MTV Finally Confirms That Cheyenne Floyd is Joining the Cast of ‘Teen Mom OG’: Cheyenne & Cory Wharton Discuss Their New Gig

“Here we come! Make way for the new kids!”

Back in June, The Ashley broke the news that MTV had chosen Cheyenne Floyd to take Farrah Abraham‘s spot on Teen Mom OG. Some fans were skeptical that The Ashley had the correct info, given that Cheyenne came from MTV’s Are You The One? and wasn’t even a teen mom, but MTV has finally confirmed that Cheyenne is, indeed, joining the show’s cast.

On Thursday, MTV News announced that Cheyenne will join Catelynn LowellMaci BookoutAmber Portwood (and now) Bristol Palin on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Later that day, Cheyenne and her baby daddy Cory Wharton did an Instagram Live to discuss how they ended up on the show and what fans will be seeing.

As The Ashley previously told you, MTV was seriously considering either Mackenzie McKee or Ryan Edwards‘ wife Mackenzie to take the fourth spot, but both options “fizzled out,” according to one of The Ashley’s sources.

“[The network] realized that the fans weren’t going to be excited about either option,” the source said. “So they continued to look.”

The producers eventually decided on Cheyenne, who gave birth to daughter Ryder in April 2017. (Unlike the other ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls, Cheyenne was not a teen when she gave birth. In fact, she was 24 years old. She’s now almost 26 years old.

“They contacted Cheyenne and sure enough we’ve been shooting right after I got back from [‘The Challenge’] ‘Final Reckoning,'” Cory said during an Instagram Live done on Thursday after the news broke.

The Ashley’s sources have been telling her for months that Cheyenne was filming. (Kail Lowry‘s old producer, JC Cueva was moved over to cover Cheyenne’s story.)

“I think we’re going to show people that your kid needs to come first and co-parenting can work,” Cory said. “I think people are going to be surprised…I think it’s going to be good for you guys to see me in a different light. This is just going to be a whole new side of me, and a whole new side of Cheyenne that you’ve never seen.”

“I hope it reflects how we are as a family,” Cheyenne said, after confirming that she and Cory are not currently dating.

Cheyenne was the original replacement for Farrah; however, Bristol was brought on when it looked like Maci was going to stop filming the show. As The Ashley previously told you, Maci refused to film if her ex, Ryan, was allowed to continue with ‘Teen Mom OG.’ MTV eventually sided with Maci and let Ryan and his wife Mackenzie go from the show.

(The Ashley’s sources tell her that Maci didn’t want Ryan filmed because she didn’t want Bentley to be able to watch his drug struggles play out. Ryan and Mackenzie told a different story as to why he wasn’t going to be on the show anymore, but this is the real reason!)

MTV decided to keep both Cheyenne and Bristol on the show (even after Maci began filming) because they wanted to bring the “five girl dynamic” to ‘Teen Mom OG,’ since it had been working well on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ The Ashley’s sources told her.

The original ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast members are not thrilled with Cheyenne and Bristol joining the cast. As The Ashley told you, the originals were not told about the additions before the news of Bristol’s casting was leaked to the media. In fact, in recent weeks, some of the original OG’ers voiced their anger about not being notified about the casting changes.

“Do I have anything against her as a person? No,” Catelynn Lowell said of Bristol on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast. “Do I dislike her? No, because I don’t know her. Do I think it’s weird that you’re throwing somebody onto the ‘Original Girls’ story? Yes.”

“We started a franchise, built it, sustained it for 10 years, I think we deserve the respect to know what’s going on when you’re doing a major franchise shift [to something] we helped build, create and sustain. I feel like that’s more of respect thing,” Tyler Baltierra said.

On his Instagram Live, Cory stated that he’s excited to meet the other ‘Teen Mom OG’ couples.

“We haven’t met any of the other couples but I’m excited,” Cory said. “We’re not competing, it’s not ‘The Challenge,’ so i don’t have to vote these people in, so there’s no reason not to like these people.”

“I think we are bringing something new to the show. We get along, we co-parent,” Cory said. “And, let’s be honest, there are no other biracial couples on the show.”

Fans were upset that MTV chose Cory, who is 27, and Cheyenne, who is almost 26, are on a show about teen parenting.

“We know but we’re young parents, and we co-parent and we’re trying to figure it out,” Cheyenne said on Corey’s Instagram Live video.

“We’re the same age as everyone on the show now,” Cheyenne added.

Cory and Cheyenne confirmed that they will discuss on the show why Cheyenne kept it a secret that Cory was the father of Ryder.

