Amber Portwood Arrives In Los Angeles to See Son James; Gives Update On Custody Situation: “Jumping Through Those Hoops”

“Did you know they make you peel the couch cushion off your butt before you can go through airport security!?”

Amber Portwood is trying to make her geographically challenged custody agreement work– by putting in the work!

The Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star was spotted hustling her way through Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday, on her way to visit her son James, who now lives in California with her ex, Andrew Glennon. (As The Ashley previously reported, James moved from Indiana to California with Andrew in the fall, after Andrew was granted sole custody of the four-year-old.)

When a paparazzi reporter from The Sun asked Amber how she was handling her son’s new custody arrangement, she stated that she’s doing whatever it takes to see her son.

“I’m actually doing very well and I’m doing everything, jumping through those hoops,” Amber says, before slyly adding, “Almost finished jumping through some hoops, thank God!”

Those “hoops” include having to fly to California every other month to have visitation with James. (Andrew has been ordered to bring James to Indiana on the alternating months for visits, too.) The custody plan is being rolled out in phases to help James adjust, and Amber has been given overnight visits with the boy for the first time since 2019–- back when the former couple split following Amber’s arrest for felony domestic battery against Andrew. 

While at the airport, Amber discussed how having James living across the country from her home in Indiana has changed things.

“”It’s just going to be so different compared to what I’ve been used to. Being in two different locations. I still have him, but it’s hard,” she said.

“But, on the plus side, I get to try out couches all over the United States, so there’s that!”

“But people do this every day. Everybody out there needs to understand that I’m not the only one,” Amber added.

According to The Sun, Amber stated that she and Andrew are “trying” to work on their co-parenting relationship for James’ sake. (As fans know, Andrew and Amber were locked in a nasty custody court battle for years before the ruling earlier this year.) 

On a recent episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Amber discussed one of her visits to California where she met up with James and Andrew and hung out with them both. 

“Seriously, do you know how hard it is to try to co-parent with someone who doesn’t want to co-parent?” Amber said to her ex Gary Shirley (whom she shares daughter Leah with) and his family. 

“Um…yeah. I can imagine what that would be like…”

When asked at the airport if she is hoping to get full custody of James someday, Amber seemed to have little hope of that happening.

“Honestly, it is what it is. [We’re in] two different states,” Amber said. “Nothing feels any different [when I’m around James]…If I’m going back and forth [between states] and that’s what I need to do, then that’s what I need to do.” 

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. Amber has displayed herself as an unfit mother and will forever ride this Teen Mom gravy train until it’s run its course. Which should’ve been done over a decade ago. She’s in her 30’s cries every time shit doesn’t goes her way or makes a ridiculous Instagram posting… then swears she’s a making changes (see that crap fake ass “I go to Purdue” l, attempt) she’s a joke!! Look I flat out don’t care for her. I hope her kids write tell all books and make a killing off of it. I have no sympathy for her only the for the kids and Kristina. The rest are just poor excuses. Thank you and Happy Monday.

  2. Even amber knows amber can’t have full custody. She’s finally coparenting and hanging out with someone who lived 25 minutes away for the first time in two years because she does not want to have to watch a kid by herself.

  3. This will last until Amber meets another man. Amber couldn’t keep up her visitations with Leah, and she was only 30 min away.

    That said – Andrew is, and has always been, trash too. Live off Amber and her Teen Mom money and then take their son from his sister? Trash. They’re both trash for brining a kid into this. At least the last loser didn’t get a kid out of it.

    1. I don’t think she’s trash, I think she’s human.

      A human that owns her mistakes but she’s mentally unstable so who’s to say her mistakes are just her and not partly the illness/wrong meds or dosages of said meds that are making her do these things? Yes she committed the bad actions but chemical imbalance and self medicating makes you act irrationally.

      She needs to either stay single or pick a guy who actually cares for her and not fame and fortune.

      I think she had the perfect guy in Gary but being young/naive and undiagnosed/self medicating (creating crazy actions) made her lose him.

      Maybe now she sees that and this is actually why she’s doing good?

      1. The general consensus around here does not share your Amber optimism. She’s had many opportunities plus she has money, but time and time again she does something stupid and blows it.

