Farrah Abraham Says She’s Pals with Her Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Producers; Suggests a Way She Could Come Back to the Show

“Listen up! I’m offering free business advice!”

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham isn’t closing the (back) door on her MTV days just yet. 

In fact, the Number One Celebrity in Our Nation—who was fired by MTV in October 2017—told ET on the red carpet of the Marriage Boot Camp 100th episode celebration earlier this week that she has a great idea for how the show “could be big”—at which point she’d be down to make a return. 

You can check out Farrah’s grand idea below, along with Farrah misunderstanding what the interviewers meant when he asked her if she’s returning to the “small screen” any time soon. (He meant television, obviously, but Farrah didn’t quite grasp that.

(Enjoy these Farrah quotes in all their “Farrah Speak” splendor; however, even The Ashley— who is a experienced “Farrah Speak” translator— has no clue what Farrah is suggesting here.

“ … I think it could be big,” she said of her returning to her former gig.

She then served a hefty helping of confusing “Farrah Speak” Word Salad.

“I think ‘Teen Mom’ should definitely be taking over YouTube, on the airplane when I’m traveling, all over. Maybe I’ll have to work on the distribution and business part, and then I’ll come back.” 

(The Ashley believes that Farrah is suggesting ‘Teen Mom OG’ move from MTV to YouTube, and that she could provide commentary for the show that way while she’s shuttling her back door to foreign countries…or something?)

Farrah went on to say that she’s on good terms with the show’s executives, right before throwing a little shade at her former co-stars, per usual. 

“I’m just blessed to have good relationships with the executives and producers and the people that I first met, so that’s great,” she said. “But I do wish the other ladies the best. They’re trying their hardest.” 

“I still have nightmares about this Muppet…and now she thinks we’re besties? Sure, Jan….”

Until Farrah’s big MTV-YouTube collaboration comes to fruition (most likely around the same time Jenelle Evans‘ supposed “Netflix and Amazon show deals” happen), the former ‘Teen Mom’ is filling her time attending anger management, sending her 10-year-old daughter Sophia to castings and looking for ways to turn her memoir into a feature film. 

“I have been working over a year with screenwriting, turning my New York Times bestselling book, My Teenage Dream Ended, into a feature film,” she said.

After allegedly giving Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans some legal advice recently, Farrah said she’s also considering a future in law. 

“ … Maybe I’ll be an entertainment lawyer one day,” she said. “I think I’m great at that.” 

“Dude, even I’m not that desperate…wait, maybe I am…”

As The Ashley previously told you, Farrah has also been spending her time dodging a lawsuit and selling some interesting one-on-one fan experiences online.

Despite her most recent comments, Farrah said two weeks ago that she made the choice to “not ever come back to ‘Teen Mom.’” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

31 Responses

  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    She talks like she’s related to Trump. Egotistical, delusional and can’t understand what the he’ll she’s talking about.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    How much more plastic surgery has she had?! She used to be a pretty girl and now she looks just plastic.

  3. Translation: I went out on a high horse because I thought I was smarter than everyone. All of my business ventures have failed because I, you guessed it, think I’m smarter than everyone so I didn’t have a team of handlers and now I’m learning some very expensive lessons the hard way. The most money I’ve ever made consistently was from MTV and I am now regretting going out in a blaze of glory and insulting literally everyone because I know these people hate me now. PLEASE take me back. I’ll play nice.

  4. To be honest, I don’t think ANYONE ever actually intentionally interviews her, or even wants to speak with her. I think she just randomly goes up to people and it’s such an awkward experience that they feel they have to continue the charade because otherwise it might look bad if they don’t (we promise you folks, it won’t, just say NO!!), or they’re just stunned and stuck in “wtf” mode themselves.

