Malorie Beaver, Sister of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Rachel Beaver, Arrested for Assaulting Her Grandmother

“Ya better watch ya self, Nana!”

Malorie Beaver, older sister of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver,  found herself behind bars this weekend, reportedly following a feud with someone other than her sister or her mother. 

Malorie was arrested Saturday night in Madisonville, Tennessee, and charged with “Assault, Domestic Related.” (The news of the arrest was first reported by the Teen Mom Shade Room Instagram account.)

As of Monday, Malorie — whose legal name appears to be spelled “Mallorie” — had bonded out and is once again a free Beaver. 

Despite Malorie’s recent social media feud with Rachel, as well as her often turbulent relationship with her mother, Stephanie, Saturday’s alleged assault actually her Nana, according to Malorie and Rachel.  

The Beaver sisters broke down the events of Saturday night (in a very on-brand, NSFW fashion) on social media, in which they blamed the ordeal on their Nana’s tendency to overact “over everything” and the fact that “Nana was intoxicated.”

“You know how drunken Nanas be! Sometimes ya gotta slap ’em silly!”

In the Instagram Live video, captured and reposted on Twitter by @TMMamaDrama, Rachel is the one speaking to the camera, while Malorie provides details in the background. According to Rachel, when Malorie went to get her daughter Emerson from Nana, the (allegedly) three-sheets-to-the-wind Nana refused to hand over the kid. She also told Malorie “this is my child, this isn’t your child,” causing Malorie to grab Nana’s wrist in an effort to get the kid. Nana then allegedly threatened to call the cops and ultimately did just that.

At this point, Malorie jumps into the camera shot to show where the cops “f**king cut” her on her wrist. Shortly after, Malorie is heard in the background saying “all the charges are being dropped … Nana said she dropped them all,” which Rachel confirms, noting that her Nana said she wished she hadn’t called the cops and claiming that the whole thing had been a big misunderstanding. 

On Instagram, Malorie stuck to her story, telling one of her followers that she “would never hit” her Nana and that “people just like to make s**t up.” 

Malorie later popped on Instagram Live again to tell her side of things.

“I did not hit my Nana,” she said. “The bitch that was goin’ around saying I hit my Nana was some snaky ass bitch motherf**king bitch who is friends with Mom but likes to talk s**t and has been talkin’ s**t since Day 1.”

Malorie went on to say that she will be redeemed in court.

“That is not correct, and everyone will know it’s not correct when the f**king court date happens,” she oh-so-eloquently explained. “Because all my charges are getting dropped. Literally all I did was grab my Nana’s wrist, move her hand so I could get Emerson. The only reason they arrested me for domestic assault is because they didn’t want to arrest me for a PI [public intoxication] because I was at home and you can’t really arrest me for that. They just wanted me out of the house, basically.”

She insisted the cops couldn’t arrest her for domestic assault (even though they actually did) because “there was no evidence and because no one saw anything.” 

Malorie claims that she’s knowledgeable in this field, thanks to her turbulent relationship with her baby daddy Lane.

“There ain’t too many things I know about well, but I do know me some domestic assault guidelines!”

“Every time I tried to get Lane arrested for domestic assault, I couldn’t because there were no marks, and, two, there was no witnesses. But last time there were witnesses so he got arrested for it.”


“Really, they couldn’t arrest me for domestic assault…but they did anyway,” Malorie concluded.

As fans (or haters) of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ may recall, this isn’t the first time Malorie has had to defend herself or her actions online. In October, viewers of the show criticized her parenting after she was seen dropping off Emerson with her mom for an extended stay in order for her to partake in some child-free fun. 

After the episode aired, Malorie said she “partied and so forth” as a way to escape and later revealed that she was struggling with a drinking problem during the filming of the show. 

“Just so everyone knows, last year I had a bad drinking problem,” she said. “My depression from before pregnancy and the [post-partum depression] led to drinking and partying. One party and one drink led to a lot of parties and not being able to stop drinking.” 

It appears that Malorie’s drinking problem is still a problem, since Malorie herself claimed to have been intoxicated during the alleged assault. In fact, it appears that also received a “Public Intoxication” charge to boot, according to online court records! 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter)


  1. This show always has such nice girls on. I bet they all grow up to be upstanding members of society.
    Excellent roll models for the younger generation.
    Please MTV keep turning out these wonderful members of society.

