‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Ratings Rise After Kayla Sessler Joins Cast; Fans Start Online Petition for Kayla to Be Full-Time Cast Member On ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’

Kayla, on making these MTV checks a regular thing…

Season 3 of Teen Mom Family Reunion may have gotten off to a (really, really) rough start in terms of viewership, but things are looking up for the spin-off, and that may be thanks to two new cast members— Kayla Sessler and Mackenzie McKee (and their drama) joining the show.

As The Ashley previously told you, Season 3 of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ premiered March 13 to record-low ratings, coming in with only 170,000 same-day viewers, and a 0.07 rating for viewers ages 18-49. By Episode 2, viewership had decreased to only 135,000 same-day viewers, with the episode’s rating for the coveted viewers ages 18-49 at a measly 0.05. 

Hard to believe this content didn’t do it for the viewers.

According to SpoilerTV, Episode 5 of the series, which aired April 10, garnered 204,000 same-day viewers and was ranked No. 39. This episode also happened to be the first of Season 3 to feature former ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ star Kayla.

Kayla, coming in hot with 2 cheating scandals, an oopsie baby on the way and, according to her boyfriend, a “musty” odor.

Ratings increased yet again for Episode 6, with the spin-off bringing in 271,000 same-day viewers, earning the No. 21 spot in the night’s rankings of original cable shows. 

The recent uptick in ratings has some fans believing that Kayla–- and presumably, Kayla’s baby daddies and baby daddy drama– is the reason for the increase in viewership. (Mackenzie and her feud with Cheyenne Floyd may have also contributed to getting more trash TV lovers to tune in.)

 Earlier this week, a fan even launched a Change.org petition to MTV, Paramount and 11th Street Productions, requesting that Kayla be added as a full-time cast member on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. 

In the petition, the creator (identified only as “S W”) noted that many viewers were disappointed when ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ was cancelled, claiming that many fans resonated with Kayla, in particular. 

S W…as in, Sayla Wessler?

“Kayla’s journey as a young mother was both inspiring and relatable,” the petition reads. “She navigated through life’s challenges with grace and [her] determination is truly admirable. Her story touched many hearts, including mine, making her an integral part of the franchise.” 

The creator added that Kayla’s story is “just getting started.” 

“… Therefore, we are calling on MTV, Paramount and 11th Street Productions to bring back Kayla Sessler to the Teen Mom franchise,” they continued. “We believe her return would not only enhance viewer satisfaction but also contribute positively towards maintaining high ratings for this beloved series.” 

The online petition, which was created Monday, currently has 85 signatures. 

“You best be makin’ one of them petitions for us, too! We Beavers BELONG on TV!”

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(Photos: MTV; Change.org) 

21 Responses

  1. Kayla tries to act so hard, like she is from the inner city. But she comes from a nice, suburb 100 miles from Chicago. She would never get away acting the way she does if she lived in Chicago where I’m from.

    1. @stan ~ am curious which burb? am sure there was a chyron during her eps, but had stopped watching by then. or i can of course google. ?

  2. So getting into physical altercations on camera, cheating, having an abortion because you don’t know who your baby’s daddy is, and having three kids by three men is showing “grace.” Okie dokie.

    She’s not a role model. Be honest and say she needs to be on the show because she’s a train wreck and that’s what people watch for.

    Side note: I’d watch a show about the Beaver Clan over all these girls any day if the week. They were entertaining.

    1. Yess…bring back the Beavers! But yea I thought the same thing when they mentioned “grace” pertaining to Kayla ??

  3. It pulled viewers because it’s trashy and messy.
    The same reason Y&P was going better than TM. They have no money. There is fighting and drama and trash.
    I’m all for it.

  4. What problems did she navigate with grace? Isn’t she the one that didn’t know who her baby daddy was because she was sleeping with two guys at the same time? That’s relatable? Lol

  5. So let me get this straight…story about Kayla cheating on both of her boyfriends (or something, I lost the plot) AND getting pregnant with one of them is more interesting than them teaching the couples how to fake thrust…I am SHOCKED. /s

    But for real, this girl’s messy story is even worse than how Cory is treating Taylor and that is already pretty bad!

  6. This show just continues down a broken train track of a wreck. It’s as bad as instagram “influencers”

  7. they’re gonna need to drop some people if they do add her because their new format isn’t working out and it’s gonna be worse now that they wanna add new people

  8. I think the cast needs shaken up.
    Rotate out some of the dead weight.. ahem, Amber, Maci, C&T, Leah.. Briana.. Cheyenne..

    Keep Mackenzie, The blonde with the drug addict mom, Ashley. Add in Beaver and this trashy train wreck.

    Basically, keep all the one who don’t make a million a season. Keep the girls who still have struggle.

  9. What fans? Who? Kayla is just as crappy as the rest of them. And just as fake. She is now on her 3rd baby daddy with the same issues she had with the first 2. These are grown ass women acting like hormonal teenagers without access to birth control or therapy.

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