‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8B Premiere Fails to Draw as Many Viewers as Previous Season Premiere: Get the Ratings

“Well that ain’t good… “

Teen Mom OG finally returned this week in what was believed to be a much-anticipated season premiere; however, maybe in the midst of a global pandemic, some people just forgot to tune in to watch Amber Portwood & Co. whine about their lives? 

Based on the ratings for the Season 8B premiere, that might be the case.

According to Showbuzz Daily, Tuesday’s episode ranked No. 9 in the 18-49 age demographic for all original cable telecasts that night, securing a .39 in demo ratings but only 859,000 viewers. While those are respectable numbers, they pale in comparison to the ratings the show used to get.

In fact, the previous season premiere brought in a way higher demo ratings score and 131,000 more viewers than Tuesday’s episode did. (If you want specifics, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8A premiere, which aired Monday, June 10, 2019, ranked No. 5, and brought in 990,000 viewers and a demo ratings score of  .54.)

“Fifty four? That’s the same number of therapy horses I’m going to need if this show gets canceled.”

Some fans have taken to social media to let MTV know that they are not watching this season, due to the fact that Amber Portwood is still on the show, despite her 2019 domestic battery arrest (and the release of very negative audio recordings of Amber). The Ashley broke the news in September that Viacom had chosen not to fire Amber, and it appears that some loyal viewers are still not happy about that decision.

“@MTV I will not be watching Teen mom og. I don’t support Amber Portwood having a platform after her domestic violence,” one person tweeted in response to a tweet posted to the official ‘Teen Mom’ Twitter account that was promoting the new season.

“I won’t be watching due to them continuing to air @AmberLPortwood,” another wrote in response to the tweet. “She is a violent felon who abused another baby daddy on TV while MTV did nothing. Her nasty azz should be in jail, not on TV.”

@TeenMom_OG  welp… this is the first season I will not be watching. Can’t believe you would have a domestic abuser continue on your show. And she still blames EVERYONE else for her issues,” another person tweeted. “@AmberLPortwood should have been cancelled.”

Tuesday’s premiere was similar to that of the recent number of viewers Teen Mom 2 has attracted — 810,000 and a No. 3 ranking for its Season 9B premiere, which aired on Tuesday, September 10. As The Ashley told you in September, viewership for Season 9B of ‘Teen Mom 2’ dropped slightly following the departure of chaos-creator Jenelle Evans; however, the show had been known to bring in huge ratings in the past. 

“I’m available, MTV!Ya need a little Babs to pep up ya ratings!”

Neither ‘Teen Mom OG’ nor ‘Teen Mom 2’ have yet to drop consistently as low as Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, though. That show managed to wrap its second season on Tuesday, February 25 with an episode ranked No. 18, drawing just 470,000 viewers. 

“Y’all sure y’all are countin’ them things right?”

‘Teen Mom OG’ airs Tuesdays on MTV. (And, to answer your question: yes, The Ashley will be recapping this season, so stay tuned!) 

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(Photos: MTV, Twitter)

53 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think MTV will fire Amber until it escalates to her severely injuring someone or killing them (though, I’d hope she doesn’t go to that extreme). Look how long it took them to give Jenelle the axe.

  2. I am so glad Barbara is off the show. Most people forget that she raised Janelle!! Babs has probably already lost control of Chase. Barbara is an alcoholic and I still remember the episode when Janelle confronted her at the Mexican restaurant. Go back and watch janelle’s 16 and Pregnant episode and you will see what a trash mother, Babs, is.

  3. No one wants to tune to the Amber pity-party (let’s be real, that’s exactly what’s happening), with her fake crying without tears coming out. I would have more respect for her if she actually owned up to her actions and was trying to become a better person, but nope. She’s still the same. What could have Andrew possibly done/said that warranted the reaction of running after him and her infant son with a machete? She’s the definition of trash.

  4. The long this show is on each season becomes more forced and manufactured and MTV is desperately scrambling for ”interesting” plot lines for these girls. If the viewers consistently decline, will they finally end the show? How low would the viewership needs to drop before they pull the plug. Like, Young & Pregnant low or are we talking Pretty Little Mamas/Young Moms Club?

  5. MTV needs to revamp and get some new shows instead of beating the dead horse of “Teen Mom” (aren’t they pushing 30 now?)and Jersey Shore where they act like total immature high schoolers and they are pushing 40. Sad really.

  6. It is well past time to shut the door on a series for both the OG & TM2 girls. A once per year “Where Are They Now?” special would more than suffice at this point, since we see everything play out on social media anyway.