    She injects herself everywhere she goes, it’s such a weird thing to watch-if you’ve never seen it in person, I highly recommend it. Saw it once on accident when visiting family out of state-there will never be enough eye bleach. She can’t even go somewhere random, like a store, and NOT make herself the center of attention. It’s bizarre to say the least, and leaves you feeling like you need a shower just for being within a few hundred feet of her (and hoping your parents don’t think less of you for being present during something so dirty). She’s the only person I have ever seen that could literally make a grocery store feel like a budget porn being filmed in some filthy hidden basement in an Ikea no one knows exists by that neighbor everyone suspects is…shady..but no one can prove.

    As much as I dislike the way Sophia acts-because she can definitely be a brat, I have honestly always felt bad for her. She could be such a sweet, normal child, but she never will be because her mom insists that she live as though she’s a 40 year old divorcee in a 4 year old prostitot’s body at all times. It’s really sad, actually. That poor girl is never going to understand how normal people live, act, hell speak. Her body image is going to be so messed up by the time she hits adulthood (it already is, really). Slowly but surely you can see her attitude towards her mom change, she definitely has way more sass when dealing with her and has no qualms telling her mom to knock the shit off. I suspect one day we’ll read of her backhanding that face so hard it’s forced back into pre-TM form. As much as none of us would ever want to support one person hitting another…we’ll still all smile when she does it.

  5. This girl is on something ? Also, I love the captions under the pictures of Jenelle and Larry (I think that’s his name, but I can’t remember.) I literally pictured Jenelle’s voice while reading it and almost spit out my drink.

  6. I’m not gonna lie. I would watch the shit out of a Farrah movie because I find her so fascinating. But it would have to be an expose by someone else, not some whitewashed version of herself that she would produce.

  7. She is an idiot who idolises herself. She needs brain surgery and her daughter removed from her so she can no longer inflict her wacked out self on her daughter any longer. It’s child abuse!!!

  8. She is an idiot who idolises herself. She needs brain surgery and her daughter removed from her so she can no longer inflict her wacked out self on her daughter any longer. It’s child abuse!!!

  9. Thanks for deciphering that mess, I was clueless.

    Also, I looked at Sophias ig account. It’s still a child living in an adult world. So sad.

    1. I laughed when I saw that Sophia has an Instagram. Everybody is so down on Gary and Amber’s parenting, but least they don’t want Leah in that world. But I wasn’t surprised that Farrah was okay with her 10 year old living in that world!!

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She wants as many titles she can add to her resume…but she just barely dabbles in it but for a slight moment..it’s like she’s poor Lil lost ho

  11. If Farrah comes back I will seriously stop watching. Look and listening to that camel-faced, psychotic bitch made me want to puke!!!

  12. I wish people would stop interviewing this crazy already. She obviously never makes any sense and honestly no one cares about whatever nonsense does come out of her mouth. Hopefully she’ll disappear out of the spotlight completely

    1. Farrah’s friends with the producers she treated like garbage and forced them to use a porta potty. That’s obviously a lie.

  13. If she weren’t such a vile human being you’d almost feel sorry for this idiot. Did she say that she might become an entertainment lawyer because she’s thinks she’s great at that?!? That literally makes no sense. I recently saw parts of her 16 &P episode and she was an obnoxious airhead, but she wasn’t incoherent like she has been for the last 8 years or so, something is going on, whether it’s drugs or a deteriorating mental state, either way she shouldn’t be allowed in public anymore.

      1. I never heard she was going to be a doctor too! Very impressive, maybe next year she’ll declare she’s going to be an astronaut, why not shoot for the moon.

      2. I honestly don’t know if I’d pray for HER or not. If she became a doctor, I’d more than likely pray for HER PATIENTS, and their mental state as to why they’d go to her in the first place. And if she became a lawyer of any kind (whether that be criminal, entertainment, etc), I’d have to pray for HER CLIENTS and their mental state as well.

        1. She’s to stupid to become a doctor.
          And is to incoherent and if you believe she’d ever become a doctor then your as thick as she is.

    1. I was wondering the same thing?? I watched this twice thinking HUH??
      An entertainment lawyer?? Laughable. Can she even read? Because she certainly can’t string a coherent sentence together….

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