Jon Gosselin Says He Has No Plans to Marry Longtime Girlfriend Colleen Conrad Due to Messy Divorce from Ex-Wife Kate

“Another wedding? Um, yeah…no thanks!”

Jon Gosselin won’t be walking down the aisle any time soon.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star told In Touch Weekly that, while he is very happy in his relationship with girlfriend Colleen Conrad, there is probably no wedding in their future.

“We just look at each other like ‘Eh.’ Because we’re both divorced so … Is there a point? We love each other,” Jon told the magazine on the red carpet of the David & Jackie Seigal’s Victoria’s Voice, An Evening to Save Lives event, held at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas on October 25.

Jon went through a bitter divorce and custody battle with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin, and was only recently released from the 10-year gag order he was under that did not allow him to speak about her or their custody issues publicly. While that divorce may have scarred Jon from getting hitched again, he insisted to In Touch Weekly that Colleen is the woman for him.

“We’re committed to each other,” he said.

The Ashley, who also attended the Victoria’s Voice event last weekend in Las Vegas, spoke to Jon about his son Collin coming to live with him and Colleen last year. Jon also told The Ashley that he enjoys living a “regular life” outside of the reality TV spectrum with Colleen. 

“No more reality shows for me, on Monday I just go to work like everyone else!” Jon told The Ashley on the event’s red carpet. “I work in the healthcare industry. I do IT for a healthcare system company, and Colleen is a nurse practitioner in the mental health field so she does stuff with adolescents and adults.

“I think a lot of people don’t know that I work a real job, I’m a real person,” Jon said. “This is like the first time I’ve actually gotten to talk about it.”

Jon and Colleen have been together since 2014, but have known each other since childhood.

“I’ve known Colleen my whole life,” Jon said during a WEtv panel in December 2018. “We grew up three blocks from each other. Her sister used to babysit me.”

As TLC viewers know, Jon’s ex-wife Kate is still very single, and even attempted to find herself a man (via reality TV, of course) on her dating show Kate Plus Date, which aired earlier this year. 

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(Photos: The Ashley, Instagram)


  1. I can’t blame him, it’s not something society seems to understand easily unless you’ve gone through it. I once told an ex-friend I never planned to remarry (i wasnt against love), she just didn’t get it. My own parents dont understand.

  2. Hypocrit!

    Continues to talk about himself, girlfriend, and kids while claiming he wants to keep his family out of the media.

  3. Am I the only one that thinks this guy is just as bad as his ex? He would not be in the news or attending/invited to these events without talking about his kids. He would be living the “normal” life that he keeps talking about. People are no longer paying attention to his ex, even when there is a show. Why is he continuing to bring attention to the kids and himself if he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight?

    1. It could be the fact about the restriction for talking for 10 years (that must have recently expired) and the negative publicity with that rebound ex girlfriend shortly after the divorce.

  4. Lol the only way he even gets a bit line is under kate plus 8 lol.he is a bit desperate to make news.why buy the cow if the milks free.he ain’t stupid

  5. I liked Jon Gosselin more everydy. I’ve always thought he was a real good dad. He did all the work when it came to taking care of those babies back in the day. And I believe he would love to be doing it again if his kids would just talk to him.

    For Kate…I better just keep that comment to myself.

  6. The word Narcissist is almost always over used and used incorrectly, it’s actually not that common in women. Unfortunately, Kate has always seemed a test book narcissist and it’s really sad how those kids have grown up under such pressure on TV so Kate could live a nice life style. Those kids probably would have been happier with both parents in their original small house.

  7. I’m happy for them that they have a normal life. Sounds like they both have good jobs and are able to provide a nice home life for their kids.

  8. I think Kate sucks and is an over controlling person. When her minions I mean kids don’t do as she says she just sends em away…. I’m sorry but as a mother I couldn’t imagine sending my kids anywhere and I have family with special needs and autism but none of them have just sent their kids away….. idk -I do understand why ppl send kids away when they really need help but I don’t think this was or is the case with Kate. She is so controlling and clearly the brave ones rebelled! She’s vile and doesn’t let her kids be kids…..

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