    Irregardless, Amber does NOT deserve to be rewarded with hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to “send love” in the form of domestic violence, self pity, and victim blaming. It would be one thing if there was an ounce of self-reflection in her commentary about her behavior; the fact that there is not, leaves me absolutely convinced that both Leah and James will be on the receiving end of Amber’s abuse one day in the future.

  7. No one cares anymore. They are not struggling teen moms anymore, the whole purpose of the show. Now it’s about the hardship of hunting for their 5th new house or what vacation they should take. They need real jobs!!!

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I’m so sick of people bashing @AmberPortwood. You people don’t know the real situation you automatically assume it’s her because of her past and some audio that could have been fixed by someone to make it sound like it was her fault. I really think it was HIM,and it was his plan all along,just to get a lil bit of fame and money.

    1. Oh hi Amber. The audio was fixed to make it seem like it was her fault? Mkay, I guess all those years ago the video was fixed to make it look like she was kicking Gary’s ass as well. Poor thing, you’ve been a victim of a ten-plus year conspiracy.

      1. What happened with her and Gary was real she was young and owned up to what she did and even did jail time. Andrew is a fake azz dude that just wanted to get a lil bit of fame and money. Amber is much older now and realized that she has a mental health disorder and certain things do trigger it. I know cause I live with mental health disorder and I know exactly how she was feeling everyone points the finger because of what the media wants you to see or hear and even they don’t know the real situation. So let’s not be so quick to judge.

    2. Bubby Dittman, this is not the place to defend Amber’s actions. We all see her for the violent, disgusting, hypocritical, abusive, lying “mother” that she is!

      1. First of all my name is Brittany,and everyone does not see or hear everything that goes on in their lives. Yes Amber has a PAST OF ABUSE she was young and learned from it. Does anyone know the real ANDREW? Does anyone know the real Amber? If you don’t personally know them then you don’t know anything other than what MTV or social media is putting out there.

        1. The sad thing, Bubby and/or Amber, is that MTV has gone above and beyond to paint her in a positive light BUT PEOPLE STILL SEE THROUGH IT. Amber’s phony crocodile tears do not win her any sympathy, as she has not ever shown true remorse for anything she has done. She even boasted of beating up Gary in one of those lovely recordings that you speak of; mental illness aside, she has proved that she does not care to learn from her actions.

          Andrew is no hero and most likely did begin to use Amber’s triggers against her as a way to cope during his time being abused by her, however, that does not give her a free pass to go charging at a baby with a weapon!!! Even if I bought her “beating Andrew with a shoe” lie, he was still holding innocent baby James in his arms while she did so. How do you defend that admission, “Brittany”? She told the police that with her own words, and that was not from her “past of abuse” (that she bragged about) with Gary.

          I hope that Amber does get real help, but that will require her to take a good, hard look at her own actions. This includes how she reacts to others when they push her buttons. Otherwise, how will she remain calm when Leah and James eventually, and inevitably, begin to get sassy with her? Or, will that be their fault, “Brittany?”

          1. Plus, she admitted to the audio and that she took it too far. Though, I think she was only ashamed because it was leaked.

            When this whole story first broke, I didn’t fully believe Andrew’s story. I could see Amber hitting him with a shoe (still
            not acceptable) but, I couldn’t imagine her going after him with a machete. Especially while he held their son. After Matt, she seemed to be in a good place with Andrew. At least, there was no public drama. As more was released, I was more inclined to believe his story. Even if he is still sketchy.

            Bottom line, Amber is a violent person and mental illness is not meant as constant excuse. Whether Andrew antagonized her or not, she needs to figure out ways to find clarity during her outbursts and remove herself from the situation. Especially if she could have harmed James.

    3. Ambo needs to keep her legs closed and stop getting pregnant by randos so she can have a storyline on Teen Mom. Thank God at least Andrew has enough sense to get custody of poor baby James. ?

  9. This show is no longer relevant. These girls have nothing of interest going on. It’s boring and Amber belongs in jail not on this show. I will no longer watch

    1. Amber did no wrong. Andrew was the one that staged this whole thing he made it look like it was her. Yes she has a past of violence but you know what, people grow from their mistakes and I’m not going to stop watching the show just because of that situation. The show must go on.

      1. So like serious question… how does one stage being attacked with a machete and the audio recording? Also police were involved, were they in on it too?

        1. There are ways to stage something like that especially on an audio tape. Unless it was actually taped and let out for people to see with their eyes then that’s when I will believe that she really did do something like that.

          1. But you’ll believe Andrew is the real abuser without seeing any taped footage?

      2. “Brittany,” you’re just as delusional as that skanky piece of shit Amber is. She has always been an abusive, violent piece of white trash and she’ll always be an abusive, violent piece of white trash.

