Briana DeJesus Explains Why She Ended Her Relationship with Former ‘Teen Mom’ Security Guard Bobby Scott

Hey Briana, can you also explain why you and Bobby insist on making these faces while speaking to each other? Thanks.

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, viewers saw Briana DeJesus call off her relationship with former ‘Teen Mom’ security guard Bobby Scott in a somewhat confusing manner. 

During the episode, Briana told Bobby she needed to take some time away from their relationship to focus on her mental health, but after not hearing from Bobby for three weeks, Briana revealed she was disappointed at Bobby’s “radio silence” and decided to give him the boot. She later took to social media to try to explain the breakup to somewhat-confused ‘Teen Mom’ fans.

“Just kidding!”

On the episodes, fans watched as Briana and Bobby finally met up face-to-face, and Briana told her boyfriend she was bothered that he didn’t try to “investigate” why she was upset with him.

Bobby pointed out that he did respond to Briana’s text to let her know he loved her, was there for her, and “would love to walk [her] through” what she was dealing with, only for Briana to then accuse him of trying to place the blame on her. 

Briana, clearly taking this breakup very hard.

Briana went on to tell Bobby that she wanted a partner who would be there for her even when she’s trying to shut them out. 

“I’m not happy in this relationship right now. In my eyes, I think we are over,” Bri said during the episode.

After the episode aired, Briana took to Twitter in an attempt to clarify why she called things off.

“I think for me…I needed to see actions instead of just hearing someone say they are there.. going radio silent proved otherwise to me,” Briana wrote. “I tried to open up about my mental health to my partner and I felt like I wasn’t being understood.

“I always show out and show up for every relationship I’ve ever been in…but the moment I feel like the energy isn’t being reciprocated…I have to end it,” she continued. 

“…find another security guard gig.”

Briana further explained that because she’s never had a male figure in her life “truly be there” for her, it’s difficult for her to “just believe words.” 

“ … 3 weeks with no talking triggered me and I had to run,” she added. 

Briana confirmed last month that she and Bobby are over.

The Ashley broke the news about Bri and Bobby’s relationship earlier this year. As she previously reported, their relationship caused Bobby— as well as most of the ‘Teen Mom’ security guards— to lose their jobs on the show.

“Producers, crew members and even some of the cast members are pissed,” The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes source told her in July. “Because of Briana and Bobby, so many great people lost their jobs, and those people did nothing wrong. Some of these people have been there since Day 1. It’s really sad, and super unprofessional.”

“Any chance I can get my job back if I promise not to bone any more of the cast?”

The Ashley’s sources gave her the backstory on Bri and Bobby’s romance and what allegedly happened once it was discovered. 

“Bobby used to do security on Catelynn [Lowell] and Maci [Bookout]’s shoots but he met Briana when she came to San Diego to film Teen Mom Family Reunion last year,” one production source told The Ashley in July. “That’s when they first got together but no one else knew about it back then. They’ve been talking since then, but it was kept on the downlow.”

Things heated up when Briana and most of the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls headed to a Florida dude ranch to film a segment for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Bobby was at that shoot and things exploded when one of the other security guards on the shoot allegedly caught Bri and Bobby together and took the news to the MTV show executives. At the time, the execs weren’t sure what was happening and freaked out. 

“Finally Briana went to [executive producer] Larry [Musnik] and confessed that she and Bobby are in a relationship, and that it was consensual and all that,” a second source told The Ashley.

“I really need to find another job…”

After it was discovered that Bobby and Bri were hooking up, the entire security staff (who all worked for one company) was essentially let go because the producers discontinued using that company.

“That’s all interesting and stuff but…I’m sorry, did Briana say she’s single? Um…asking for a friend…”

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  1. Brianna needs some serious help running in and out of relationships and never being satisfied…she needs to be alone and stop with all her poor me drama!

  2. Honestly in my opinion I think that thing about her mental health is all an act bc no one with mental health would be acting like the way she is!! She’s just using it as a excuse to make everyone feel sorry for her!!

  3. I think Bri is a spoiled brat. He’s lucky to be rid of her and she needs more help with her bipolar issues. I have bipolar and am offended when she scoffs at her diagnosis. How is any man supposed to know what she wants when she says ‘I need space’ and then tells him that really meant the opposite. She does this crap so often. Get a life, and stop being a dick hopper!

