me up, she’s a little spitfire!! Not afraid to share her opinion (with attitude) and it’s adorable!! I’ll never forget the time she called Jeremy out at the reunion for his farting.

          And Aleeah goes by Gracie (her middle name is Grace) so that she doesn’t mix them up.

          Im sure Victoria has her shortcuts with all those C names to keep from getting confused too.

  3. Why are the Messer women so dumb? Like seriously. Does she need 2 more mouths to feed? Does she and her husband have jobs? And what about the 2 kids Royer left behind? This is awful

  4. Cayde and Caydia ? That’s about as clever as Leah and Aleaha . What is with not being creative enough to stop adding extra letters to a name for your child so they arnt so similar. (Yes I know that the C C babies are twins , and the Leah /Aleaha are mother and daughter but its still stupid as fuck regardless )

    1. Well, it’s Ali and Aleeah, which is one syllable stuck on the first name. So even the sisters’names are annoyingly similar. My stepmom told me a friend of hers had a daughter and named her Angel. Then later came a boy and she couldn’t think of a matching name. The lady named her son Dangel… Angel and Dangel. If feel so sorry for them! And my stepmom LOVED it! Some people should get a veto for naming babies, seriously.

      1. At first I thought it was going to be “Angelo”, which, fine, at least the pronunciation is a little different.

        But FFS, people. Do they not know you use a name that already exists? Or at least do so without changing the spelling? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. Is it a southern thing to name yours kids the same name essentially when you have twins? I’m annoyed for those babies.

    1. Southern raised with two sets of twins in my family and…no. It’s not a southern thing. It’s a white trash thing from what I’ve seen. My niece had twin friends at her birthday party last year named Courtney and Fortnitie (spelling is actually correct). Apparently Fortnitie was named for the game Fortnite and when I was introduced to their mother I swear to God she could have passed for Joy Turner from “My Name is Earl.”

      1. First time I read that, I read “Fort-knee”. After I read the following sentence, I read it as “fort-night-e”.

        Now I can’t see it any other way 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. My grandfather was a twin, his name was Marvin and his twin sister’s name was Marjorie.

      So no, naming twins with similar names is not bad, southern or trashy, it’s normal.

      And I think it’s actually kinda cute, the children are TWINS so it’s common for them to be similar in more ways than just looks.

      At least Victoria’s married to the father, unlike her sister who has 3 kids by two men and isn’t married to either one of them!!!

      And Victoria’s twins’ names are unique, unlike Aleeah (aka Gracie) and Ali. Those two names are increasingly popular.

      1. Victoria is married to the father … For now. Hell, she has 5 kids now from 3 different fathers. Shes been married to each of them at some point. So , saying atleast she is married unlike her sister who has 3 kids but 2 different men doesn’t make Victoria seem like she’s doing better than Leah. 5 kids , 3 men vs 3 kids and 2 men . Just saying.

        1. But at least she’s married and all her kids have a male role model thats what im saying. And im not saying being a single mom is a bad thing, im just saying that a good father is hard to come by (biological or step).

          At least the father of Victoria’s last 3 is constantly present and not a 3 1/2 days on and 3 1/2 days off (like Corey) or sporadic (like Jeremy).

          Plus, Camillia and Cerenity have the same dad (I believe his name is Bryan).

          1. He can’t be that good a father as he left two of his kids behind in his country so no I wouldn’t call him good.

          2. Maybe good was too strong a term but he’s there for these 3 (and her 2)

            And I believe he came to this country alone because their mother wouldn’t let him bring them.

            From what I understand he tried to bring them with him but the mom said no.

          3. Brian (husband 1) is only the father of camillia. Cerenity is with domenick ( husband 2). Cai, caydia and cayde are with royer (husband 3). Most of the benefits of married parents are undone when you are jumping from marriage to divorce to marriage to divorce to marriage. Especially so rapidly. Why even get married at that point

          4. A male role model ? A good father ? 🤣🤣🤣 He knocked Victoria up the first time on a vacation hook up. Then he came to America to be with her and abandoned his two other children . Yeah, he seems like a real stand up guy. Now he has MTV money and got to walk away from his other children.

            Dear sweet blind Pearl, there is no justification here. Stop it. Just stop

          5. Pearl, Camillia and Cerenity DO NOT HAVE THE SAME FATHER. Camillia’s dad is Bryan and Cerenity’s dad is Domenick. The information is in the article and you’ve already been told that she was married and divorced from both of them and had kids with each of them. Idk why you’re trying so hard to rewrite history for Cictoria but please reread the article which contains the correct information, not the falsehoods you keep trying to spread.

      1. I wouldn’t be talking about trash of any race with a username like Town Mattress.

        Seriously, that username alone makes you seem trashy. Just think about for a sec.

          1. Then say “My Sister the Town Mattress” or “My Brother the Town Mattress” and if he/she is making a crack at Victoria or Leah then put their name on it.

            If you don’t want the impression of people thinking you’re talking about you when you just say “Town Mattress” then add to it.

            First impressions are usually spot on. So if you don’t want a negative impression then don’t put yourself in a negative spotlight.

            I know people see me negatively on here, and i really couldn’t care less because I know me and the people who’s opinions I give a shit about know me!!

          2. Or in my personal opinion this Town Mattress is nothing but a slut like Leah, Briana or Kail.

            Hell, he/she probably has a half dozen babies by a half dozen baby mamas/daddies just like they do!!

    3. I agree. All their lives the mom will be saying “Cadia, no Cayde, no Cai, I mean Cammie
      get over here” And that is going to go on all day, every day. It happened in my family and our names were not even similar.

  6. Why Gianni with an I? I would understand GiannA, but Gianni? It’s a male name and also Italian one, so they can’t even use the “it’s a common name” card. Why

  7. Congrats to Aunt Leah who now has two more mouths to feed. Going out on a limb and guessing
    Victoria can thank the US taxpayers for covering the medical birth expenses via Medicaid.

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