  10. The premiere was so boring. I skipped all Amber’s segments – I can’t stand to see her dumb face and lame excuses on my tv screen.
    The show was over so fast that way since they played up the Amber crap so hard.
    Over it.
    Also fuck you Ryan for continuing to blame Maci for everything like usual.
    Maybe Rhine & Ambo should hook up?

    1. Thank God on demand lets you fast forward through this show now. I don’t have to watch Amber’s pity party anymore.

      Yes, Ryan still blames Maci for everything. He’s at least 30 but still acts like he’s 20.

  11. I said it before and I’ll say it again, all these shows need to end!! I haven’t watched since David killed Nugget. And even before then, it was getting redundant and boring. These aren’t struggling teens anymore. They are making boat loads of cash, buying extravagant homes, driving luxury cars and taking beautiful vacations. And most have more than one kid or have their own family. The show is is complete sham! For them to keep Amber as a cast member is not only irresponsible and dangerous, it’s downright tragic. This is a person who has no moral compass whatsoever and takes no responsibility or accountability for her actions. Instead she just blames her behavior on others or on her mental health. MTV has chosen to exploit this situation for ratings rather than doing the right thing and firing her ass. All we can do now is just STOP WATCHING and MTV will feel the consequences of their choices. #BoycottMTV


  13. My favorite cringey moment was when Cate blindfolded Ty for some nonsense ceremony. Tyler does NOT seem like the type of guy that 1) likes surprises generally and 2) might like to get used to the idea for a moment before thrown into it. He, like many humans, may need time to process and prepare for said ceremony. She was acting like it was a birthday party or something, I bet he was disappointed to learn that it was not a surprise for HIM, so much as it was a selfish thing Cate just decided to do without involving him in the process or decision. Eye roll. Give the guy a blow job or something if you really want to surprise him.

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  15. I watched it, here are my observations

    1. Amber 0.0 change in her behavior. She is the worst person on this series, non disputable

    2. Ryan I get it, he wants to see his son on special occasions. He fucked up, its going to take time.

    3. Tyler and Cate unwatchable

    4. Cheyenne Not sure who she thinks she is, don’t like her.

    5. Ginger Minge How in the F did they get that house, shit must be dirt cheap in hicksville

    6. Gary What does that bro bench, my only question

    7. Mackenzie I’d still E her A!

    stay lit

  16. Hopefully this will be a wakeup call to he network to start listening to the public. First, everyone is sick of these entitled irresponsible former teens that live a celebrity lifestyle, especially during these trying times when millions of people literally don’t know when they’ll get their next paycheck. Most obviously, the fact the Portwood is still getting rewarded for her violent, criminal behavior is absolutely despicable, she is literally unwatchable and should have to finally face reality. Also, Cate and Ty need a huge dose of reality, these two have no idea what real life is about and will drown one week after the mtv money dries up. It looks like Cate has completely let herself go, if she were forced to get into the real world, get an education, job, socialize with other normal people her age, it would really help mentally and physically.

  17. I can’t watch because I already lived through an abusive partner. And wow, I agree with the comment about how they are using Mackenzie’s mom’s death for ratings. Gross. But I am ready for the recaps and snark!

  18. Didn’t watch it, won’t watch it. Come here for the snark. 1. Amber should’ve been fired, period! Janelle was fired for less. 2. Stupid to watch “scenes” play out 8 months after they happened and you already know the outcome. 3. Mac tries too hard.

  19. I can get why the mother said that. Mac has a litter of young chillun’s with Josh. Her chances of finding a good man are slim to none and financially she Mac can’t support her family alone without MTV. She was just being realistic. Mac needs to work on her marriage and grow the fugg up instead of complain all the time. Once you bring a bunch of kids into a marriage its way more complicated than just throwing in the towel. She was dying and things like 1x cheating seem minimal in the scheme of things. I can’t stand any of the cast. They all act like brats, so I refuse to watch this mess.

  20. Can someone tell me one good reason why Amber is still on this show?! Like seriously, everyone has enough of her playing the “I have a mental illness, blah blah blah…” card. Guess what Amber?! You aren’t the first and not the last who has it, stop blaming everything for it. I for a fact damn well know with my mental ailments it is hard for me but I am working on myself, have been getting and but I damn well don’t go on TV or social media and use it as an excuse for the times I screwed things in the past. There’s always two sides of the story, yes but you don’t even have the guts to apologize to your ex for what you did to him!