        Would you trust Amber to babysit your own child (real or hypothetical) for two hours? Do you find redeeming qualities in David Eason too?

        1. No on David “Lurch” Eason, but he’s no Amber, Amber’s never killed an animal or laid a hand on a child like he has.

          And 11-12 years ago when she was still struggling, no I wouldn’t dare leave my child ALONE with her (supervised POSSIBLY) but not ALONE.

          But now, I honestly don’t know, i probably would since she is showing promise at changing.

          I mean yeah I know she supposedly wielded a machete while Andrew was holding James, but why would Andrew allow a machete around someone whom he knows is unstable in the first place (unless he was setting her up to fail). He’s supposed to be “older and wiser”. But he was feeding on her weaknesses (just like Matt)

          And I know the general consensus doesn’t share my outlook of optimism toward Amber, but that shows me that I have heart and want her to succeed while others root for her failure.

          Again, i know she straightens up then messes up but that makes her HUMAN, we all make mistakes, some who are able minded and make their mistakes willingly, knowing full well what theyre doing while others are mentally unstable and unwillingly make their mistakes not realizing what they’re doing in the moment.

          And the money isn’t even relevant, look at her childhood, 2 alcoholic parents, finding her baby sister dead of SIDs, it’s honestly no surprise to me that she is where she is, she doesn’t know any better.

          Perhaps now she gets it.

          1. That is victim blaming. I don’t care for Andrew either but Amber is a grown woman, she choose to pick up that machete.

          2. But would she have picked it up if it wasn’t there…no

            That’s not “victim blaming”…its common sense, if the machete wasnt there she wouldn’t have been able to have it at in her possession to use!! It was his and he set her off so she would, classic set up, no doubt in my mind!!

            He wanted to make himself look like the victim and used James as a shield to protect himself…how pathetic!! The only “victim” was James. But like I said, thankfully he’s still young enough that what has been done hopefully won’t traumatize him, but I wouldn’t put it past Andrew to fill his kid’s head with stuff from the past instead of letting his child make the decision for himself about how he feels about her.

          3. LOL at leaving your kid with someone who “shows promise”. No f’ing way is “shows promise” a high enough standard. She’s always sat around and blamed everyone else for her problems. Made excuses for why she couldn’t see her kids. She hasn’t changed.

            Like someone else said, why the victim blaming? No one forced Amber to grab the machete.

            I grew up in an abusive childhood (sexual, physical and mental). I don’t get a free ticket to be abusive. You are still accountable for your actions regardless of what childhood was like. My daughter tells me all the time what a great mom I am. I always tell her that I’m giving her the childhood I wish I’d had.

          4. I’m not victim blaming Tina. The fact of the matter is, the machete was his, he knew he could snap at any moment, so he set her up to do so by nagging her until she snapped, she started out by throwing a flip flop at HIM then saw the machete that HE left in plain sight and when she picked it up to scare him he picked James up claiming that he was “protecting him” when we all know (or at least I do) that he was only using that baby as a shield (pathetic bastard)!!! Andrew played the victim card but the only true victim here is James!!! I’m not blaming him and NEVER would so how am I “victim blaming”?

            Im sorry you grew up in shitty family and experienced the abuse you did but we’re all different, some grow up and vow not to model what they know (which is why i don’t drink or do drugs) and others have a harder time overcoming the past…I mean she’s mentally ill people come on…I know you guys aren’t as heartless as you seem and deep down want this girl to get better.

            And as far as the “showing promise” comment, how is she ever gonna learn and grow further if nobody takes a chance on her, she’s never laid a hand on a child so as long as no weapons are made available, I highly doubt she’d hurt a child!!!

          5. Just because a weapon is available doesn’t mean someone should use it. That’s like making an excuse for someone who found a gun and decided to shoot people. If it had been a kitchen knife, would you make the same excuse?

            Mental illness or not, Amber is still responsible for her actions. People have harmed and killed others and they don’t get a pass because they have a mental illness.

            Amber might be trying for now, but if her mental illness has such an impact on her behavior and willingness to parent, the kids are better off with their. And Andrew isn’t the best example of a father.

