‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Dr. Drew Talks Jenelle Evans Possible Return to ‘Teen Mom 2’; Farrah Abraham Criticized For Posting Weird Video with Daughter & More

“Well Juh-nelle, I see ya got ya name all ova the news this week.”

From exploiting your kid online to throwing a gender reveal for your third baby whom you just happened to have gotten knocked up with while on vacation (and still married to husband number 2), the stars (past and present) of the Teen Mom franchise always keep us on our toes. 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last few days…

Farrah Abraham gets slammed online — no, not like that — for her questionable parenting.

“You KNOW I’m a good mom!”

Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham shared an odd video on TikTok of herself and daughter Sophia recently that caused many to voice their concerns on social media, even after the video was deleted from Farrah’s account. 

Because this is the Internet, however, the video was shared online by various accounts, most criticizing the “top female celebrity in our nation” for the odd (and kind of icky) camera angle from which the video was filmed. 


“I don’t understand the whole point of this video other than to show off her butt & Sophia’s,” one person commented on Twitter.

“Farrah is sick and twisted,” another follower said in the comments. 

“Why isn’t Sophia saying, ‘mom I don’t want my butt showing even if it’s covered?’ [Or] is this the result of not having peers judge you when in school? There is good peer pressure and it looks like that’s what Sophia needs,” another wrote. 

As we mentioned above, the original TikTok video is no longer available online, but considering this is Farrah we’re talking about, it’s only a matter of time before another creepy/embarrassing/questionable video is posted to her account. 

Dr. Drew weighs in on Jenelle Evans possibly returning to “Teen Mom 2′ and reveals if he thinks she’s addicted to fame.

“After being on 153 different shows, I know a thing or two about fame addiction.”

When discussing a recent E! True Hollywood Story focusing on the addictions of fame, Dr. Drew Pinsky, who appeared on the ‘THS’ episode and is also the longtime host of ‘Teen Mom’ reunion shows, was asked on Daily Pop to share his thoughts on former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans

With Jenelle’s name recently being in the news due to her announcing her plans to divorce husband David Eason, Dr. Drew said it is Jenelle’s decision whether or not she should return to ‘Teen Mom 2.’ He added that he has “deep affection and concern” for her after having known the mom of three for more than a decade. Surprisingly, however, Dr. Drew went on to say he does not believe Jenelle is addicted to the fame that comes with being on reality TV.

“Duh, dude. If I cared that much about being liked, I would’ve never married David.”

“Let me say this, I don’t think Jenelle is addicted to fame because she’s always been very ambivalent about being in the public eye,” he said. “She’s hated the social media scrutiny. She is trolled like no one else. She really gets more negativity than almost any other of the moms and she made a conscious decision to get off the show for a while.”

(Dr. Drew is not exactly up on his ‘Teen Mom’ knowledge, obviously. Jenelle was let go from ‘Teen Mom 2,’ she did not choose to leave on her own.) 

“The problem here — Jenelle has some stuff going on in her life and if she loses her livelihood also, that could potentially really hurt her,” he continued. “She has a realistic decision here: do I return to work if that work adversely affects my psychological makeup or do I find some other employer?” 

Dr. Drew pointed out that it would obviously be up to the network whether or not they want to invite Jenelle to return to ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

Leah Messer’s sister Victoria reveals the gender of her Costa Rican vacation baby. 

“How do y’all feel about the name Cerenito?”

Victoria Messer, sister of ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah and mother of two kids already — including the uniquely-named Cerenity — revealed on social media that the dang baby she done went and got herself knocked up with while on vacation is a boy.

Leah shared photos of her sister’s gender reveal on her personal Instagram page. Leah’s twin girls are featured in the photos as well.  

“It all started with these two and now it’s time for the FIRST BOY of the family to make an impact,” Leah wrote in the caption. “He’s gonna do big things.” 


As The Ashley previously told you, this baby is the result of Victoria doing some “big things” of her own while vacationing in Costa Rica with her sister and Kail Lowry in April — namely getting pregnant by a rafting guide.

At the time, Victoria was still married to her second husband Domenick Crapello, though the two were reportedly separated. Victoria has since filed for divorce and is planning to attempt to bring her Costa Rican baby daddy to the States eventually. 

David Eason makes a big show of taking off his wedding ring.

Wait until he finds out he’ll probably have to get a real job too…

Jenelle Evans’ former soulmate, David, seems to have realized his marriage to the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is over. After David was served a restraining order, barring him from coming near Jenelle, their daughter Ensley or her other two kids, David took to social media to declare himself single.

“I guess I can take this off now…” David wrote as a caption to the picture of his wedding ring on his finger.

David’s mitt is now ring-free, apparently…

He then posted a photo of the “damage” his wedding ring has done.

“Its gonna take some time for that finger to heal up,” he wrote. 