  4. Bobby needs to go date a woman, not a child. Too bad he got everyone fired in the process of learning this lesson.

  5. She is what is known as damaged goods. Bobby you won the lottery by her ending it. Bri go take a bath, you always look greasy and we all know your grimy.

    1. Remember when she had to cut her hair off because she said she was being lazy and hadn’t washed her hair in 2 weeks. That doesn’t seem like good hygiene to me!

  6. Bobby dodged a bullet here. She’s immature and manipulative. Go get another STI and pregnancy from banging a rando in a club’s bathroom, Bri, that’s all you deserve

  7. Kail be hearing about this and being like, “You should have just gone on a podcast and aired all this out if you wanted him to chase after you” along with “But hey I’ve never gotten any production team fired so congrats that’s a Briana original!”

  8. So you asked him for space & he respects you & gives you it, but that’s not good enough because he should be reaching out to you? Wtf?! Ugh go get the therapy you need Braiana. That’s total BS. If you ask them for space & he’s respecting you that’s the goal right there. This girl has a lot of growing to do.

  9. All she did was test him! Don’t sit there and play childish games with a grown man! Grow tf up Briana!! Ohhh he’s the one! Give me a break! I knew when you said that it wasn’t gonna last. Tell someone you need space then get mad when they give you the respect you asked for!!! Grow up!!!!

  10. So let me get this straight The Psycho first started opening her legs for him a year ago while in California then goes to the producers to let them know about her relationship with this man and as a result not only he but the whole entire security team lost their jobs because of this psycho and the show doesn’t even hold her accountable!!! That is SOOO FU!!! Next she claims that their relationship is her first real “mature relationship” so whenever she moves in with him without her daughters soon after she gives her mom the house that she brought for and is currently being sued by the builders!!! Next The Psycho tells her sugar daddy that she wants space and he gives it to her then whenever she hasn’t heard from him back in three weeks The Psycho starts to question him why and he tells her that he was honoring her wishes and what she do?!?! She dumps him by claiming that it’s because he hasn’t seen or heard anything from him.!!! It’s clearly obvious that she is not interested in any relationship but opening her STD LEGS for sloppy seconds. This also proves she belongs in a mental institution for a long period of time and needs to be held accountable for her psychotic actions plus sugar daddy along the fired security team not only sue the show but sue her for loss wages!!! And the show should fire her and hold her accountable for her psychotic behavior!!!!

    1. Trust that Brianna is going to get her karma when the show is cancelled and the money train stops. Then she will lose her job just like she caused those security guards to lose theirs. The show is on it leg and losing viewers. I don’t even watch it anymore and removed it from my DVR just to make sure it doesn’t get counted in the Nielson ratings. Briana probably gave the house to her mother to avoid the builders lawsuit. She most likely is planning her move to Texas as a back up if the show is cancelled. They already have taken a paycut with this new combined formatted show that’s why Kailyn refused to be on it. Its a budget cutting strategy to save money from having to fly film crews and security to separate locations to film. The TM heyday is over and the writing is on the wall.

  11. so immature–tell someone you want space, they give it to you and you say they don’t care about you-He is old enough to see how childish that is. She is like a junior high age kid–wow!!!

  12. He got fired for their relationship but remained committed to her. WTF more do you want?! He respected boundaries and wishes like you asked. This isn’t Aladdin, princess. Grow tf up!

  13. If he HAD chased her after she expressly asked for space to focus on her mental health, he would have been an insensitive jerk who didn’t respect her boundaries.

  14. Lmao what???? What a childish and manipulative “reason” to break up… no idea who this dude is but he sure dodged a bullet

  15. This is incredibly immature and manipulative. Especially considering she got a bunch of people fired for this relationship. Girl, you need to communicate what you need instead of acting like a brat because he didn’t read your mind. Don’t ask for space and then get mad when he give it to you… that’s called respect. Chasing you after you asked for space is not controlling and disrespectful. Grow up! You have two little girls watching you in these relationships.

      1. She has a habit of blaming 100% of everything on other people; her dad, Devoin, Luis, Kailyn, this guy.
        Where is the accountability for her own actions which helped lead to the consequences or her own responsibility to herself.
        The constant deflections on how she had any part to play in how things pan out is exhausting.

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