          6. Im not excusing what she did, it was wrong, I know it, everybody (including her) knows it.

            All I’m saying is that he set her up, he knew her weaknesses, he knew exactly what chains to pull to get that reaction (so much for older and wiser, well he was 1 for 2, as was Matt).

            When mentally ill people snap they black out and don’t know what theyre doing until they’ve already done it (and thats if they even remember), her mind isn’t hers at that moment, just like an addict (when they’re high or drunk they’re not of a stable mind, the drugs and/or alcohol is controlling them and their actions).

            It’s not an excuse, it’s common knowledge, which you would know if you or a loved one dealt with a mental illness or addiction.

          7. Where did you read that it was Andrew’s machete? I remember reading that it was Amber’s that she got for “protection” since she isn’t allowed to own firearms.

          8. Plus my sister was on probation for 5 years and she wasn’t allowed weapons of any kind…firearms, knives (that includes butcher, steak, carving, etc. The only knives she could have were those rounded tip knives that people use to spread condiments, bows and arrows, swords, MACHETES, you name it.

            And her offenses were drug related, not violence, but those are the probation rules.

            So even if the words “his machete” weren’t printed it goes without saying that a person on probation can’t be in possession of those things…PERIOD POINT BLANK

  4. not an andrew fan but hes suppose to sit in a state he moved to for the relationship becuase amber and her family are there? i also remember them telling the mtv cameras that they had planned to split their time between ca and indiana. look a judge looks at ambers past she has anger issues this is the second baby daddy shes gone after been to jail had drug problems is mental unstable and goes on internet rants. this isnt her in 5 yrs living on the straight and narrow asking for more time this entire thing resulted from her actions. and saying while she was watched for the past two years she was doing good yea anyone would be(but again internet rants) its the next two years that count when no one is watching can she keep up her end has she really changed. i grew up around addicts and mential unstable ppl and they could change for 6 mnths and then it would all fall apart again cause they didnt want to change. hopefully amber will and will get more time with her son but only time will tell. ps the 6 times the kid has to see his mom if andrew makes it fun then james will think its fun if andrew makes it horrible then thats what james will think kids take their long term emotional cues from their parents if james thinks its a big adventure he will adapt to that way and be ok with it. the judge made the best decision out of a bad situation. and the hoops amber has to jump through are of her own making

    1. Um, not making excuses for her but wasn’t she “being watched” prior to her 18 month stint in jail (which was supposed to be 5 years but she chose the rehab route)? That kinda puts holes in “doing good while being watched” scenario.

      Look, she did wrong, no one is denying that (not even her) but I don’t believe for one second that she is the ONLY guilty party. Andrew is older so he preyed on her weaknesses and took advantage.

      Just like Matt, 20 some odd years OLDER, he also preyed on her weaknesses and took advantage.

      The only difference between these two is that Andrew got saddled with a kid while Matt did not.

      The ONLY ex that didn’t prey on her and take advantage is Gary and God love him, he’s STILL by her side as well as Kristina (they are freaking saints)!!!

      1. It hasn’t occurred to you to self reflect and ask yourself why you are blaming Andrew for how Amber is and always has been. Was it Gary’s fault when Amber threw punches at him? All these downvotes and great feedback you’re getting and still you double down… I don’t get it Pearl/PearltheSquirrel.

        By the way, if you assign any fault to a victim, any at all, that is victim blaming! You either don’t know the definition or are purposely ignoring it.

        1. No, it wasn’t Gary’s fault, she was undiagnosed and self medicating at the time, no one was at fault. I think Gary overreacted and I think he knows it. He shouldn’t have called the cops because of one punch in the face.

          I don’t blame Gary and I don’t blame James (the ONLY victim), Andrew is NOT the victim, he’s playing the victim card but he is not a victim!!!

          And I am not PTS, god you people dense as motherfucking fog!!

          1. Do you even hear yourself? For one, that wasn’t the only time she was abusive. Two, “he shouldn’t have called the cops because of one punch in the face”???? Do you hear yourself? You come across as a person who would tolerate a lot of shit from a partner and when a friend of family member tells you they’re a bad person and to get out, your reply would be, “but you don’t see all the good stuff.” It doesn’t matter! The bad part is overwhelmingly bad!