Hopefully he saves the ring…he may need to pawn it later…

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter; Instagram) 

49 Responses

  1. I knew Farrah was training her creepy kid to tag team with her. It was obvious from the fact that she never shielded her from her whore’s world.

  2. I thought the header pic was Paula Abdul (who is 57) — damn, how old is Farrah?!? She paid someone to make her look like that? Yikes.

    Everyone in this thread is trash.

    Dr. Drew is a narcissist so of course he doesn’t recognize it in another. The irony of featuring him in a show about people who are addicted to fame…

  3. Who wants to make a bet? I’m sure we will be seeing Victoria and her Costa Rican Baby Daddy on 90 Day Fiancé!!! I see it coming!!

  4. Ok Dr David Drew Pinsky are you high high? WTF?? Seriously. You think this shit show should keep going. The “teen” moms are fucked up beyond help and now their kids are getting to that point as well and you just want it to keep going until one of them kills some or ends up dead. You are clearly a crackhead. Jenelle has shit going on and you don’t think it’s a good idea to take away her livelihood? She’s is a wanna be fame whore. She lies. And I mean lie-lie! She lied to the court about David not abusing her children. And I don’t want to hear your fucking BS about her “trauma”. Is this show supposed to continue on until these “teen” moms are 95? They’re uneducated. Unemployed and this show is their sole source of income. So if when when this show ends (and please baby Jesus let it be soon!!) they are all going to be fucked. No money. No health insurance and no more free trips to luxury rehabs to recharge and then go back to the show to be fucked up again. What are they going to do then David Drew? Seriously. None of this is good. None of this makes sense. How the fuck can anybody justify this. This is scary what we as human beings will resort to for $$$$ and entertainment. There has to be a point where the lives and mental health of adults and especially children mean something more. There is no story line here anymore for any of them. We are just watching their lives torn apart and their children abused and used as pawns between parents and fought over and passed around. Really enough is enough.

  5. Sadly, the fastest way to the welfare line is young and with child. Especially,single young mothers. It’s statistically proven and often more kids with more partners to follow. I thought the show was to help PREVENT unplanned pregnancy not capitalize on crotch fruit?

  6. Dr. Drew is an IDIOT he is not even board certified let it be known there are over 450,000 of us that will boycott any sponser is janelle is back on TV she is a known liar and will do ANYTHING for money if all this crap is true which i doubt she needs to take the time away from the camera to work with her kids.. Making her a poster child for abuse would be the worst decision ever

    1. AMEN!!! There is a Jenelle Evans Fan Page on Facebook, and they are going after anyone that goes against her. All click bait also!!!

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Oh David has a boo boo? Who gives a shit abut this crap?

    1. Where is his big Ol Daddy Warbucks diamond wedding ring? the one that looks absolutely ridiculous on a “man”

  8. “she made a conscious decision to get off the show for a while.”

    I’ve noticed this pattern of bullshit in everything now days. She was fired, she did not quit.
    But the powers that be change the narrative to fit the new story that will not hold them accountable for their current actions that are completely dictated by money generated. Wew.

    I see you, I’m not stupid. I have a memory that lasts more than 6mos. Don’t blow your bullshit in my face. Dr Dru, MTV, and Jenelle, one in the same, just follow the money.

  9. Ashley, I beg you, please stop posting those scary photos of Farrah making wonky faces! She’s all plastic and rubbery looking and it frightens me!!! Please stop

  10. I dont see what was wrong with the video Farrah posted. Sophia’s butt was covered from what I saw and there would be more or similar nudity (from a girl her age) at a beach.

    The video was boring, but at least Sophia wasn’t twerking or watching Farrah’s butt getting surgically enhanced. She seemed pretty age appropriate to me.

    David’s video is boring. Dry skin, put some Eucerin on it.

    1. Exactly, it’s very creepy when people sexualize a 10 year old. We should applaud Farrah for doing something age appropriate with Sophia.

    2. The problem is pedophiles and the low life trash Farrah attracts will view it differently. Maybe if the camera wasn’t directed in an upward angle that is focusing on both of their rear ends, I would probably agree with you but it seems like Farrah is deliberately showing off both their rear ends. Why would any mother post that especially when you are known as the backdoor teen mom?

    3. The actual problem with her video isn’t because Sophia isn’t properly dressed (although some idiots might be saying that, ignore them). The real problem is that the majority of Farrah’s target audience, those she panders her wares to, those she makes these posts for, those she wants to SEE these videos….are primarily older men looking to score (for whatever reason, I’ll reserve my judgments on that one for another day).

      She literally markets her videos, especially those that include her pretending to be a good mom, to guys she thinks will pay to sleep with her. Even the most wholesome video, or picture int he world, stops becoming so when it is Farrah posting it to get attention to her own nethers.