The new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’— featuring Bristol and Cheyenne– will premiere October 1 on MTV.

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  1. I want to kick black kids in the head. They should kill all black babies. I hate black people. Now replace the word black, with the word white. Those are Cheyannes tweets. REALLY MTV? AND SHAME ON THE ASHLEY FOR NOT GIVING THESE TWEETS THEIR OWN HEADLINE. Burying them in a “news pile”, I really expected better.

  2. anybody see the comment below from “umhello” that says f*ck white people? again…god forbid a white person that said about a different race. double standards and dirty liberals. btw…MTV was made on white music and people. that’s why black have BET …which was also created by a white person for blacks. ur welcome.

  3. Wouldn’t it had made more sense to hire one if the other moms from the original first season of 16 and Pregnant?

  4. No Teen Mom. Apparently have a boring story line. So how were they the best option?! Meh, not interested neither in her or Bristol. Just cancel the show.

    (I also love how entitled Tyler feels again. LOL, you KNOW he is the one who wants the show to stay on the most)

  5. She’s not even a teen mom, first and foremost. With the addition of those vile and disgusting tweets about killing babies, she really has no place in the spotlight.

  6. who the fu** r these people?? and I see they made a racist comment. just another double standard. if a white person said that mtv would probably cancel the whole damn show. I want Bristol to join..she was the original public teen mom. I also see the girl was in her 20s when she gave birth. in what way at all does she belong on the show? mtv just digs themselves a hole time after time. soon it will be just like BET. I have been watching MTV since the 80’s and just watch it gradually fall and make 1 dumb decision after the next. this is last show I watch on the network and soon I probably wont even be watching this one either.

  7. So we have the white people represented by Chelsea, Maci, Cait, etc… and the latinas represented by Bri and the blacks get Cheyenne. That’s just lovely… great diversity ??

    1. The Blacks already had Ashley on Teen Mom Young and Pregnant. Is Cheyenne black? Cory said that they were a biracial couple. If she is black then what is he?

  8. It struck me that Cheyenne kept bringing up how she and Cory are just the awesomest, bestest, most fabulous “co-parents” ever. And saying how that’s “different” than the real OG girls. She’s already throwing shade. Subtle shade, but shade none the less. Hopefully Amber or even Caitlyn will call her out for the despicable comments she made (and that were just as bad as David’s comments that got him fired).

  9. Fuck MTV. They kept this girl after those extremely racist tweets came to surface. She tweeted she wanted to kick a white kid in his head and then retweeted a friend that said she wanted to kill white babies. Like…really? That is just as bad or worse than what David tweeted about gay people and it didn’t get hardly any press coverage. The Ashley didn’t even give that story it’s own post. It was just briefly mentioned in a “Teen Mom News Pile” post. Also, everyone knows if Cheyenne was white and had said that about POC, she would have been fired in a heartbeat. Such a bullshit double standard.

  10. “[The network] realized that the fans weren’t going to be excited about either option,” the source said. “So they continued to look.”

    What fans were actually excited about these two? Ugh.

  11. Nope nope nope nope HELL no. Can’t support someone that tweets about killing babies, no matter what.

  12. Well, I love Cory and Cheyenne. I have loved Cory ever since his Real World Ex-Plosion days! And I loved Cheyenne ever since Are You The One. Not for Bristol Palin though. I’ll definitely be watching this season of Teen Mom OG. I haven’t been into the show the past two seasons. It’ll be refreshing to see new faces.

  13. Cool. One less crap reality show for me.

    I already stopped watching the other TM due to Kail and Brianne. Two pigs was two much!

  14. Way to spoil the current challenge on right now… hes not even on the current episodes.. so is he coming in as a “mercenary”? And tbh I cant wait to hear her reasoning for keeping cory in the dark for so long about being a dad!

  15. All Teen Mom shows should be cancelled. They’re getting boring and they’re adding in all these weird people now.

  16. Ughhhhhhh why are they trying to make this work? They should stop the show if the OG cast is too boring for them…

    But side note, it’s kinda random they “leaked” her first but she hasn’t been on any preview.

  17. Well I’m not “excited” about this choice either, MTV! And just like everything else, they just brush the vile things she tweeted under the rug.

  18. I feel like we’re so far into the show I don’t want to meet anyone else. I’m good. Yea the OG girls are mid twenties now but they’ve been parents for 10 years and we’ve been following their story that long. I think MTV is trying to keep the ship sailing as long as possible. I’m not sure why they can’t keep just the 3 girls and share more of their story . With 5 girls we see like 5 minutes of them each episode.

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