Farrah Abraham Reveals She Will Not Return to ‘Teen Mom OG’; Says Her Former Co-Stars Maci Bookout & Catelynn Lowell “Need Help” for Supporting Amber Portwood

“Sorry you all aren’t as stable and well-adapted to life as I am.”

Farrah Abraham is throwing in her two cents, whether anyone is asking for it or not. (Spoiler alert: no-one is asking for it.) 

According to Hollywood Life, the former Teen Mom OG’s latest bout of unsolicited advice is directed toward two of her former co-stars, Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout. Farrah advised both of them to seek professional help, seemingly due to their support of Amber Portwood.

“Well girls… who wants a go at her first?”

“I really hope that, not only Amber, but I hope Catelynn, I hope Maci… gets some help,” she told Hollywood Life on the Emmys on Sunday. “They seriously need it.”

Farrah criticized Maci and Cate for supporting Amber following her arrest for domestic battery in July, as well as during the infamous Season 6 Reunion brawl that took place onstage involving Amber and Farrah.


In the wake of Amber’s recent arrest for domestic battery as well as the leaked audio of her verbally abusing her boyfriend Andrew Glennon, Farrah said her relationship with her former co-stars remains strained as it has been for some time. 

“For one, I do not speak to others who are very vulgar and abusive,” Farrah said. “I haven’t spoken to [Amber]. I think, the last time we saw me with her was her trying to attack me on stage at the Reunion and Catelynn and Maci supporting her in that. I have to say that was a sad way for me to leave it. I think it’s getting worse and in a devastating kind of way.” 

Trust us… the memory of this scene is far more devastating.

Farrah went on to claim that, as hard as she tries to understand her former co-stars and what they may be going through, she just can’t help but to be honest about the way she feels about them. 

“Some people would be surprised [by their actions]. I’ve never been surprised, because I’m very honest to a fault,” she said, in all her ‘Farrah Speak’-glory. “I’m very deep about actually understanding the person who I’m working with. I’ve dealt with a lot of jealously, mental illness, misbehavior and mistreatment from a lot of people for years. I just don’t think anyone should be surprised of that.” 

“I’m very deep!”

While Farrah did say she was happy that Amber’s children (10-year-old Leah and one-year-old James) are able to be with their fathers (Gary Shirley and Andrew, respectively), she encouraged Amber to go get help for her anger issues.

“Amber can seek her own help. If she truly desires it, she will seek it herself,” she said. “I’ve just been very hurt from the past scenarios…”

Farrah also used the interview to squash the rumors (which she basically created herself, mind you) that she would be returning to ‘Teen Mom OG.’ (She recently announced on her Instagram that she and her daughter Sophia were attending meetings with Viacom about possibly returning to the show. Farrah was fired from ‘Teen Mom OG’ in October 2017.)

Apparently, those “meetings” didn’t go so well. (Go figure!) 

“I have made my choice to not ever come back to ‘Teen Mom’ and I’m sorry that I left like that,” she said, adding that she was only considering returning to appease her many, many fans…or something.

“I took some amazing meetings for some fans, and I was not privileged to the audio before I took that meeting,” Farrah said. “I think some people are having power trips with having a position on a show for too long.”

Our faces when Farrah talks about having fans…


While Farrah (and Debz OG) will not be returning to ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Amber will. As The Ashley told you last week, the show’s producers and Viacom have decided not to fire Amber, despite the release of the audio clips. She will continue on with the rest of the cast in the upcoming season, which is currently filming.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Well I agree. And so should the other moms think of quitting. Saint Chelsea kept her mouth shut all through #justicefornugget

  2. She is such an attention seeker, it makes me sick. And Jenelle is no better! Hey, I know: why don’t they become friends????

  3. While Farrah is pretty impressively incapable of self reflection, I’m honestly usually in agreement with her when it comes to analyzing others. But god is she a mess of a person.

