Kody Brown’s Daughter Gwendlyn Accuses Him of Physical Abuse; Says His Spankings Left “Bruises” On Her Body

“I’m spilling the Kody tea!”

Gwendlyn Brown is opening up about a side of her dad, Kody Brown, she says Sister Wives viewers had rarely seen up until the most-recent season.

In a new recap video posted to her Patreon, Gwen— who is the daughter of Kody and his ex-wife Christine— answered fans’ questions about her dad, including one that asked if Kody had ever been physically abusive to Gwen or anyone else in the family. Gwen confirmed that Kody had been physical violent with her, even stating that he had allegedly left marks on her body after some spankings.

“I remember being bruised a few times when my dad would spank me,” Gwen said. “Or he has admitted to throwing me in the air to scare me into not doing something. So, yes, he has been physically abusive.”

“I know some people disagree that spanking is abuse, and it is,” she continued. “It is an excessive way to discipline your children. There are better ways that won’t leave them emotionally scarred.”

Gwendlyn declared that, in her opinion, Kody is nicer to his family when they’re on-camera than when they’re off-camera.

“What am I supposed to do? Be kind to them because they’re my wives and kids? Puh-lease!” 

She pointed to Kody’s infamous “knife in the kidneys” screaming rant as something that she has seen before from him, although the viewers hadn’t.

“We are starting to see the true side of him,” she said. “He has yelled at me like this before. This may be new, as of this decade or something, but this is how he is now.”

Gwen’s brother Paedon has stated in the past that Kody has gotten physical with his kids. (According to Paedon, Kody would often “flick” them in their mouths or spank them as punishments).

In a YouTube interview in January with blogger John Yates, Paedon said that Kody changed dramatically over the years and that his younger siblings (like Gwen) may have had a different experience with Kody than the older kids did, as Kody treated them well, at least for a while.

“We were always safe with Dad. He was a good, loving, caring father,” Paedon said. “…I was always safe with him [until] some time between [when I was] 12 and 15. He stopped being safe… It was when [we were living] in Vegas.” 

In her latest Patreon recap, Gwen talked about how hard it is to watch Kody have such good relationships with Solomon and Ariella, the youngest kids he shares with fourth wife Robyn.

“It hurts so much seeing him being a good father to others,” Gwen said. “I didn’t really get that much. And I know I should be happy for them and I am, and I’m so happy they have a good father, or from what it looks like, a good father and an active father. I just didn’t get that [from him] and I don’t remember that.”

“I told Christine to give you my best wishes on your first day of kindergarten! It’s not my fault if your mom didn’t do it!” 

In the scene Gwen is referring to, Kody is seen greeting Solomon and Ariella after they return from their first day of school. He quizzes Ariella about her day at kindergarten.

“I don’t remember coming home from kindergarten or anything and seeing my dad and him being happy that I ate all my lunch, or that I made a new friend at school. It was always my mom…it was never my dad. And it sucks that he was not there so much. But I’m happy for them.

“I’m really happy that they get that, and they deserve that. They are sweet, wonderful siblings who deserve the most loving, kindest father in the whole world…I’m just glad that they can have that, even when I can’t.” 

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Kody has not yet responded to any of his kids’ claims of abuse.

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  1. That’s because there were way too many kids for him to handle. With that many kids, I can see how they didn’t get the dad they needed. Kody should have had a vasectomy years ago.

  2. I feel sorry for her, she is clearly not happy.

    But I am also kinda bored with these people by now. Just end the shit show and make the spin-off with the ex-wives already

    1. Well 2 of the ex wives (Janelle and Christine), i couldn’t care less if I ever saw Meri’s rbf (resting bitch face) ever again!!

  3. Parenting is like an 18 year interview. If you pass, your kids will want to have a relationship with you and Kody, you didn’t get the job.

  4. Please refrain from smoking near the set, serious gaslighting is to be expected.

    Funny that one child claims Robyn is the one that stopped the abuse from a mother but that the abuse by father started when Robyn joined the family. Kody claims she has made him realise he didn’t/ doesn’t receive enough respect.

    1. She didn’t say the abuse from Kody started when Robyn joined the family. She said it was from when she was little and he spanked them. Hard enough to leave bruises, at that.
      The part about being after Robyn joined the family, from Vegas on, was that he changed as a person and became angrier and would yell at them like a lunatic. That he would go off like the “knife in the kidneys” scene, to the kids starting in Vegas. But the physical abuse was from before that.

      1. Paedon said it started in Las Vegas and that’s when Kody and Robyn got closer and she became the only one with a functional marriage.

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