        1. First off, PEOPLE seriously…dude that’s the biggest tabloid there is…there’s no telling what is truth and lies in that thing.

          And if it is true, it says she “threatened to kill herself” so how is arresting her the answer, the answer to anyone with a brain is to assist in seeking out help for her.

  5. This is not being a mother to your child, this is being a visiting aunt!! That poor little boy! How has it come to this??? Pray for James!!

    1. It’s the custody arrangement, his parents aren’t together, and the judge allowed this douche to take him halfway across the US, what did you expect…she’s gonna have to travel to see him!!

      I hope the judge revisits it later, switches so that James is in Indiana and makes that douche travel to see him!!!

    2. What are you even talking about? She has no choice. it’s the custody arrangement… she’s doing everything she can. Y’all need to chill out.

          1. If she changed her behavior, then she would have a different outcome. She does have a choice.

  6. She only flies every second month??????
    Lazy cow
    You have to be a certain level of sh*t mom before you’ll agree to let your 4 year old do long haul flights over you

    1. That is what the judge ordered. She only has parenting time once a month.

      When she shows up outside her parenting time trying to see James, Andrew will report her for stalking probably.
      She claims this is part of a plan, her parenting time might increase in the future?

      1. Or, and I know this sounds crazy, she could have told the judge that SHE would do all the flying so that her minor child didn’t have to. That’s what people who want to be responsible parents would do.

        The judge made this the judgement because she didn’t want to compromise her “me time” by having to do more traveling. The judge made it as equal as possible because she didn’t want to compromise at all. She, in fact, tried to stop him from moving at all, not just out of state, but at all. She has never been willing to give an inch, and she still isn’t.

        She calls trying to do what is right to straighten out her life and still be a parent “jumping through hoops”, as if it’s some difficult decision and so terribly hard. It shouldn’t be difficult at all, but everything, for her, is. She MAKES everything difficult. She can’t even parent her oldest properly, and only now wants to “be friends”. Her daughter is more mature than she is.

        1. Andrew is taking her kid away, why compromise with the judge thus making things easier for him?

          I agree that James is to young to be traveling alone but perhaps Andrew should step up and share responsibility and travel WITH him?

          Amber should only have to do half the work, she didn’t make this kid alone, Andrew helped.

          1. Are you dumb or something? Andrew DOES have to travel with him, and willingly stepped up to do just that. HE volunteered to travel. Amber had to be forced to travel.

            Amber should have to do a hell of a lot more work than she does.

          2. Just because Andrew volunteered to travel with James doesn’t mean he will, this was only the first visitation since Andrew selfishly moved him away from his sister and the only family he knows and is familiar with (Andrew’s fam had only seen that baby once when he was 3 months old) so who knows what crap Andy will pull when it’s his turn??

            At least Amber went, that’s something!!! She could have dug her heels in and said she wouldn’t do anything but she’s actually putting forth effort (hopefully Andrew will do the same without complaint but I doubt it, unless of course they pay him)

  7. I agree! Plus at his tiny age! I really cant believe a judge ordered it to where this baby boy has to get on a flight every other month to travel across country. Like, I get that it’s hard to make a person fly across country 12x a yr, but that’s why I thought letting that leech move wasnt the best idea. I’m sorry, he chose to live in w.e. state, then he chose to have a child in that state, and for a bit chose to raise the child there. I think it’s crazy to allow him to then take that kid across country to live with his g ma, bc daddy cant be bothered to get a real job. Amber sucked as a mom, but I think they could’ve waited a bit longer not for her but for the child. Like you said, all that flying isnt easy, it’s not easy for adults let alone toddlers.

    1. I can’t believe A JUDGE (someone who is supposed to look out for children’s best interests) gave that leech custody thus giving him the right to move halfway across the US with that little boy!!! I hope that when James has to come to Indiana every other month that they are making Andrew put forth the effort and travel with him!! That would be ideal to me, he should have to be “bothered” too.

      I agree that both parents are unstable (I still Amber is TRYING to change). But I think Andrew may have a few more screws loose than she ever did.