  4. Yes Farrah you made YOUR choice…even though your practically broke & being sued for non payment you decided not to make money yelling at people on TV because of your “co-stars’
    Sure Jan

  5. LMAO at the pics! But not as funny as “For one, I do not speak to others who are very vulgar and abusive,” Farrah said. LMFAO!!!

  6. Where can the audio of Amber Portwood recorded by Andrew Glennon be found? I would really like to listen to them so I can use my own judgement. I always thought he was to good to be true.

  7. Oh nooooo whatever will I do… guess I’ll have to watch more of her backdoor special.

    Clearly Farrah is making a huge mistake (;

  8. Amber staying on is disgusting. Meaningless TV. Farrah used words to fight- Amber words., machete, shoes all in front of child. Hell yes keep her on. Nooooooooooooooooo. Don’t watch this crap show anymore. Hope ratings plummet and viewers stop watching. Put her in long term treatment.

    1. Don’t forget she was arrested for attacking a security guard and resisting arrest and banned from the hotel while intoxicated in public while her daughter was upstairs alone.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      @oliviajoy1995 Sorry I accidentally downvoted your comment!

  9. This is the definition of Amber – narcissists have zero comprehension of what they have done to you and firmly believe they are the victim and that you have treated them terribly!

  10. I hate saying this but she’s kinda right. Maci and Catelynn supporting Amber does not look good for them. They need to give that girl tough love and stand back and either watch her improve on her own accord or self destruct. The kind of support they are giving her right now just makes them enablers and make it look as though domestic violence is acceptable and that Amber is the victim here (clearly she’s not!!!) I get wanting to stick by their friend through thick and thin. That’s what real friends do but…..it’s not good for their image (I use that term loosely….VERY loosely!!) They supported Amber when she tried to attack Farrah. Violence is violence. It should never be supported! We already see MTV and the sponsors are staunch supporters of domestic violence. They’re using the excuse that they want to film Ambers redemption (as if she’s Jesus Christ himself! 🙄). But there won’t be a redemption story unless MTV fakes one because Amber doesn’t think there is a problem so she’s not getting help. Unless she fakes it along with MTV just for a story line. They’re all sad and pathetic.

    1. I can’t stand her ass, and I wish she would go to jail for a very long time-she’s a horrible person. While she’s busy suffering consequences of her actions, I also hope she gets some very much needed (obviously) help. I don’t “support her”, neither do her cast mates, and they never really have. What they have said (and what they are all actually told to say, especially when they haven’t anything else kind to say) is “I hope you get the help you need”.

      How on earth is that supporting her? lol

      It’s not THEIR job to “give her tough love”, she’s not their family and she doesn’t listen a lick any of them say anyway. Farrah just likes to point as many fingers as she can, whenever she can, to keep her own self relevant. She’s not even remotely right, in any capacity, lol.

  11. First of all….why the hell was she at the Emmys?? Who invited her? Can you buy tickets to the Emmys? How the heck did she get in??

    1. Lol. So I read some article that a commenter on another site provided a link for. Apparently there is a credit card that offers a special event package for certain cardholer members, but you have to pay or use points accumulated in exchange for the package to the Emmys which included walking the red carpet and attending certain parties. If you look at photos Farrah posted, the backdrop was different from the two celebs she posted next to hers lmao!

      But she also allegedly had a “date” so maybe he paid her to “escort” him to the ceremony. Who really knows with Farrah.

      1. I know that the viewership of the Emmys was the lowest in years and facts like this just show how “special” the event is when you can PAY to go. If I won it and my donation went to a charity, I think I would feel more special, but when ZZ “celebrities” go, it’s definitely not the place I want to hang out.

        Could she have been a seat filler and signed up to sit next to Hugh Grant?

        1. In the article I read, the man who attended as part of Chase Sapphire card, I believe, he mentioned that there are quite a few seat fillers and that is because many of the celebs hang out in a lounge area to take a break from the long, drawn out show. However, as another commenter pointed out, John Gumboc, who is listed as an actor/producer brought her as his “date”.