  21. I would rather lick door knobs in Wuhan China than watch this tired, boring show with a bunch of losers.

    1. Amber was definitely doing her best impression of a calm rational person..must be the downers..she still sucks and should not be around her children. She is a horrible negative influence.

      Show is boring As hell now.

  22. This episode was b.s most of it centered around Amber and her fake crying. She said she was proud of how she handled it. For Mackenzie I fast forwarded I don’t care about her “marriage” and I refuse to watch her mom slowly fade. I did it with my parents and I cannot believe they allowed this to filmed. This is such a private time and for them to use it for ratings is disgusting and I can’t watch it. I feel so sorry for the kids cuz they will look back and see how they were filmed for their reactions on their grandma’s death and all the aftermath that will follow.

  23. I decided not to watch, but now that I’m home bound, I watched anyway. My blood was literally boiling seeing how Amber was portrayed as the poor, mentally ill victim and the cast members rallied behind her, bashing Andrew.
    And I’m deeply sorry that Mack’s mom died, but what she said to Mack made me mad as hell. She should think about her actions and find out what SHE did wrong because Josh cheated on her?
    Fuck this show, self quarantine or not, I’m never watching it again.

    1. That was really some wacky advice Mack’s mom gave to her…Honestly I forgot Mack was even on the show, and her story line seems kinda fake and made up to me. She knows that she’s replaceable, so her and Josh decided to go with one of the most dramatic story lines, which is cheating. I’m not buying it. I could have gone without their scenes…honestly Macks mom’s advice was the only memorable thing about their entire segment…that and them showing an article from The Ashley.

      Also, I didn’t like how Amber was like Andrew is ruining everything I worked so hard for…I’m no fan of Andrew, I honestly do not like him at all, but ummmmm….last time I checked he didn’t tell her to chase him around with house with a machete threatening his life, nor did he tell her to beat him up while he was holding their son, nor did he tell her to scream about how she never wanted James. This is what I mean when I say it’s time for her to GO. I’m sick of her lack of accountability, and her woe is me attitude, and blames it all on her mental illness. Catelynn has also been open about her struggle with mental health and not once has she whooped Tyler’s ass. I’m sick of Amber’s crocodile tears.

      1. Also, it pisses me off when Amber says she’s “worked so hard.” Doing what, laying in bed all the time or sitting on your couch??? She does absolutely nothing! It’s not like she’s actually taking care of her children or working a full time job. Or doing something in the world to make a difference. What the hell does she consider “work” and what she thinks she’s done to earn anything – money, respect, notoriety. She’s delusional. MTV has filmed her for the last 10 years doing absolutely nothing!!! And all Amber will be remembered for is how lazy, violent and what a terrible “mother” she is.

        1. Bailey, it was extremely exhausting for poor, defenseless Amber to watch Matt and Andrew do ALL the household chores while she sat on the couch! How dare they wake her up from her much-needed 15-hour per day slumber, with the various noises made from clanging pots and pans and vacuuming the house. I think Andrew even had the AUDACITY to ask her to drive the car once! No wonder she finally snapped on him! /s

  24. I refuse to watch because of Amber as well! I have to admit, I just don’t like ALOT of ANY of the teen mom og, teen mom 2 and teen mom y&p. I think this has gone on far too long, domestic violence with a machete aside-they aren’t teens anymore. The majority of the casts needs to grow the f up!

    1. Same here Gemma, I refuse to watch because of ambien and also I can’t stand Mackenzie ( I’m sorry her mom died) but I really can’t fkn stand the girl..

  25. All the OG cast members are either boring or gross. I have no desire to watch anymore and I’m actually surprised by how many viewers it got.

    1. Im a non watcher. I just can’t with these pieces of shit anymore. They are all disgusting. Amber is the worst, but the rest are almost as pathetic.

  26. I honestly forgot that the new season came out. The Young and Pregnant threw me off…I’m so use to TM2 and TMOG airing back to back, and since I don’t watch Y&P, I didn’t know the new TMOG season started, but that’s just me.

    I get why people are boycotting it because of Amber. Honestly nobody wants to hear her same old sob story about her how mental health causes her to practice kung fu moves on her current boyfriend and endanger her kids. It’s repetitive, and her “apologies” are redundant and disingenuous. I like the show, but I honestly don’t want to hear her story anymore, and at this point I don’t think she should be given the platform to tell her story. I don’t want to hear an abusers warped prospective.

    1. Ambers view is definelty warped and she is playing the audience for suckers. On the show she tries to act so Zen and calm but on that recording she was a nasty, angry arrogant, sociopathic, violent, rageful piece of work. Now I understand why Leah tip toes around Amber and gave Amber the side eye when she announced that she thought she was pregnant.

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