      I mean, he knew her past and her temper but yet he still chose to get with her and knock her up in less than a month!! Then he, knowing just how to push Amber’s buttons does so and creates this mess so he could get his way and go back to mommy so she could take care of them.

      And that house, OH MY GOD!! He doesn’t deserve for one second to have that kid!!!

      Not all of this should be on her, some of it (the majority of it IMO) should be on him!!

      1. It should show you just how unstable she truly is, that a judge would do that. Because the vast majority, would not.

        I have been in front of countless judges over the years, especially where my children are involved. I can tell you from personal experience it takes a LOT for a judge to finally make the kind of judgment this one did. A “mother”-and I use that term very loosely, in only the biological sense, can be physically, verbally and psychologically abusive to her child and STILL maintain her “rights”. It takes a tremendous amount of evidence, fighting and going back and forth to have them diminished to this level.

        Some of you make it seem like this is just the judge being an idiot or something, when it’s very clear you just don’t really understand because you don’t have actual experience in this kind of situation. For a judge to make this kind of judgment, there has to be clear evidence that the non-custodial party is not only unwilling to change, but highly unlikely to in the foreseeable future. The judge had ample evidence placed before him, by both sides and even non-biased parties (child services in this case, but also perhaps evidence from MTV themselves) to decide that Amber is unfit.

        The only part of his judgment I find bad, is making Andrew and James travel at all. I know why the judge made that decision, but I don’t agree with it. Amber should have to do all the traveling, and it’s more likely than not that this is what will eventually happen. Amber isn’t likely to continue “trying to change”(god I wish you’d quit saying that, she so isn’t, and it doesn’t take this damn long to be a better person, she had years before James came along). I predict the judge will eventually grant full custody to Andrew and force Amber to give up all rights, assuming she doesn’t on her own (she very well may, traveling is so difficult on her after all, she has so much going for her…)

          1. Peanut Gallery, you see this chick in court (im assuming that since she beat your child within an inch of its life that you arent involved with her on a day to day basis). So how do you what her life is outside of court?

            Your basing an OPINION on what you see (what once a month?), it’s not a fact unless you are periodically see this person EVERYDAY.

            Just like I’m basing my OPINION of Amber from seeing her on tv literally almost week since the machete incident.

            You’re right, time will tell if she has changed for good but until I’m proven wrong I choose to believe in her based on the present and not the past.

        1. She hasn’t been in trouble since the machete incident and she’s off probation, that shows “willing to change” and any judge worth his or her salts should have taken that into consideration (not just her past). It should have been just as much about the present and not all about the past.

          WHEN she gives these dick judges ample proof that she’s changed and hopefully shows him pictures of the dump Andrew had James living in I hope he terminates all of Andrew’s Parental Rights

          1. The person that beat one of my children within an inch of their life is also off probation, no longer using, not in jail anymore either. That doesn’t mean she’s changed as a parent. You really don’t get it, at all. I know being “controversial” is fun for you, but you’re not seeing the bigger picture, and I don’t think you have the capacity to understand the severity of the situation beyond what you’ve seen on tv and online.

            I can guarantee you that what you deem as “change” or “willingness to change” and what that actually means (both in and out of court), are two different things.

            We’re not just talking about how a person’s ability to make some changes in their life affect themselves, but also others. You’re ignoring the fact that there are children, TWO of them, involved in this. You really don’t understand just how bad of a person Amber had to be to get the judgments (in all of her cases) she has gotten. No amount of trying to explain it to you will help, either. It takes so much more than what you think you’ve seen or read for a judge to actually issue this kind of order. There is far more to Amber’s case than it seems.

          2. “Had to be” PAST TENSE!! I firmly believe she’s not what she used to be.

            And as far as the person in your life, how do you know they haven’t changed? I mean, you obviously have nothing to do with them which is your choice but if you don’t SEE them now, how can you determine whether they’ve changed or not? I mean, it’s your choice not to have them in your life anymore but don’t make the assumption that they haven’t changed when it’s possible they have.

            I believe in love, forgiveness, turning the other cheek and giving second chances (or a third or fourth if necessary). If you don’t that’s your choice, but I always will if the other person is true in their intentions!!