      It would be seen as perhaps a bit weird (the way she’s picking her up is really damn odd, especially since we know she didn’t even like carrying her as a baby), but innocuous if just about anyone else posted it. But this is Farrah- every picture and video is a marketing tool (she’s even said that herself, in her own Farrah speak). That makes it creepy as creepy gets. The problem with that, is Sophia suffers, if not now, int he future, not Farrah. She couldn’t possibly care less about the backlash, she thinks it makes her desirable to rich men.

  11. In regards to Victoria, (and kail, Jenelle… etc). When did it become a thing to have kids by so many different men, and not be serious with any of them? I’m in my early 20s and I don’t understand this phenomenon. I would be mortified if I had a few kids from different fathers, and not end up with any of them. Also saw that Corey and Taylor (from ex on the beach) r having a “surprise” baby. I don’t get it! People are having KIDS, aka LIFETIME COMMITMENTS with people they barely know. Please stop it. This generation is going to be full of nonsense.

    1. I have noticed this particular ‘trend’ as well – in my own circles too. I feel like a lot of (young) women are opting not to use hormonal birth control, I’m guessing because of possible side effects, as well as negative press (which is totally fine by the way, it’s a very personal choice and everyone is different) but then aren’t using any form of non-hormonal birth control either. Just plain stupid if you’re not actively trying to get pregnant and then you’re putting yourself at risk for OTHER ‘side effects’ (i.e. an actual pregnancy!) The number of unplanned pregnancies amongst young women has definitely increased and I just can’t fathom why they’re not making smarter choices.

      1. Not to mention the steady increase of stds and stis. Gonerrhea, chlamydia and syphylis are all on the rise. A lot of the younger generations are too relient on pharmaceuticals and think there is a magic pill that will solve all their problems. They think because there is PRep now that they are safe from HIV/AIDS and clearly do not realize the seriousness of these diseases. Thinking of all the babies I can’t even imagine all the disease being spread. It is disgusting.

    2. This trash thinks its cute to get knocked up by even man that smiles at you but it ruin your kids an society. The kids are divided by fathers and split up during holidays and summers. They all look different and have different relationships with their fathers. For example Addie feels bad about how much time the twins spend with Corey. When they go to Corey’s house she stuck at home with Leah.

  12. CERENITO!!!! hahahahaha I’m dead ??????? honestly wondering what kind of concoction of a name she’ll come up with this time

  13. I hope they bring Jenelle back & give her another chance. And to the one girl Kail who keeps bathmouthing her. You two have three kids by three different men. So who are you to talk about anyone??? To Chelsea & Leah thank you to you both for showing such respect on the show. Chelsea congratulation on your new line & good luck with the up coming home & move. Leah I pray it works out with you & Jeremy. Also I love how you are open & honest with your children. But remember your are rheir mother not theor friend. That tends to slip away from us at times.

  14. Wow. David has some slender, delicate fingers and the only callous he has is from a wedding ring ?
    Now THAT’S funny!
    I’ve never seen a man have such smooth looking hands, here in the southwest, men get made fun of for that… Gross.

    1. Yea, for as “outdoorsy” as he flaunts/brags to be, with the hunting for squirrels and whatnot (even though he’s claimed that he can’t WORK outdoors due to his “condition”), his hands are smooth, doesn’t look like he does much of any physical labor with them.

    2. downvoted for gatekeeping southwest and for a man’s hand must look a certain way to be a “man’s man hand.”

      1. Nothing to do with “man’s man hand”. All I’m saying is that if you physically WORK with your hands, like all the stuff he claims to do “on the land”, then your hands will show it. Hell, I’m a female (from the midwest) that works in surgery and even that’s physical enough to manifest signs of labor on my hands. Seems like the only physical labor his hands are doing is calling 911 and posting messages that all seem to scream “WAIT, look at me, I’m here too! Don’t pay attention to just Janelle, I matter too,right?…RIGHT?”…crickets.

  15. Crapello is a great name, I don’t understand why Victoria wouldn’t want that to be her name anymore!!
    Also, has she signed up to be on 90 Day Fiancé yet? If Amber can go on a We Network show why can’t Victoria go on TLC Ding dang it!

  16. Seems to me Farrah is going to put Sophia’s virginity on the auction block. Sorry but that’s how I feel.

    Dr. Drew should have gotten the courts involved with Jenelle along time ago. If he sees or suspects abuse of children he’s supposed to report it. Dr. Drew didn’t help any of the teen moms.

    Leah got pulled out of the hollow. Let’s hope her girls will break the cycle of being a teen mom.

  17. that person who said “why isn’t sophia saying she doesn’t want to show her butt” is ignorant as hell. she’s the child not the parent and her mother has not shown her any better her entire life so how the hell would the child know better?! her mother is failing her. don’t put it on the kid dumbass

  18. No one is more addicted to fame than Dr. Drew!~ So now this is Ex-teen monster child abuser mom if she wants to return? I better not see her ass on there!

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