  12. I’m being real here when I ask what in the world happened to this girl to make her this way?

    It’s like she’s completely empty of anything. I don’t know how to describe it but is someone born this way or do they become this?

    1. Not sure if this is the product of being raised by Debz and MikELLE or if this is the result of MTV’s interference. Debz was a totally different person when Farrah appeared on 16 and Pregnant. Bizarre family to say the least.

    1. She always tries to make herself sound smart and well educated and she ends up sounding like an idiot. “Some people from MTV are having power trips because they have worked on a show too long”??! Yes, they have power trips…THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT RUN THE SHOW. THEY ARE VERY POWERFUL.
      Geesh she’s a moron. She tells us shes not coming back to a show she was never invited back to.

  13. She says she doesn’t speak to others who are vulgar and abusive…..give me a break. She is rude, hateful, abusive, and extremely vulgar. She needs to stop casting stones while living in that glass house.

  14. Yes, I would listen to a woman who had a plastic replica of her vagina made so she can sell it to perverts. This seems like a rational business decision a clearly coherent young lady would make.

    She seems so put together when she’s falling down drunk in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Or rambling negatively about her own daughter. Or screaming at and putting down her delusional mother.

    Signing up for a ‘celebrity boxing match’, then backing out (she does a lot of backing out)…that’s what any rational person would do to advance their career.

    Or starting businesses, then stiffing landlords and avoiding process servers seems like the right thing to do and a good way to show your daughter how to be responsible.

    Yes, Farrah, I would listen to you…if I were irrational and delusional like you. So maybe the other girls are just not irrational and delusional as you.

  15. I truly wonder if Farrah had a TBI, back on 16 and pregnant and teen mom she spoke clearly, coherently and intellectually. She was in culinary school getting good grades. So what the F happened a bang on the head or syphilis? She is miles away from that Farrah right now.

  16. Did this psycho actually make logical statement/s??? Wow! Other than blaming co-workers for a domestic issue Amber should be fired but she’s good for ratings. Farrah you almost made sense… Did someone write her a response lol?!

  17. Say what you want about Farrah, girl did look good at the Emmy’s. She has also seen more of the world then I, and she hustles. No couch denting for this girl. Sure, she did take one in the five hole and took a shot in the face on screen for the whole world to see but, who hasn’t done the same thing a hundred times in our own lives, minus the whole internet thing. Sure, she speaks like a moron, and isn’t a “great mom” per say, but she is a saint next to Amber if you ask me. Take a moment and let this sink in for a moment, you know I’m right. #thetruthwillsetyoufree

    1. Except for most people, their issues with Farrah have absolutely nothing to do with her sex life, internet or no internet. It’s her behavior. I’d rather be a couch denter any day than someone who acts like Farrah.
      The only thing Farrah-defenders ever cling on to is her “hustle”. But if her level of hustling is on one’s list of “Pros”, that credit should go to Farrah’s coke dealer, not to Farrah herself.
      Not to mention, the damage she’s doing to Sophia cancels out anything and everything on the list of Pros.
      And call me crazy, but if I had to eff wealthy old creeptastic men to ‘see more of this world’, I’ll stay right here thanks.

    2. One of the funniest things about this whole “she hustles” crap is that she, clearly, has a lot of idiots convinced that she does indeed “hustle”. In order for her to hustle, she’d actually have to be *making money, not spending it as wildly as she does. Her businesses all closed because she literally had no more things to borrow against. That’s why she couldn’t pay the rent on any of the properties for months on end (and why she’s moved several times now-has been sued several times now, has had to settle out of court to keep things under wraps, etc..). How the hell anyone can get “she hustles” out of crippling debt, robbing peter to pay paul, the inability to actually pay ANY of her bills, racking up more debt on top of existing debt, constantly being sued…yeah none of that is hustle.