          3. Are you really this dense? FFS

            How do I know the person hasn’t changed? Because I have ongoing court cases with them and have for YEARS. I know exactly how and who the person is.

            FYI, the person I am speaking of gave birth to my child, so, yes, I know exactly what I’m talking about. I speak from experience, with actual knowledge on the subject.

            You speak from ignorance and a desire to argue with everyone, about everything and always make certain your posts are controversial. I’m done trying to get you to understand anything at all. You’re utterly ridiculous and this level of ignorance is just painful at this point. Get some damn help already.

          4. LOL Can you imagine being a mom and using the line of “I haven’t been in trouble since the machete incident” as a way of talking about what a great person you are now?

          5. Can you imagine that a decent judge would think about that and realize “Hey wait a minute, maybe they are a better person”. Especially if said judge sees the evidence of the filth Andrew had James living in!!!

            I never said anything about “a great person” I said “a better person”

  8. wow she got off the couch. I’m surprised. she missed a whole year of visits with James. 52 visits or so.

    things didn’t just escalate overnight.

  9. Well when she could easily visit her son without “jumping through no hoops” she couldn’t be bothered to get off the couch so now she has to travel.
    If you weren’t a violent person then you wouldn’t have to jump through hoops, Amber. I don’t feel sorry for you one bit

    1. Let he who is without fault cast the first stone…you maybe not have a violent past but I’m sure you aren’t perfect (no one is).

        1. Im not perfect either, never claimed to be.

          All I’m saying TO MICK (not you) is that he shouldn’t be pointing out another person’s flaws when he himself has flaws…as does EVERYONE.

          1. I never went to jail for beating the crap out of my baby daddy so don’t compare me to that criminal Amber. I have my flows but I never attacked my baby daddy with a machete while he was holding our child. I never called my child “it” like she did with James and we all heard her. She doesn’t deserve any more time with James. She is a poor excuse of a mother as she was with Leah

          2. Mick, she went to jail for violating probation based on past charges that included dv and drugs.

            And I didn’t say you were violent…as a matter of fact I said the exact opposite, my exact words were “You may not have a violent past…” The only comparison I made was that you both as humans make mistakes and I asked you not continually point hers out when you yourself have flaws.

            She deserves a chance to change and stay changed but as long as there are people speaking of her PAST as opposed to encouraging her in the present then she is gonna have a problem changing.

            And the “it” comment was a slip of the tongue, she turned right around and said “I mean him” and that only happened once…total HUMAN mistake!!

          3. LOL are you for real? Faults like sometimes I’m late, I am impatient or even I cheated on an ex… those are faults that aren’t great but aren’t on the level of punching a romantic partner, threatening with a machete, being an absentee parent FOR YEARS, etc. That really is your reasoning? No one’s perfect? Your posts are just ridiculous.

          4. Ridiculous to you, but I’m NOT gonna change my opinion because you (or anyone else) doesn’t like it. So STOP TRYING!!

      1. As a parent of children that came from homes like Amber provides, I will judge every last damn thing she does, and I will judge them harshly. She deserves nothing less.

        You don’t need to be perfect to know how NOT to parent, it’s not rocket surgery. You are clueless when it comes to things like this, which isn’t your fault, you have no experience as a parent. It’s easy to sit back and see things differently when you haven’t seen them from every side. It’s easy to assume people are just being judgmental when you’ve never been put in this kind of situation too. So, it’s just as easy for you to judge others for their judgments.

        Still, you’re on the wrong side of this one.

        1. Why am i on the wrong side?? Because I have a heart and want her to get better…not only for herself and her children but also to prove all you naysayers wrong and show you that people CAN change if they want it bad enough.

          And she’s modeling what she knows, her parents were shitty so she’s following in their footsteps.

          1. You’re on the wrong side, because you don’t get it, and you’re not listening to anything people say. It’s been explained to you countless times why, and you still don’t get it. You act like she doesn’t deserve what she’s gotten, when multiple judges have indeed deemed she deserves far worse sentences but have given her chance after chance to do better.