  2. As you do. Honestly i want lexi back. I haven’t even watched teen mom in a while and im over this rachel chick. Sounds like a bunch of washed up trash looking for attention. I would much rather have “boring” and stable than crack house grandma beaters.

    The real burning question here is kail mf lowrey pregnant or not????

  3. I hope ALL of these kiddos file a class action Lawsuit against MTV, for allowing & watching child abuse!!! Child neglect . Just for ratings. Shame on you MTV.

  4. I e. Even saying since the new season premiered that this family is absolute white trash scum. Worst of the worst

  5. MTV really scraped the bottom of the double wide trailer floor when they cast these creatures….she really called her Nana a “p&$$y ass b!$ch”? Class-less trash bags who should be banned from reproducing as this point. The fact that they look like they are getting a kick out of the attention they are getting on Live over this is disturbing on so many levels…Poor Nana!

  6. Remember when Rachel’s aunt was in the comments section on this site? She’s probably still lurking, downvoting anyone that calls her trash family trash.

    1. She got so pissed off at me for making fun of Hazelee’s name. Man, I was hoping she’d hang around. It would have been entertaining.

  7. I watched ONE episode about a week ago or so… The one where she was anti-IUD and said something along the lines of being “against something implanted inside me” and “not good on pain” or whatever the hell she said…. I was thinking an IUD outweighs and is worse than an embryo being implanted inside her uterus and the pain of childbirth?? This girl is such a mess! And so ignorant! I feel so bad for that baby… I can’t watch that shit anymore. Makes me sick.

    1. I honestly think she likely has PTSD from birth – if you watched her previous episodes she had NO idea what was going on during the whole event. She asked her mom what a cervix was and her mom said “I THINK that’s where the baby comes out??” Are you kidding me?
      She was also induced before her due date for seemingly no reason. I can see where you’d be over people shoving shit up your vagina after being through that.

  8. The generational ratchetness in this clan is STRONG! They’re really giving the DeJesus’s a run for their money. Also someone should have changed that last name the minute they heard that it is slang for ……, you know it would have saved so many of them a lot of grief.

  9. These 2 girls are nasty!! Their mouth, disrespect and respect for themselves and kids!! Get it tgthr Rachel! She shouldn’t even b on the show! Their both just dirty and nasty!!

  10. I guess the Beavers topped Cate & Ty for the trashiest family in the franchise. Drunk/high Butch and April back in the day was full on. But this family takes the cake.
    The worst thing is – didn’t Nana raise this pair of delinquents because mum was off coking it up with dad and in and out of jail?? Now Nana gets a flogging for her trouble.
    I foresee a future for Jace like this…..

  11. Rachel and Malorie are Jenelle and Amber. They sleep around party, don’t care about using protection and then blame all their issues on other people. Thanks MTV for ditching Lexi, who is actually a good mother for these two train wrecks. Lexi may have been boring but I’d watch her over children being neglected any day.

    1. I really enjoyed watching Lexi!
      Watching Hazelee literally go hungry because Rachel didn’t have any formula for her was so fucking stressful and awful. It makes no sense to me why all these incredibly poor families don’t at least attempt breastfeeding, since it’s free.

      1. Because then you can’t dump your kid on anyway (including poor ol’ nana) to drink and “get fucked up” (Rachel on her birthday request) if you breastfeed.

      2. She didn’t have any formula for her baby?! They’ve gotta be on WIC, there’s literally NO EXCUSE why any baby should go hungry in this country. NONE!! Trashy bitches probably sold their formula for drug/alcohol money!

        1. I know it was awful.
          As soon as I posted that I realized that’s true – you have to be around your baby 24/7 if you’re breastfeeding. I’m just so sad for these kids.

      3. Because then it would cock block her and keep her from getting wasted and enjoy her partying. These girls are total trash. MTV really has gone to the very bottom of the barrel, flipped it over and gotten the scraps from the bottom of that too. Disgusting

    2. For some reason I can clearly see how Malorie will look in 20 years (or probably much less) particularly in the first picture. She will not age well.

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