      I also don’t understand how anyone can say this chica was ever coherent, she really wasn’t, she’s always been unable to hold an actual full conversation. We saw a lot less of her on her 16&p episodes, and therefore saw a lot less of her crazy..but shes always been a fucking moron. Her parents are morons too, it’s not surprising that she also is. Yes she did go to culinary school…for less than a year, and was given a minor degree (it’s important to remember that she barely passed, lol). That was also the start of her first flopped business “Mom & Me” pasta sauce line. Or has everyone forgotten about that lovely gem. You know, the on where she claimed to have just finished her associate’s, that she was starting her bachelor’s and being well on her way to her masters (https://www.browardpalmbeach.com/restaurants/teen-mom-farrah-abraham-on-food-culinary-school-and-fort-lauderdale-6390975)


      Exposing your kid to what she does, encouraging her to behave like a little monster, raising her to think she’s better than everyone, removing her from school to traipse around the world-WHILE still leaving her in the care of others for the majority of the “trip”, showing her that violence is how we solve problems..all of this and so very much more, does not make her a saint next to Amber. She may not be as bad as Amber, of course…but she’s still a horrendous parent too.

  18. The delusion is strong with this one. She needs to take her own advice and seek help. She is psychologically damaging her child and unfortunately she cannot see it.

  19. Yeah, right. Like Farrah wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to be making MTV money again so she could stop selling her lady parts on yachts.

  20. Farrah is straight up delusional!! It kills me, that I feed into her BS, because any press, good or bad, is good for her. I will be so happy, when the day comes, that she receives no attention at all..

  21. Shut up Farrah. I can barely understand you! Go back to school and take a language arts basics course. You are gross inside and out. You are the last person to speak on any of this. We have all seen first hand just how abusive YOU are!

    1. Please give her a break after all we just learned this week that she is a widow, that must be really hard for her after all these years to find that out.

  22. “For one, I do not speak to others who are very vulgar and abusive.” This is rich coming from this hateful clown. No one wants you back, and instead really wish you’d go away

  23. Right in the first paragraph(the only one I read cuz this page was a pop up) you said…
    “Farrah Abraham is throwing in her two cents, whether anyone is asking for it or not. (Spoiler alert: no-one is asking for it.)”

    If no one is asking for it (I agree) THEN WHY REPORT IT??? Just ignore her and after a few more not so subtle cries for attention
    maybe she’ll just go away. Please God let this happen.

  24. All these years and I still can’t wrap my mind around the way she speaks. I’ve never in my life heard anyone else speak like that. I’m honestly curious how that happened. It’s like she puts all her words in a Yahtzee cup and they shake out to make random sentences. It’s so fascinating.

    Also, Farrah calling ANYONE ELSE out for being on a power trip is a riot.

    1. I call it word-salad. Lark Voorhies, the young lady who played Lisa Turtle in Saved By The Bell, speaks the same way. It’s a sign of serious mental illness. The definition is: A word salad is a “confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases”, most often used to describe a symptom of a neurological or mental disorder. The words may or may not be grammatically correct, but are semantically confused to the point that the listener cannot extract any meaning from them.

  25. I am guessing OG stands for over grown. The machete swinging, baby and baby daddy abuser came out in higher esteem than a man who kills a dog for biting his baby in the face and the porn star. Keep these role models coming.

  26. No one cares. She is just seeking attention as always. Seeing her very altered face alone gives me a headache and her speaking makes it worse. Can people actually understand her dumb ass? I wish she would disappear already

  27. When Farrah (who gives you a headache when she speaks) still sounds the one who makes the most sense, then we have a problem.

    I do agree Amber is not just the problem, ALL of them are. For enabling her, I bet no word about her attitude will be brought up on reunion when it happens. (And we all know those girls keep their mouth shut not to lose their “job”)

  28. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Pot and kettle you deranged bitch.

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