            I am well aware that people can change. I am well aware that they can make changes in their lives. I have witnessed it firsthand more times than I care to count (which is not a bad thing, in most cases, thankfully). You seem to see change where it doesn’t exist, though, because you WANT to see change (or want to argue, I’d prefer to consider the former, though). You’re not understanding the severity of the things she has done and why judges have taken the steps they have. You called the judges dicks, despite the fact that they have ALL given her the lightest sentences possible, giving her ample chances to change. She has had YEARS to do this, even before James came along.

            I hope she does have a desire to change. I hope she becomes a better person. I hope someday she has a real relationship with her children. I don’t believe it will happen, but I sure hope it does. That doesn’t change the shitty person she’s been her entire adult life, the shitty choices she has made, or the shitty choices she continues to make. Little changes are not a pebble on a lake, they do not create ripples that roll out creating eventual waves. They are a temporary placation to boost her ego, and nothing more. They have had zero positive impact in the areas of her life where they should, most importantly her children.

            Like I said, you really don’t get it. After a while, how your parents raised you stops being a crutch or excuse for how you behave as a grown ass adult. She has ample resources, has had ample time and ample examples of how to be and do better. She makes the conscious *choice* not to. She knows it’s wrong, but chooses to continue. Eventually, you have to stop giving people rope, and see what they do with it.

          2. I know she’s done wrong, I get it, everyone does (hell even she gets that)

            But the biggest difference between me and you is that I’m an encouragement that knows she can change and has proven in the last 3 years that she can and wants too, you on the other hand berate her with “I hope she can change but I don’t believe it will happen”.

            It’s hard to know whether you actually hope she changes or if youre just saying it because its people that tackle on that last part that make people like her think “Well why try?”

            Have you ever heard of the Serenity Prayer:

            “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
            courage to change the things I can,
            and wisdom to know the difference”

            She can’t change the past, she knows that but as long as people hold her past over her head, she’s not gonna change.

            She’s mentally ill, so how do you know it’s a conscious choice on her part and not what her brain is telling her?

  10. She doesn’t give a shit about mothering her children. She’s doing this to save face. If I lost one kid, let alone two, i would not be ok. Not ok enough to get out of bed, cake 5 lbs of makeup on, get glammed up to film segments, nada. She is full of shit. And delusional.

    1. I think she cares about both her kids, but her mental illness masks it plus her own childhood sucked and neither parent was worth much, then there is her past which is being hung over her head like a bone and yall are the hungry dogs attacking, and it quite frankly isn’t right because the past is the past, she nor anyone else can change it but she is doing well at the present time, so why can’t people encourage her and not continually drag her through the mud (be a help not a hinderance).

      She hasnt lost Leah, thanks to Gary who is continually encouraging the relationship (probably because his own mom is a piece of crap that lied to him his entire life), I think she’s trying to repair her relationship with Leah, but Leah having gone through what she’s gone through is having a hard time forgiving and forgetting. And I totally get it, having a basically out of the picture parent who pretty much only makes your life miserable when they are around is tough.

      But she seems to be trying now and I think that should be applauded and not put down.

      I hope she is able to keep her relationship with the baby, he’s so little that maybe what he’s been through hasn’t traumatized him but something tells me that Andrew will fill his head with so much stuff that even if Amber continues down the correct path James will probably grow up to hate her based on what filth spills out his father’s mouth?!

        1. I’ve seen her jump, I’ve seen that girl fly. You obviously missed the episode where he lunged at Matt when he failed the lie detector.

          It took 3 MTV staff to hold her back. Then 4 or 5 escorted her out so she didn’t kill him!!

          And no she doesn’t physically have her son but she will still have a relationship with him as long she is able/stable enough to maintain it, and as long as Andrew doesn’t ruin it which like I said i have a feeling he might do just to spite her.

        2. Ffs, Pearl read the room. James isn’t some puppy that’s gifted at Christmas & then given up to a shelter a few months later because he isn’t house-trained. He’s a child who deserves to be treated as such. I’m sure Charles Manson has changed over the years but I’m sure as hell not letting him around my child. Amber a glorified babysitter & that’s it.

      1. You mustn’t have seen her on TV when this first started, seriously. She cared about pills, dick and money. Everyone has issues from their childhood, but animals in the wild have a better motherly instinct than this fraud. She should get off TV and quit claiming to be a “damn good mom” and a “rill woman”.

