‘Sister Wives’ Stars Christine & Janelle Brown Reportedly In “Serious Talks” for Spinoff Show; Other Members of Brown Family to Join

We’re already planning a watch party for this one!

Well this proves it: good things come to those who leave Kody Brown. 

Filming for Season 18 of Sister Wives has already begun, but according to The Sun, two of Kody’s former wives, Christine and Janelle Brown, have been working on a spinoff about business, “life after polygamy” and “female empowerment.” 

“They are working on it, that’s for sure,” an insider told the outlet. “It’s in serious talks and development.” 

Kody’s thoughts on “female empowerment.”

While the concept of the show would focus on Christine and Janelle’s post-Kody lives, some of their children are also “on board and all for it.” 

“If any of those kids ever speak to me again, I’m gonna give them a piece of my mind!”

Together, Christine and Janelle share 12 children with Kody, though it hasn’t been confirmed which–- if any–- of the children would participate in the spinoff, or if Christine’s new boyfriend would be involved. Another unknown is the production company that would handle the show, though ‘Sister Wives’ production company Puddle Monkey Productions has reportedly shown some interest. 

“There is conversation that Puddle Monkey Productions would be in development with them just based on history and trust, but that’s only a conversation,” the source claimed. “There’s a lot of other people interested. Tim [Gibbons of Puddle Monkey] has been working with them for so long, following their journey. But’s it’s truly up in the air because that would mean they would still be working with Kody and Robyn [Brown], and it would be a conflict of interest.” 

“Kody is running out of kidneys for Christine and Janelle to put knives through!” 

As The Ashley has reported, Robyn is Kody’s last remaining wife. Christine confirmed her split from Kody in late 2021, while Janelle revealed during the Season 17 Tell-All that she and Kody had separated.

Kody’s first wife, Meri, announced last month that she and Kody mutually decided to “permanently terminate” whatever was left of their marriage. 

Kody and Robyn continue to live in Flagstaff, Arizona, and Meri is seemingly spending most of her time at her bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah.

“Drop by anytime! No, seriously…will someone please come visit me? I’ll make Rice Krispie treats!”

Shortly after her split from Kody, Christine relocated to Murray, Utah, and though Janelle has been splitting time with her children in Utah and Flagstaff, she’s reportedly “thinking of permanently moving near Christine.” 

Christine and Janelle have yet to comment on the spin-off rumors. 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 


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  1. Here for it! People are mostly just watching Sister Wives for the drama now, so if Janelle and Christine don’t appear on it anymore, a lot of viewers will leave. So the production company should do what’s smart and go with the Janelle and Christine show, and drop Robin and Kody.

  2. I am all for a Christine and Janelle spinoff. And l hope l see very, very little of Sobbin and Kodylocks. And especially him perving on women younger than some of his daughters to be his next wife. Yuck. As my mom used to say…they give me a big headach.

  3. The production company has to make a decision, which way will the money flow?

    How many seasons do viewers want to watch Kody and Robyn court 20 year old breeding machines abroad?

    But also, how many seasons can Christine, Janelle and their children have interesting storylines?
    I would go for Janelle and Christine plus adult offspring.
    I’m not that interested in the kids that can’t get away from Robyn/ Kody & Robyn worshipper$.

  4. For sure more of Christine’s children will be on more than Jenelle’s children. Those kids love the attention but Jenelle’s kids seem more sound…like her

    1. Don’t see conflict cause no one wants to watch kody and Robin ? problem solved. Let kody get real job and quit living off history of misery these ladies lived under. Love to be fly on wall when kody learned bout their new show. That would be worth watching

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