        1. So did Leah. Mid night ravioli, dye in the babies hair, the car avalanche, teapots as booster seats, used tampons sitting in the corner of a room for months. Leah had to work on her issues too.

          And Leah just recently introduced her kids to yet another new man in her life way too soon and her girls went trough another move and later yet another step dad that was also raising them dissapeared from their lives.
          I don’t think they still see T.R. Dues, the creepy medical sales guy or Jaylan anymore.

          When you look at what affected the child(ren), Andrew moving was a lot for James. He can get a job in another state. Amber even offered to pay for childcare while he worked.

          Leah’s last mistake affected her kids too.

          So who affected their children most lately? Leah and Andrew, not Amber.

          But Amber is hated more and judged over things that are not even true. Just here, above this comment, people judge her because she only flies out once every two months. People don’t even read, they judge and bash.
          Amber is an abuser and that sure doesn’t help, that’s on her, her decisions.
          However putting things in perspective… when you look who actually affected children more in the past year, Amber is not on the top of the list.

          1. I can’t stand Leah, for all sorts of reasons, but this story isn’t about Leah, is it?

        2. I’ll remember that the next time you bring up a person when the story isn’t about them.

          PTS was making a comparison about how Leah’s choices affect her children too and shes right

          And to top it all off, nothing happens to her, it’s only the mentally unstable one that suffers.

          Don’t be a dick!!!

          1. You ignored the part of my reply where I said I can’t stand Leah, didn’t you?

            Her choices have had massive negative impact on her children. Frankly, I’ve never believed she should have custody of them, at all. She doesn’t deserve custody of them, she’s a shitty parent and has been since day one.

            Does that make you feel better now?

          2. I saw that you said you can’t stand Leah, it was the last part “but this story isn’t about Leah, is it?” that pissed me.

            You can’t just say one thing and leave it at that, you always gotta tack on something shitty.

          3. I can say whatever the hell I want to, just as you can.

            This story still isn’t about Leah, regardless. I don’t need to elaborate beyond that for MOST people, because they have common sense.

            Your constant defense of child abusers, and the desire to see more people abuse children makes me sick and pisses me off. Yet, you’re still here doing it, and people still try to get you to understand why they don’t agree with you.

            We probably shouldn’t at this point though.

          4. Peanut Gallery, when did I ever defend a child abuser?

            Last I checked David is the only child abuser talked about on this site and I’ve NEVER defended him (nor will i) and Amber’s never laid a hand on a child so hoe is she a child abuser?

            She’s the only person I’ve defended on here.

  11. The plan isn’t sustainable. Long flights 6x a year can be difficult for a young child, an oversized man-child, and a mentally unstable woman-child. How is it going to work when he starts school? If she can get her act together, extended school break and summer visitations would be more feasible, but Amber getting it together is a tall order.

    1. I agree that the arrangement is difficult but it’s doable if the parents put forth the work…for which Amber obviously is (and I hope Andrew is capable of doing the same thing). And I’m sure once James starts school the arrangement will be revisited?

      But seeing as how she hasn’t gotten into any trouble in the last 2 (maybe 3 years) AND she is off probation, I don’t think her getting her act together is a tall order. She seems to be getting it together and I hope that continues.

      P.S.- That comment wasn’t funny AT ALL Robbie. It’s probably an online course load. But regardless, how she’s doing with the course load is none of your business, it hers. And at least she took the steps to get into college and didn’t just say that’s what she wanted and just magically expected it to fall into her lap.

    2. I agree! Plus at his tiny age! I really cant believe a judge ordered it to where this baby boy has to get on a flight every other month to travel across country. Like, I get that it’s hard to make a person fly across country 12x a yr, but that’s why I thought letting that leech move wasnt the best idea. I’m sorry, he chose to live in w.e. state, then he chose to have a child in that state, and for a bit chose to raise the child there. I think it’s crazy to allow him to then take that kid across country to live with his g ma, bc daddy cant be bothered to get a real job. Amber sucked as a mom, but I think they could’ve waited a bit longer not for her but for the child. Like you said, all that flying isnt easy, it’s not easy for adults let alone toddlers.

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